Eternal Twilight Walkthrough

By Arzu Eder |

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Welcome to Gamezebo’s strategy guide for Eternal Twilight.


Main Controls: This game is played with keyboard. Use arrow buttons to navigate, press enter for action (talk, fight or choose a menu option) 

Alt + Enter alternates between Full Screen or Windowed Mode  

Esc open Menu  


Open Bag: this is your inventory. Press enter to see what you have and to use items if necessary  

Technical: shows the skills of characters, and enables using skills (if they can be used out of battles)  

Equipment: shows the characters’ current equipment and allows one to change it 

Character Status: shows the character’s current level, how much experience points needed for next level, strength, defense, soul and speed points, and equipment on the character.  

Record Game: Allows for saving the game. There are 4 slots available.  

Options: First line allows changing windows’ skins.

You can change the volume levels of music and effects on the next lines.

Battle Animations: You can toggle between shown and hidden depending on whether you want to see animations during a battle

Automatic Dash: If you want to move quickly, change the status to "auto" to avoid having to press the shift button all the time

Instant text: The game starts with default, so don’t get impatient with the slow flow of texts: pressing enter will work only when the final arrow appears at the bottom of the text box. Once the menu is available, change it to "instant" if you want the text boxes to show all the lines at once.

Quit Game: return to title screen, also allows loading a saved game or quitting.

Resume Game: resumes the game (you may also use Esc a couple of times until you get out of the menu and resume the game)  

Alt F4 exits the game without saving

F12 returns to title screen  

F2 shows the fps (frame per second) in the title bar  


  • RPG’s (Role Playing Games) are games in which you go through an adventure with the main characters, accomplish a main quest and usually some side quests. To make progress in the game, interact (talk/press enter) with all the characters available in towns and other areas, and interact with unusual objects you encounter in your surroundings. That way you can receive information on what to do next and how you will finish your tasks. I would recommend trying to find your way through the game without a walkthrough first and only refer to any walkthroughs if you feel you are stuck. That way you can really feel like you are one of the characters in the adventure, which is the whole point of playing RPG’s.
  • In Eternal Twilight, you will randomly encounter enemies in many areas (except towns) which are invisible. Therefore save your game frequently whenever you can, in case you encounter enemies that are too strong for your team and you are defeated. Having a saved slot before a major fight helps a lot.
  • Saving is only available on the over-world map, or at Record Conservers (shiny circles on the floor). In order to save on the over-world map, you must take a step in any direction
  • When in specific areas of the world, including the over-world map, hold shift in order to run (or you may go to options in the menu and change "automatic dash" to "auto" if you don’t want to hold shift all the time)
  • Press x or A if you want to pause the game
  • When you encounter enemies, you can choose to battle with them or flee. Fleeing from stronger enemies is harder than weaker ones, and thus it doesn’t guarantee that you can skip the encounter. Also, you can’t flee in boss fights (battles that are part of quests).
  • When you choose to fight, you will also have to choose what you want to do with each of your characters. They can attack with their weapons, use their special skills, use items from the bag, or defend. If you are having trouble beating an enemy, try different strategies: use different skills/spells, weapons or try changing the active party members.
  • In battles, using the defend option will automatically recover some health and soul energy (mana) for your characters. Mana is consumed when you choose to fight with skills/spells.
  • As the game progresses, there will be a lot of characters in your party. However, you can only use 4 of them in battles. Until a certain point in the game, you can only switch your playable characters when the game lets you do so. After that, you are free to choose any 4 characters, level them up, see what skills they acquire and how effective they are. Occasionally you will have guests joining your party, but you won’t be able to fight them. They will join you in order to achieve some tasks through social encounters.


ACT I: Organization 

After the introduction, you’ll meet the main character, Torch, making a deal with a man to assassinate an ex-general of the Radendian Army. He’ll draw Torch a map to find the general and then you are carried to a darker screen with a man standing to the north. Go and talk to him. At the end of the conversation you’ll be fighting him. It’s pretty easy to knock him down, especially if you use Torch’s skills. 
After you win the fight, the ex-general will say his last words and die. The game will tell you more about Torch’s story. 
Torch will meet another man to accept another job offer. Follow the conversations to accept the job.  
Go to the cabin up North and kidnap the family’s daughter.  
Torch will automatically walk north, up to the cabin. The family is standing outside. Follow the conversations. A young man will arrive the scene. When he introduces himself, a window will open up. If you want to change the name of the guy you may do so by typing a new name in the window. The walkthrough will call him "Rilus" anyway. 
Continue with the conversations. A cloaked man will appear, and Rilus will join Torch to fight against the man. Use Torch’s skills and Rilus to attack.  
Next screen shows Torch standing by the fire. There will be a dialogue between Rilus and Torch. Rilus will join the party permanently this time and you’ll have your next quest:

So we’re going to a nearby town to ask about who it is that might be trying to kill me (Torch).  
At this point you’ll read tips on game-play. 
Next, you are on the over-world map and you should see the cabin where the family lives, north of where you are standing. You are now able to save your game, so do it. You may also want to check what you have in your bag and the status and skills of your characters, make the desired changes in the settings such as automatic dash. 
Walk towards north and you’ll see a town, so get in. The sign post will welcome you to Emvale Village.  
Talk to the characters wandering around the village who will give you tips about your next mission. In the centre of the village you will see a shiny circle on the ground with a star in it. It is a "Record Conserver", and lets you save your game in areas where you can’t save your game, only when you’re standing on top of it.  
The cottage to the left of the entrance is an item shop. The cottage to the right is an inn. If you talk to the lady behind the counter, you can stay at the inn for one night to replenish your health and mana for 15 Silnium. 
There are 3 cottages on the northern part of the village. The one on the left with a sword sign on it is of course a blacksmith shop, selling weapons & armors. You will not have enough money yet to upgrade all of your weapons but don’t worry; you’ll be able to do that soon. 
Go into the building on the far right at the top, above the garden. It’s a church. Talk to the priest. If you play the organ on the left, Torch’s speed will be increased by 1. 
Finally, enter the small cottage in the middle. You’ll interrupt the conversation between Irid (the father of the family you have saved before) and Cras. Towards the end of the conversations Torch will be offered a quest and he can reply in 3 different ways:  
"I’ll help", you’ll get an Orange, which increases maximum life by 50 points when you use it on one of the characters. 
"For a price", you’ll get 200 Silnium 
"I can’t", you’ll get an Apple, which increases strength power by 3 points when you use it on one of the characters. 
There’s nothing to do more in Emvale, so onto the next mission:

Enter the Iron Mines to the east of Emvale Village, and locate your (Irid’s) daughter, Kiyona. Then return her to her cabin.  
You may want to level up a little bit outside Emvale before you get into the mines. In this way you’ll also have money to upgrade your weapons at the blacksmith. I prefer to level up my team to level 5 so Rilus has his first skill. Don’t forget to save your game after each successful fight here, because you can, and it’s a luxury to do so. In the mines and similar areas you won’t be able to save whenever you want: over-world is a good place to level up. Also don’t forget that you can try to escape from a fight by using "flee" option when you encounter enemies. It works most of the time. But sometimes, especially if the enemy is stronger than you, you may not escape and receive hit from the enemies losing your turn. If that happens, you may try to flee again or continue fighting. 
From Emvale, you need to walk towards east and you’ll come across the mine entrance at the end of the road. Save again because you won’t be able to save it in the mines.  
Enter the mines and you’ll have the dialogues first and then the mine shakes a little bit reminding it’s dangerous to stay in there. 
Follow the rail tracks all the way up. In the last room the mine will shake again. There is a cave opening on the wall you are facing, so enter through that opening.  
Walk up, turn right and walk to the end and then walk up to reach the end of the small room. You’ll find a chest (C1) with 150 Silnium in it. Go back down and then left to arrive the area where you first entered this section. Take the left route this time and go up at the end of the room and follow the corridor towards right: the mine will shake once again and you’ll notice a chest (C2) a bit ahead of you which contains a herbal remedy. After collecting it go up and then turn left. At the top of second room there is another chest (C3) with Grapes (Soul Force +10) in it. Walk to the last room to the left where you’ll see rail tracks again. Follow them to enter the next section. 
Walk all the way up following the tracks, the mine will shake again. The tracks will take you a bit down and then through a long corridor towards left. Walk towards the room on the right from the place that the tracks end, and then walk down. You’ll find a chest (C4) which contains rare flower.  
Walk all the way towards left and then up, feeling the shake again. Enter the first corridor above you, and you’ll find a chest (C5) on top left with a Harp of Heat in it. Go down and then take the next corridor up. Walk towards left and you’ll see another cave opening to the next section on the top. Make sure you heal and recharge your mana with the items in your bag, if you have lost some on the way coming here. 
When you go up in the new area, you’ll see 2 soldiers and a man hassling Kiyona. At the end of the conversations, two Rodalva soldiers will attack you. It’s easy to take them down with the skills of both Rilus and Torch. After the fight, watch the events and follow the conversations.

There is nothing more to do here except perhaps noticing that there is a passage on the top left area which was closed off due to a landslide. So as Rilus suggests: 
Return to the cabin and report to Kiyona’s father.  
Walk out of the mine and save your game. Walk towards east past the Emvale village, and enter the cabin of Kiyona’s family. 
Approach Irid and he’ll ask the boys to have a seat. If you walk on one of the stools, Torch and Rilus will sit on them and bring Irid the bad news about Kiyona. Follow the conversations and receive your next mission: 
Head to Emvale and find information about Rodalva. Return to you (Irid) with any useful information.  
Head to Emvale Village once again and don’t forget to save your game on the way. Rest at the inn, buy some items and upgrade weapons if you need to. 
Go and talk to Cras, whose cottage is between the blacksmith and the church on the northern part of the village. He’ll have a quest for you. Torch will have three alternatives to respond: 
Okay, I’ll do it: you’ll get an apple (strength +3) 
What do you offer? : 300 Silnium 
This isn’t my deal: you’ll get an onion (speed +3) 

Go to the bandit fortress to the west, and search it. Look for the trade agreement inside, and then return it to Cras.  
Before leaving Emvale it may be useful to level up outside Emvale and have a rest at the inn before you head to bandit’s hideout. One tip about Rilus here: you may think that equipping him with a shield will increase his defense, but since he’s fighting with an axe, the shield will significantly decrease his attack power. 
From Emvale entrance walk towards North West. The road will then take you to South. Don’t go down where you see a horse cart, continue west. The mountain road will take you to a small tower, which is the bandit hideout.  
Save your game before entering the hideout. At the end of the grassy area, you’ll encounter an underling bandit outside the fortress door. He’ll bully you and your response can be:
"Let me in, now!", and you start fighting him 
"I’m not leaving", and you start fighting him!  
After defeating the bandit enter inside the hideout. Walk towards the right room first and talk to the green-haired guy: he’s a drunken bandit. He’ll attack you anyways so take him down and move to the next room to the right. There is a chest (C1) on top of the room, containing a Wooden Buckler. Go back to the entrance area and take the left most corridor to walk up and then walk down through the first corridor. Another bandit is standing on your way, take him down. Open the chest (C2) on the top right, you’ll find an Iron Blade.  
Walk towards north then take the corridor to go down. Walk all the way up to the second room, head right and up from the first corridor you see. When you exit the corridor, notice a shield on the wall. Torch will think it might come in handy, so take the Rusted Old Shield off the wall. 
Walk towards right as far as you can. You’ll see another chest (C3) on the right side of some crates. It contains Bell of Blizzard. Take the corridors down and then up. Go right again and then down, continue walking down instead of going right because the road is blocked on that way. Go down, turn right and then walk all the way up. Turn left and you will meet another bandit in the second room. After winning this fight, walk towards left and reach the last room. 
There is a man standing in front of the crates, talk to him. His name is Tyrone, leader of the Black Cobra gang. He will attack you with another bandit. After the fight Torch will notice the envelope on the box, and Rilus will take it. It’s the Trade Agreement with Foxton.

Leave the hideout and head towards Emvale. On the way up, you will notice a tree between the mountains. That’s the entrance to Midpoint Woods. If you enter, you will be stopped by some soldiers who are looking for young and pretty lady with green hair. 
Go to Emvale by walking towards east. Talk to Cras to deliver the trade agreement. Tell him that you’ve completed the task and Cras will offer another quest.  
Escort Cras through Midpoint Woods and establish a trade route with Foxton Village.  
Cras will join the party as a guest, meaning he won’t be fighting with you when you encounter enemies but will assist you in social situations. Head west once again to enter Midpoint Woods. You won’t be able to save your game there so beware.

When you enter the forest, walk all the way towards west, pass the road sign, which tells Foxton is up North. There will be a chest next to some barrels containing 150 Silnium. Turn back and walk up the road sign. You’ll find another chest with Herbal remedy before you turn west. Walk all the way towards west, then up north over the water, east and then north. Take the left route first with a chest at the end, containing Viviroot. Then turn back and take the right route. Walk until you exit the Woods and you’ll reach the other side on the over-world. You can save your game again. Continue walking north and you’ll see Foxton Village.  
When you enter Foxton, on your immediate right you’ll see the inn which costs 50 Silnium per night. On the right side of the Inn you’ll see the saving point and next to it, a cottage. Leave it for now to discover the other parts of the village and chat with the people. There is a blacksmith and an item shop that you can visit here. 
Go back to the cottage next to the Inn. Play the piano to get Torch’s spirit increased by 1. Talk to the man on the right side. Tom, the Mayor, will greet the party.  
After the conversations the party will appear in the corridors of Inn rooms. Watch the events and follow the conversations. As you get your next mission, Cras will leave the party.

Head over to Mt. Dranton and investigate the words of that woman.  
Leave Foxton and head to east. You will see a mountain that looks like a volcano in a rocky area. Enter Mt Dranton from the south part this area. Saving will not be possible once you enter.

Take the right route first and open the chest on top containing Ocarina of Oracles. Go left this time and follow the road until you see a door. Before entering, go down across the door to find another chest with Reinforced Axe in it. Equip Rilus with this axe and enter the next section through the door. Follow the road to the end again until you see a soldier. Talk to him. He’ll mention that the blue haired woman you’re looking for is the new priestess and her name is Atega. You may change her name if you like but I have to continue calling her Atega. 
Torch has to decide whether he should fight or reason with him to get inside. If you fight with him, you’ll wear his armor and freely wander around inside. 
If you choose to reason with him, he’ll go inside to fetch Atega . You may go in as he disappears but you’ll have to sneak past the other soldiers. What you do is make sure a soldier is facing the opposite direction when you want to move unnoticed. You can hide behind small rocks, shadows and other objects when you do that. If you get caught, the party will be carried back to the entrance so you can try once more. 
Inside is not a complicated maze: find your way up until you come across an open door. Dashing will not work here. When you enter the new area, you’ll notice some people behind the iron bars. Walk all the way towards left and you’ll see green haired Kiyona behind the bars. Talk to her and watch the events. The cloaked man will appear again. After the conversations he will have you encounter a team of undead warriors. Thankfully Kiyona will join your party temporarily when you fight with them. She has a much higher level with a lot of deadly skills. Watch the events and follow the conversations next, which will end with Atega joining the party.  
The party will be carried out of the jail door. You need to get out of here but you’ll encounter several soldiers on the way which you can’t flee. Good news is your mana and health will be replenished once you get out of the jail. Make your way to the exit. Torch will warn the team that there are more soldiers on the mountain road. When they reach a point where Torch feels it’s safe, there will be more conversations and they will decide to go Kiyona’s cottage.  
Exit Mt Dranton. On the way back you can rest in Foxton if you need to, buy a weapon for Atega, and explore this part of the over-world while leveling up a little bit as well. You will have to pass the Midpoints Woods again, which is marked by a single tree on the southern part to go back to Kiyona’s house.  
When you enter the wood cabin, talk to Kiyona’s father, Irid. Watch the events and follow the conversations. Irid will give a Foresight Badge and the party will have the next mission.

Go back to Mt Dranton to find Atega’s brother. 
Go through Midpoint Woods and enter Mt Dranton. Half way on Midpoint Woods you’ll encounter Tyrone, the bandit leader. Rilus will fight him alone. 
Exit the woods and enter Mt Dranton. Walk all the way up North. When you arrive in front of the door to the insides, you’ll hear more conversations. 
Walk all the way up to the entrance of prisons. Don’t go inside the prison but walk towards the right side. Atega’s brother is standing in front of the bookshelves. Go talk to him. His name is Etnyso and here you can change his name if you want to. Go through the dialogues 

You will be carried to one of the rooms at the Foxton Inn. After the dialogue between Torch and Rilus, save your game on the Record Conserver and exit the room. Atega is in the next room. Go inside and talk to her. Torch has three alternative responses for accepting the next mission: 
"We’ll help": you’ll get and Apple (strength +3) 
"If I get paid": you’ll get Bread (defense +3) 
"It’s too much": you’ll get an Onion (speed +3)

Find explosives so we can clear the passage to the Evocation Academy in the Iron Mines to the east, and assist the Evokers against Rodalva.  
Exit the Inn and go talk to the Mayor Tom, who lives in the cottage on the right. If you have taken the Rusted Shield from the Bandit Hideout, Tom will give Torch a Shiny Cross in exchange. Now, who would make use of a Cross? Remember the priest in Emvale Village?  
Exit Foxton, pass the Midpoint Woods and enter Emvale Village. The church is on top, the right most building. Enter and talk to the priest. He’ll provide the party with some Explosive Powder in exchange for the cross. You’ll be carried outside the Church.  
Enter the Emvale Inn and talk to the man on the right side by the counter. He’s a travelling salesman and he will sell you a Small Lantern for 250 Silnium. Buy it to have the source of flame for your explosive powder.  
Now you’re ready to head to the Iron Mines once again. Leave Emvale and walk east. Enter the mines and walk towards north until you reach the area where you found Kiyona on you first visit to the mines. Walk towards northwest and stand in front of what looks like a stone ball. When you interact with it, Torch will activate the explosive powder and clear the secret passage. Enter the tunnel and walk all the way up. At the end of the tunnel the party will stop and talk. A Rodalva Knight, Nikel will appear on the door and attack the party. After you take him down watch the events and then exit the tunnel to reach another part of the over-world.  
Walk north to reach the Evocation Academy and enter. Talk to the Evoker standing in the middle and follow the conversations to receive your next mission: 
Head down South to Hiron port town and purchase a boat, so we can reach Tordynnar forest, and warn the Elves about Rodalva coming for them.  
Leave the Academy, head down to the iron mine passage and exit the mines. Head to the spot where you saw a horse cart before. Now it’s gone so you can reach the southern part of the continent. Walk south, then east and then south again to reach Hiron.  
Talk to the people, discover the shops and stay at the Inn if you need to. When you talk to the sailor inside the house which is at the northeast part of the village, he’ll give you a mission before you can get a boat.

Kill the Sea Beast in the cavern next to the Ancient Shrine north of Hiron. 
Exit Hiron, walk all the way up north and head towards northeast. The Ancient Shrine is by the sea, infront of the mountains. Save your game before you enter. 
When you enter you’ll be facing the shrine door. The cavern is on the right side of the building behind the trees. Enter the cavern and walk all the way up. In the last room you’ll see the entrance to the next section. Follow the track all the way up. There is a chest on your left with Fairy Shoes. At the very end, you’ll fight the Sea Monster after a short conversation. After the fight follow the conversations again. Atega will ask a question to Torch. 
He may answer: 
"Yes, I am", "No, I’m not", "I don’t know" 
I still have to figure out if these answers have any effect on the development of the story.  
Exit the cavern and the shrine, walk south and enter Hiron village. Speak to the Sailor again. Exit the village. You’ll see the small boat on the sea below Hiron. When you hit enter while facing the boat, you’ll start rowing it. Row your boat towards north, then west and then south. The land you should dock is to the west of the Evocation Academy.

Enter the Tordynnar Jungle from the point marked with a single tree. Saving will only possible when you find Record Conservers when you’re in the jungle and also you can’t exit the jungle until you complete what you have to do here. Watch the events and follow the conversations. You’ll have a chance to change Lunzia’s name and then she’ll join the party. 
When you walk to the right you’ll see the Record Conserver (RC) to save your game. The two narrow corridors on the left side of the entrance both lead to the same area where you’ll find a chest (C1) on the top left with Scale Shield in it. 
Walk up north from the entrance and follow the road. When you arrive at a junction, take the left route because the area on the right is empty. Follow the road again all the way up north, not get distracted with other roads. Turn left, notice the road to the north but follow west route until you reach an area with a chest (C2) containing Goddess Leaf. Turn back and take the road to the north that you’ve noticed before. You’ll reach the second section of the jungle. Follow the road all the way up north until you reach a junction and notice the chest to the east. Walk to the right side first to open another chest (C3) with a Snare of Shocking in it. Walk north again until you reach another chest (C4) containing Herbal Remedy. Turn right and then walk down to open the chest (C5) that was previously noticed. You’ll get a Rare Flower. Go back to the area with the previous chest and walk towards left to reach an area with columns. Head north to reach another section. Walk north and watch the events. Follow the road and enter the door. You’re now in Tordynnar.



Follow the conversations. There is a Record Conserver in the middle. An Elven man will rent you beds for 75 Silnium out in the open. Walk between the columns and follow the conversations. Enter the temple and follow the conversations with Dyorir. 
If you talk to Dyorir again, he will ask if you are ready. You can level up outside the village, rent a bed and buy supplies from the Elven man before you say that you’re ready to Dyorir. 
When you’re ready, speak to Dyorir . The party will be carried to the jungle. After the dialogues you’ll first encounter Knight Nikel, who’s now trained a bit more. Watch the events after you win the fight. This time you’ll encounter the Dark Evoker (Sigator), with your mana and health fully replenished. Whatever you do, you’ll lose the battle. Follow the events.

Act 1 is finished

ACT II: Dismay 
Follow the long conversation. Etnyso will join the party for the next quest and you’ll have your first opportunity to change the party members.  
Clear the road to the south of Mt Dranton and go to Rodalva Headquarters to meet James 
Once you decide on your party, you’ll find yourself outside the jungle. You can row your boat to dock near the Evocation Academy and use the abandoned mine passage to reach Emvale, and then pass through Midpoint Woods. Or you can dock close to the Ancient Shrine or Hiron, walk north to reach and pass Midpoint Woods.  
When you exit the woods, turn left and walk down. There is a boulder blocking the way. Interact with it to use Explosive Powder.

Lunzia will clear the road. Head south and enter Rigweld Pass. 
Follow the road all the way down and exit the pass. Walk again towards south and you’ll reach Rodalva Headquarters. When you enter there will be conversations. Enter the building. 
The corridor on the right will take you to armory, where you can upgrade your weapons. Take left corridor and walk all way the up. You’ll see the stairs behind the soldier. Step on it to reach the second floor. Walk down, right and down. If you take the right route you’ll reach the item shop. Walk down to step on the stairs to the third floor. 
On your right is the inn, which costs 150 Silnium. Walk all the way up and then left to find James. Watch the scene and receive your next quest. 
Head East and look for Elemental Seals on a different continent. 
Find your boat and row towards east, following the shallow waters. You’ll see a rock blocking your way. Interact with it to clear.

Continue your way east and you’ll see the next continent. You can dock on the northern part. Follow the path and then some conversations. Continue towards south and then take the east path to reach Wasteland Tunnel. Enter and walk all the way up. When you enter the next section you’ll have some conversations. 
On your right is the item shop. If you walk up you’ll see the Record Conserver and the Inn above. The Inn costs 150 Silnium here. Play the Organ on the left to have Torch’s speed increased by 1. 
Walk up from the record conserver. You’ll notice a guard standing in front of the storage. To the right there is a house and next to it the Blacksmith. Enter the house and follow the conversations. Leave the town and exit the tunnel. 
(Note: I find it useful to level up in the tunnel and stay at the inn)  
Walk west and then south. You’ll see the yellow tent which is the Wasteland Blockade. Enter and exit. To the south there is the Fanatic Temple. Enter and follow the conversations.  
Look for a cave in the mountains and find the young girl. 
Atega and Etnyso will stay in the temple, and you’ll have the window to change party members. Head all the way east and take the first path to walk north. Then take the left path, follow it until you reach the Light Cavern and enter. Follow the conversation and walk up. In one of the areas you’ll find a chest with Snare of Shocking in it. You’ll see the girl and she’ll run away. Follow her. You’ll see a Record Conserver and a cave entrance. Save your game and enter the next area. There’s a short conversation and a trap you have to get rid of. Stand on the red buttons on your left and right. Walk to the point shown in the picture and press enter to jump on the rock.

Press enter again to activate the red button on the wall you are facing and then turn right and press enter again to jump on the next rock and land on the other side. 
Talk to the girl and follow her to the next section. Follow the conversation. Her name is Alarem and you’ll have the window to change her name if you want.  
If Torch agrees to help the girl, you’ll receive an Apple (Strength +3) 
If Torch says he won’t help, you’ll receive and Onion (Speed +3) 
You’ll help her anyway in finding an herbal elixir for the wolf named Charlie which is in a cavern to the south east. If you don’t have an herbal elixir in your bag already, you can buy one in the Wasteland item shop. Alarem will join the party. 
Leave the Light Cavern. Follow the path to south, east and north to find the entrance to the Small Den. Walk all the way up. In the last area you’ll see the wolf on top of the room. Talk to Charlie, the wolf. Follow the conversations and a small tutorial on Alarem’s skills. 
You’ll be taken to the Fanatic Temple. Follow the conversations here. Gormlin, the Dwarf Elder, will join the party of Atega and Etnyso as a guest. The party will be taken outside the Fanatic Temple. Walk north and pass Wasteland Blockade. Take the first path east, follow it, and enter the Wasteland Tunnel. Talk to the man in the tunnel. Etnyso and Atega will encounter 2 Undead Warriors. Walk towards north and you’ll have to encounter 2 Undead Warriors again. Continue towards east , interact with the skeleton blocking the way in to the dwarf town to encounter 3 Undead Warriors. Enter the town. You can upgrade weapons and replenish at the Inn if you need to.  
You’ll notice that the dwarf guard is not blocking the door to the storage anymore, so enter this section. Walk all the way up and follow the conversations. The party will encounter Sigator, who wants to get the Earth Rune. The party will give up fighting at some point.  
You’ll then be carried to Soldier Barracks, south of Fanatic Temple. The rest of the party lead by Torch will have a conversation with the guards here. Open the chest on the left to get an Herbal Elixir. You can’t exit the area yet before you reach Elemental Shrine. 

Soldier Barracks

Enter the barracks and follow the path. There is a chest (C1) in an area on the right after you pass the area with beds. You’ll have the Life Ring. 
Continue north and take the right path first before the stairs and turn the switch (S) on. Go back and take the stairs. Walk all the way up to enter the next section through the door. Follow the path towards north. You’ll reach an area with trees. 
Take the right path and then walk up. When you reach the 3rd open area, walk left to find a Record Conserver (RC).  
Walk right and follow the path to north. You’ll find a Wrapped Bow in a chest (C2). Turn back to the area with the Record Conserver and head towards north. In the last area you’ll find a Broad Sword in a chest (C3). Return to Record Conserver once again and take the left route this time. While you’re walking up you’ll encounter Undead Hulk. After you win the fight, continue towards north and exit the area.  
You’re now on the over-world, and the Earth Shrine is just a bit ahead of you. If you enter the Shrine, Torch will say he wants to go back to the Fanatic’s Temple. Walk south and then east to enter the temple from the western side. This time Torch wants to go and check the Dwarfs. Exit the temple from the northern part. Walk north, pass through the Wasteland Blockade, and follow the eastern path to reach Wasteland Tunnel. Enter and walk north to reach the Dwarf town.  
Visit the Elder Dwarf’s house and follow the dialogues. Atega and Etnyso will join the party again. You’ll have an opportunity to change the party members here. 
Exit the town and the Wasteland Tunnel. Walk east and then south, pass the Wasteland Blockade. Enter the Fanatic Temple and exit from south. Follow the path and enter the Earth Shrine.

Earth Shrine 
Follow the conversation and enter the building. You can level up in the shrine and go back to a town to rest if you want. 
Follow the path all the way up, enter the next section.

Walk towards left and notice the Record Conserver (RC) in the area. Walk up again and then take the left route first. Both corridors reach the same area. Follow the path towards left and then up. The chest (C1) on the right side contains Earth Crystal. There is another chest (C2) on the left side, containing Golden Staff. Return back to the area where you’ve taken this path. Walk towards right this time. When you interact with the blockage, the party will use the Earth Crystal to clear it. Go down, walk towards right until the end and notice a chest on your right. Then walk up, go all the way down from the first corridor and open the chest (C3) containing Trident. Walk up; take the first path on your right and go down to open another chest (C4) with Earth Crystal. Return to the area where you noticed the chest. Take the other path to north this time. Clear the blockage with the earth crystal.  
Follow the path until you reach an area with 2 columns. Search the area on the right and top for these chests: 
Chest 5, Chest 6, Chest 7 and Chest 8 for Earth crystal 
Chest 9 for Ring/Chain Mail. And Chest 10 contains another Earth Crystal

Turn back to the area with two columns and go left this time and then follow the path to the north, clearing the blockage with the rest of the crystals. Fight the Earth Guardian Cerdius. Enter the door and follow the conversation. (Earth Goddess Nirel) will give you a power, and you’ll be asked who you want to give this power. After the conversation you’ll encounter Sigator. Follow the events, and you’ll be taken to a night scene. Follow the conversations and receive your next mission. 
Protect the Wind Rune in the Leader’s Chamber Tordynnar City. 
The party’s mana and heath have been restored. Find your boat and row to the shores outside of Tordynnar Jungle. Enter the jungle and head your way to Tordynnar City. When you’re in the elven city, enter Leader Dyorir’s chamber, go near the stone structure on top right and press enter. Follow the conversation. 
A secret entrance will appear on top left. Enter and follow the long corridor to its end. Follow the conversation and receive your next quest.

Go to the Wind Shrine  
Wind Shrine is to the North of Hiron Port Town, where Rilus and Torch killed the sea monster in a cave next to it. Exit the city and jungle of Tordynnar and get your boat. Row your boat past the Evocation Academy and then south on the same continent. You can heal in Hiron if you need before getting into the shrine. When you enter the shrine, you’ll see that the rune has already been placed on the door and that it’s open so enter the building.  
The first section is pretty straightforward: walk all the way up until you reach the next section. You’ll see a saving point in the next section so save your game. The creatures here seem to be immune to wind spells.  
Please follow this map to find the chests and clear the blocks with the crystals.

Chest 1 contains blessed robe (Robe of Fortification) 
Chest 2 contains Wind Crystal 
Chest 3 contains Wind Crystal 
Chest 4 contains Wind Crystal 
Chest 5 contains Bracelet of Optimism 
Chest 6 contains Wind Crystal 
Chest 7 contains Wind Crystal 
You’ll first be tested by Tiumot, the protector of Wind Goddess (Dawna) before you can meet her. After passing the test enter the next room and follow the conversation. Dawna will offer to give her power to one of the members, and you’ll choose who will receive it. The party will encounter Styrbheld who was hiding in Kiyona’s body. I’m not sure if you can win this fight, but I didn’t. Follow the events. Dawna will teleport the part to Rodalva Headquarters.  
Act II finished.  
Follow the events and the conversations to receive the next quest: Speak to the old sailor in Hiron, get a ship to take to the Southern Continent Bandzuro.

You are now controlling 2 different characters. Follow the conversations. Once you are in control, take Elmid and Lamp towards north and enter the Desert Ruins. After the short conversation, enter the building and walk all the way up to enter the next section.  
Take the left path first and open the chest to get the Silver Rapier. Then take the right path. You’ll have more conversations at one point. Continue walking towards right. In the last room there are stairs on bottom right. Take them to go down. The party will encounter Desert Guardian Girao. During fight Lamp will be in the party but you can only control Elmid: Lamp will attack automatically.  
After the fight you will have a chance to switch party members. You’ll find the original team in Rodalva Headquarters, and it’s time to continue with the last quest. 
Speak to the old sailor in Hiron, get a ship to take to the Southern Continent Bandzuro. 
Leave the Rodalva HQ, head north and walk through the Rigweld Pass. Turn east and take Midpoint Woods. Follow south and enter port town Hiron. The old sailor will ask 5000 Silnium in return for his ship so pay him the money. The ship is waiting for you just outside Hiron. 
Sail south and you’ll see Bandzuro Continent with the Desert Ruins to the north of the continent. Sail towards east side of the continent. You can only dock your ship to the north of Pulmon Port.

You will have some conversations after entering Pulmon. On your left there is the blacksmith and on your right there’s the item shop. Below the item shop, there is a Record Conserver, and right below that there is an inn where you can stay for 250 Silnium a night. Talk to the old man, Mikras, in the cottage below the blacksmith to receive your next quest: 
Investigate the Volcano, the Oasis and the Ancient Ruins looking for the guardians who protect the Fire Rune. 
Leave Pulmon from the southern exit and walk towards west to pass Bandzuro East Dune. You need to walk towards west directly to exit the dune.

When you exit the dune, if you go directly south you’ll reach the Oasis. When you enter there you’ll have a short conversation. There’s nothing to do here at the moment so leave the oasis.

Head back north where you exit the dune. To the northwest you’ll see a golden pyramid, which is an ancient shrine. There’s also nothing to do there right now. To the north is Desert Ruins, where we met Elmid before.  
Enter the Desert Ruins, and find your way to the basement where Elmid and Lamp killed the Desert Guardian. Open the chests here to get a Bracelet of Evocation and Burning Medallion.  
Leave the Shrine and head west again to pass Bandzuro Dune- West. Walk all the way west to exit the dune and enter the Haitu Volcano which is further to the west.

Haitu Volcano 
Head north and follow the conversations. Enter the next area. Torch will activate the Burning Medallion if you have already picked it up from the Desert Ruins.  
Head north. There are 3 chests in this area: Chest 1 with Ruby Earring, Chest 2 with Herbal Elixir and Chest 3 with Bell of Blizzard. Enter the third area from the northern door. You’ll find three more chests while you walk your way up north here: Chest 4 with Viviroot, Chest 5 with Steel Helm and Chest 6 with Enchanted Falchion. Enter the fourth section. Again walk up north and find your final 3 chests here: Chest 7 with a Leather Whip, Chest 8 with a Crossbow and Chest 9 with a Flail.  
Before entering the fifth and final area, make sure you replenish your party’s health and mana as you’ll encounter Ancient Guardian Garu inside. After you beat Garu follow the conversation which will give you a hint on what to do next. Exit the Haitu Volcano.

Fire Rune Temple (Desert Oasis) 
Pass the western Bandzuro Dune by walking east, and continue until you reach the east dune. Walk south then east to enter the Oasis. The door is open this time. Follow the conversations and enter the temple. 
Follow the events and further conversations. Walk right, up and then all the way left and up again. You’ll reach an area with two statues and a circular stone between them. If you interact with the stone circle, you’ll learn that it’s a pedestal (P1) which you can place something on it. Turn back and take the path towards up and right this time. When you reach an area with two corridors down, take the first one, go down and walk all the way towards right until you reach an area with 2 statues again. There is a small red chest (C1) on top right, with a Golden Hourglass. If you walk directly up, you’ll be blocked by a metal gate (G1). So what you need to do is to find the chests with hourglasses and place them on pedestals to clear the metal gates.  
Before you head back to the pedestal, open the two chests on your way. Chest (C2) contains Woolwood Claw and chest (C3) contains Lute of Lightning. Place the hourglass on the first pedestal (P1) and turn back to the area with the first metal gate (G1), which is now open. Enter the door on the top to reach the second floor. 
Follow the route to the chest(C4) to collect another Golden Hourglass. Receive a Claymore from the chest (C5) and a Blessed Robe from the chest (C6). Place the golden hourglass on the second pedestal (P2) and go the area with the metal gate (G2).  
Walk up and right, enter the door to reach the third floor. Head towards left to get the Golden Hourglass from the chest (C7) and walk all the way right, up and left to place it on the pedestal (P3). Go to the metal gate (G3) which is now open.  
Walk towards left and you’ll see the door to the last floor. Make sure you replenish your health and mana before entering. You’ll encounter Desert Guardian Galoom inside. Follow the events.

Sand Fiend

You are now inside the Sand Fiend. A Record Conserver appears in front of you to save your game. Exit the door and follow the conversation. Walk all the way down to reach another area and continue walking down. Notice the area with black orb, follow the conversation and keep going down to reach another area. Walk all the way down and follow the events when you reach the "mouth" of the sand fiend. Turn back to the area with the black orb. The substance that was blocking your way to the orb is gone now. Walk closer and watch the events. 
The party is transferred to the northwest part of the continent, above the Haitu Volcano. Walk east to pass the western Bandzuro Dune and enter the Ancient/Fire Shrine.  
Ancient/Fire Shrine

After the conversation enter the building and walk all the way up to pass the first section. In the second area open the chest (C1) for a Bracelet of Optimism and walk towards the door on the top. In order to see Fire Goddess Kirase, you’ll have to pass the test of fighting Flame Guardian Djinso. After you pass the test follow him to the next section. Kirase will offer her powers to a member of your choosing. Follow the events and the conversations. 
Torch will leave and Elmid will join the party. You’ll have a chance to switch your party members. Since Torch has left the party, you should have a look at your team otherwise you can be left with 3 people to fight.

Go to the Rodalva Headquarters and speak to James 
Your party will be on the western part of the continent. Head your way east to Pulmon . Take the northern exit in Pulmon and get on your ship. Since the world is not flat, you can either sail further north or south to reach the first continent. Sail to the southern part and dock your ship close to the Rodalva Headquarters. Enter the building and go up to the third floor to find James, the historian. Follow the conversation.  
Find the documents in Fanatics Temple to learn the location of Water Seal and Water Rune 
Sail northeast and dock your ship on the Wasteland Continent. Walk south, pass the Wasteland Blockade and enter the Fanatic Temple. Elmid will handle the locked door for the team. Enter the building. There is a sturdy gate blocking an area to the top left. The switch that opens this gate is hidden behind the top left female statue in the room to the right. Stand behind it and press enter to activate the switch.

The gate will be closed after you once you enter the back area. Walk up and play the organ if you want to increase your party’s speed. Walk right and then down. Read the documents on the table. After the conversations the Shrine Map will be added in your inventory. To open the sturdy gate from inside, activate the switch on the wall to the left of the gate. Exact location is in the following picture.

Find the Water Seal and the Water Rune: Ice Continent 
Exit the shrine and head north to your ship. Sail northeast. You’ll soon see the continent covered with snow. Dock your ship at the available spot to the east and walk the path towards south. Follow the conversations. Act III is finished.

You are now in Gyallup, controlling Torch who is wearing a cloak. Discover the area and talk to the people around. Walk towards north to enter the area with a well. Go near the grave above the well and interact with it. Follow the conversations and events. 

ACT IV: Forgiveness 
After a short conversation, Elmid has to decide how to escape the prison:  
Distract the guards: receive an Apple (strength +3) 
Try the lock: receive a Bread (defense +3) 
Bust the door down: receive a Carrot (soul +3)  
After making your choice, watch the events. Rilus and Elmid have to find the other members of the team. Talk to Etnyso behind the bars in the jail room to the right and save him and Atega. Lunzia and Alarem is on the next one to the right. Dashing doesn’t work here, so you’ll be moving a bit slow in the castle. Walk right and take the stairs up. You’ll have a chance to switch your party members. Say yes to appoint 4 members in your party.  
Walk up and take the stairs. Walk up again towards the King’s throne. After the conversations, your party will first encounter Dark Knight Nikel and then Sigator. 
Follow the conversations and events, after defeating both Nikel and Sigator.  
Explore northwest and south for clues about the Water Rune 
The party will be taken out of the bedrooms in the castle. You can rest here for free any time. Walk towards left and take the stairs down. Walk down to take the stairs to the prison. Go to the left most jail room where Elmid and Rilus were kept before. Talk to Tyrone who’s behind the bars.

Find the guy up north in Erin’s Heart 
Leave the prison by taking the stairs up on the right. Follow the red carpet to leave the Capitol Castle. A note: this is my favorite spot to level up my teams. I fight with the strong monsters, right outside the castle and then rest inside for free. 
Walk up north and follow the path on the right side. Walk all the way up and follow the right path again to reach Erin’s Heart. Enter the town. 
When you walk up, you’ll notice the Record Conserver before the snowman. The building on the left is Blacksmith. The second cottage above the Blacksmith is the Item Shop. If you follow the road to the right, you’ll reach the inn where you can stay for 250 Silnium a night. The next building above the Inn is a church. Play the organ in the church to increase your speed.  
Cross the bridge on the river and enter the tower. You will see a shiny circle on the ground that looks like a Record Conserver. Follow the road until you see and area blocked by iron bars. Continue to the left and notice a dark creature in front of a green button. It’s the Switch Guardian which you have to defeat in order to clear the iron bars. It doesn’t take any physical attacks but easily defeated by Evocation spells. Stand on the button and turn back to the area with iron bars. The stairs are cleared now so go up to the second floor. 
Follow the path and take the left one at the first junction. At the end of the road there’s another Switch Guardian. Kill him and stand on the green button. Go back to the junction and walk towards right this time. At the second junction take the right path that goes down. Open the chest containing an Elven Waraxe at the bottom. Go back to the junction and follow the path up that leads to the stairs. Take the stairs to the third floor. 
Follow the road and take the right path at the first junction. At the end of the road there is a chest with a Wizard Rod. Go back to the junction and walk left. The first corridor that goes up is closed with iron bars. Take the second corridor up and go left. You’ll notice two dark creatures on top. Defeat these two Switch Guardians and stand on the green button. Turn back to the other corridor and take the stairs up to the fourth floor. 
Follow the conversations. You’ll receive a Super Lantern. Step on the shiny circle on the ground to be teleported to the entrance of the tower. Walk right and exit the tower.

Go South to the Ice Cavern (Water Rune) 
Exit Erin’s Heart and walk south. Enter the Frozen Cavern.

Walk towards the door. The party will use the Super Lantern to clear the entrance. Step inside.  
You are on the first floor of ice caverns. Some corridors are blocked with snowballs here but the party will melt them with the Super Lantern. Follow the left path and open the chest (C1) with a Frost Wall. Follow the right path to the chest (C2) and get the Great Crossbow. Walk south west part to exit this floor. 
On the second floor open the chest (C3) for a Mystical Robe. The chest (C4) at the bottom contains a Morning Star. The exit to the third floor is in the middle of the area marked by the red arrow. 
You are now on the third floor, in the middle of the area as marked by the arrow. On the southeast corner there is a chest (C5) with a Woolwood Claw. Walk to the southwest corner to open the chest (C6) with a Steel Breastplate. Find your way to the door on the northwest marked by another arrow.  
Replenish your health and mana before entering the final area. You’ll encounter Frost Cyclops. Follow the events and conversations. The party will take the water rune.

Head to Northeast to the Ancient Shrine 

Leave the ice caverns. The Ancient Shrine is to the northwest of the continent, north of the Capitol Castle. Find your way there and enter. Stand by the left side of the door and place the Water Rune. Follow the events. 
Talk to Bell in Erin’s Heart 
Head your way to Erin’s Heart to the northeast. Cross the bridge and enter the tower. If you want a short cut to reach Bell, stand on the teleporter to the left (shiny circle on the floor); otherwise take the stairs up 3 floors to reach him. Talk to him and he will join the party as a guest. 
Find the Trabloon 
Exit the tower and the town of Erin’s Heart. Walk all the way down to the Frozen Cavern then turn west. There is an ice wall blocking your way further west. Take the northwest path and get on your ship. Sail your ship towards northwest and find the Trabloon to the south of another continent.

Dock your ship and interact with the Trabloon. Follow the conversations and the events. You’ll have a chance to change the name of the Trabloon during the conversations, choose yes if you want to do that. The Trabloon will fall on the ice wall on the Icy Continent, clearing the passage to the Icey Tower. 
Icey Tower 
Walk left and enter the Icey Tower. Follow the conversations and enter the building. You will melt the snowballs that are blocking your way with the Super Lantern. Walk up, left, up and right to find the first chest (C1) which contains Elven Scimitar. Walk up to find another chest (C2) with an Icey Orb. Walk to the southeast corner to open the chest (C3) with a Woolwood Tower Shield. Walk all the way up north, then left, then south and follow the path. You’ll see a big stone tablet (T1) on a big shiny circle. Interact with it to place the Icey Orb and open the seal (S1) to the 2nd floor. Follow the map to find your way to the stairs that were sealed, and walk up to the second floor. (Note: the red arrows show the direction you’ll be facing when you first reach these spots. I also put notes in black to make it easy for you to exit the building later.) 
You’ll be on the southeast corner of the area marked with the arrow. Walk to the northeast corner to open the chest (C4) with and Icey Orb. To the left of this area there is another chest (C5) with a Circlet. Find you way to the next chest (C6) which contains a Goddess Leaf. Place the Icey Orb on the stone tablet (T2). The seal (S2) have been removed so take the stairs to the 3rd floor. 
You’ll be on the northeast corner of the area. Find your way to the chest (C7) to get the Icey Orb. Walk up north and find the chest (C8) with a Frost Jewel. Place the Icey Orb on the stone tablet (T3) which is in the next area to the left. The seal (S3) has been released so walk to the southeast corner to reach the final floor. Just before the stairs to the 4th floor there is a Record Conserver (RC); don’t forget to save your game and replenish health and mana of your characters here.  
You’ll encounter Girga, the Ice Evoker inside the 4th floor, teamed up with an Ice Elf and an Ice Centaur. Try to get rid of the Centaur and the Elf first, as they heal the enemy party. Evocation spells as well as Rilus’s double attack works very well. You can also equip Elmid with a leather whip on one hand and the most powerful weapon to the other (except axes). Elmid has a very high probability to paralyze the enemies with her whip. 
Watch the events after you defeat Girga’s party. You’ll be taken out of Girga’s throne, right in front of the stairs. The party has 8 minutes to leave the Icey Tower, otherwise it will collapse on them. But you’re lucky because you have the maps in this walkthrough! Just follow them to leave the building as soon as possible. Follow the events and conversations when you go outside.

Go to the Water Shrine 
Go to the Ancient Shrine to the north of the Capitol Castle. The door is now open, so enter the building. The first area is pretty straightforward. Just walk all the way up north to reach the second part. 
Walk up and you’ll see the Record Conserver (RC). Continue all the way up north and then turn left. In the area there is a chest (C1) with a Devotion Sword. In the southwest corner there is a chest (C2) containing Water Crystal. In the northwest corners there is another chest (C3) containing Dragon Spear. There are two ice blocks, b1 and b2, that blocks the way to the door of the chamber. Interact with either of them to clear the way.  
Walk up to encounter Water Guardian Liothan. If you’re lucky you can paralyze her with Elmid’s attack again. Liothan doesn’t seem to have any immunity except Atega’s physical attack. After you pass her test, follow her to the next room. Follow the conversations. The Water Goddess, Pure, will offer her blessings. Choose a member to receive the spell. 
Enter the next room now and watch the events. The party will encounter Strybheld. I had Elmid equipped with the Devotion Sword and leather whip, who paralyzed Strybheld in her second try. Her physical attacks worked very well, accompanied with Evocation spells of other members.

Follow the events and the conversations. You’ll have a chance to save the game and then be carried to the King’s Throne in Capitol Castle. Watch the events here.

War Game 

You will play a mini game now. You will read the Rules of War first. 

This is a mini game simulating the war between Sigator’s army and the army of Redenda. Each person icon represents 100 soldiers. The mechanics of the war and commanding your troops is much like rock paper and scissors.  
Normal soldiers are good at taking out ghosts.  
Elves are good at taking normal soldiers.  
Dwarves are good at taking down skeletons. 
Thus the correct choice is all down to chance! The enemy is vice versa to the above rules. 
Ghosts defeat Elves 
Skeletons defeat Humans 
Humans defeat Dwarves 
Every time you take damage by choosing the wrong class to defend, you lose a said amount of soldiers. When you have no soldiers, you are thus defeated.  
If you lose the war, the game will be over. But if you load from your last save point, you’ll start again from the conversations in the King’s Throne. Good luck with the game, and continue until you win the war. 
Follow the conversations. You’ll have a chance to switch party members. Your party will appear outside the Water Shrine. 
Talk to the King Gurin 
Go south to reach Capitol Castle. Enter and go upstairs. Walk up to the King’s Throne. If you talk to the Queen, she’ll tell you that the King is resting in his chamber. Walk right, down and then left to find him. Follow the conversations. 
You’ll read a note saying: 
"From here until you head to the final dungeon, your characters will be wandering around the Capitol Castle. When you speak with them, they will tell you about what they would like to do for their mini quest. If you complete the mini quest, you will get a rare item, and it will affect the ending of the game in a positive way Also, upon speaking with any of your companions, you can switch them in and out at will."

Go find Bell and get the Trabloon 

Before staring the mini quests, you need to have the Trabloon to reach the last continent as well as the last dungeon. Exit the castle and go south until Frozen Cavern, then walk towards west to the point where the Trabloon is. Interact with it to talk to Bell. After the conversations, Trabloon is at your service!  
Following are the mini quests before the final dungeon. You can complete them in any order you like.  
Etnyso’s mini quest 
Etnyso is wandering around the room to the right of the King’s throne. If you talk to him he’ll tell you that he wants to find Sigator.  
Fly to the 1st Continent, to Rodalva Headquarters. Enter the area and watch the scene. Sigator will join your party and you’ll have a chance to switch party members. Sigator will also appear in the castle, outside the castle door, in case you want to have him in your party later. 
Atega’s mini quest 
Atega is walking on the stairs before the King’s throne. She wants to visit General Seron’s grave.  
General Seron’s grave is in the area just when you enter Tordynnar Jungle. Interact with it and follow the dialogues. You’ll encounter Undead General Seron. Once you defeat him, you will receive Seron’s Scepter, a weapon for Atega. 
Elmid’s mini-quest 
You will find Elmid in the basement, the prison area. She wants to go to a lake in the center of Redenda.  
Fly to the central Redenda continent. The lake in the middle is easy to see. Enter the yellow tent, Oasis Camp, on the right side of the lake. Follow the conversations. James will join the party and you’ll have a chance to switch party members here. James will also appear in the castle in case you want to have him in your party later. 
Rilus’s mini quest

Rilus is on the first floor, walking in the corridor to the north. He wants to visit his family on the middle continent of Redenda.  
Fly to the central Redenda continent. His village, Rentin, is on the northeast part. Enter the village and find Rilus’s house on top left. Enter the house and follow the conversations. The party will have to kill Dry Beast. After you take it down, go back to the house. Talk to his father and get Rilus’s Hatchet from the chest on top left. 
Lunzia’s mini quest 
Lunzia is in the eastern part of the corridor on the first floor. She wants to go to Tordynnar. 
Fly to the 1st Continent and enter Tordynnar Jungle. Find your way in to the elves village. Talk to the elf at the entrance of the village, who will tell you about Dyorir’s ghost. Exit the village and walk south to exit the next area. Walk towards right from the area with columns. Notice the chest and take the right path. Walk all the down and you’ll see Dyorir’s ghost at the end. Talk to him. Return to the village. Enter the alley to the left of the elf man renting beds. There is small chest on top, containing a weapon for Lunzia, Elven Prototype.  
Kiyona’s mini quest 
Kiyona is in the room to the left of the castle exit. She wants to visit her parent’s cabin.  
Fly to the 1st Continent and enter the cabin. Interact with the well outside the house. Watch the scene. Open the chest to receive Irid’s Candle
Alarem’s mini quest

I haven’t been able to find her yet in the castle, but she wanted to learn more about her family. She can also learn skills from animals. 
Have her in your party and talk to the following animals: 
The butterfly in Tordynnar village, to the left of the entrance, to learn Uncanny Fog 
The horse in Foxton, to learn Sand Dust 
The dog in Emvale, to learn Electric 
Fly to Wasteland. Enter the Small Den and talk to Charlie, the wolf. Alarem will receive Mick’s Gloves.  
Torch’s mini quest  
Torch is seeking forgiveness for his past sins. So fly to the central Redenda continent. The Redemption Shrine is on the northeast, snowy part. 
Enter the shrine area and then the building. Walk all the way up. Follow the conversation. You have to defeat "Past" and "Sin" before receiving the Redemption Blade. After the conversations, walk down and take the right path. At the end of the corridor you’ll find a chest with the Elderly Sage’s Ring. Walk up and then down to exit the shrine. 
Wandering Merchant 
There is a merchant now, selling powerful weapons and armors. He is wearing a purple hat and is standing before the northern exit in Pulmon Port.  
Locate and defeat the Goddesses 
Earth Goddess in Mt Dranton on the mountain road. Receive Goddess Knife 
Wind Goddess in Soldier Barracks, in second area. Receive Goddess Gloves 
Fire Goddess in the Haitu Volcano, in the last room. Receive Goddess Mask 
Water Goddess in the Wind Shrine, in the last room. Receive Goddess Cape

Dark Castle  
When you’re finished with side quests, leveling up with different characters and enjoying the Trabloon travel around Redenda, head to the Dark Castle in the middle of Wasteland Continent. This area is only accessible by Trabloon. Another note here: you can exit the dark castle so it’s not a point of no return. The insides are full of monsters that will level up your team in a very short time, so make use of it. 
Enter the area and follow the conversations. Enter the building. Walk all the way around to reach the chest (C1) to your right. It contains a Devotion Sword. Go up and then left. Take the stairs to the second floor. 
Walk all the way up to the chest (C2) in the top left corner, containing a Devotion Shield. Walk left, down, turn left and go all the way up to take the stairs to the third floor.

Turn the corner and walk all the way up in the first corridor. There is a chest (C3) with a Devotion Mail at the end. Turn back, walk all the way towards left and go up the last corridor. At the end there is a chest (C4) with a Devotion Helm in it. Turn back and walk down. Take the second corridor up to take the stairs to the fourth floor.

Follow the 4th floor map to find your way to the Darkness Rune (R) on top right. After the conversations and receiving the rune, turn back and head to the door (D). Follow the conversations. Place the Darkness Rune to the left side of the door. Are you ready to enter the Darkness Realm?

Darkness Realm 
Once you enter the Darkness Realm you cannot return. Walk all the way up the long corridor until you reach the second area. 
There is a Record Conserver (R) just as you enter the new area. Go up and take the first path down. Walk all the way towards right and follow the long corridor up. Reach the southeast corner to open a small chest (C1) which contains Darkness Crystal. Turn back and find your way up in north part, to the chest (C2) with a Dragon Claw. Turn left and follow the path to the west. You’ll notice that a path towards up is blocked (b).  
Walk down and then left. Find your way to the chest (C3) with a Poseidon’s Fisherman. Turn back and continue going up to find the final chest (C4) with an Ancient Tablet. Turn back to the block (b) and press enter to clear it with the Darkness Crystal.

Walk all the way up and talk to the Dragon Diablus, Guardian of the Underworld. You have to pass his test to enter the next area. 
Follow Diablus after you defeat him. Follow the conversations. You’ll encounter Dark Evoker Strybheld with 18000 health. However he’ll transform in to Creator Strybheld with 25000health during the battle.  
I’m leaving how to defeat Creator Strybheld to the forums, because there are many strategies to discover depending who you choose for your party. And if you think this is the end, you are very wrong. Styrbheld now transforms into the God of Darkness with 32250health. Good luck with it! 
Follow the conversations and events. You’ll watch the endings of characters depending on the mini quests you have managed to complete before. And enjoy the ending of the great story. 
Congratulations, you have finished Eternal Twilight!

Herbal Cure 50 Silnium 
Cleansing Bells 30 Silnium 
Herbal Cure 50 Silnium 
Viviroot 250 Silnium 
Cleansing Bells 30 Silnium 
Herbal Cure 50 Silnium 
Viviroot 250 Silnium 
Cleansing Bells 30 Silnium 
Oxi-vegetable 90 Silnium 
Herbal Cure 50 Silnium 
Herbal Remedy 150 Silnium 
Rare Flower 300 Silnium 
Viviroot 250 Silnium 
Cleansing Bells 30 Silnium 
Oxi-vegetable 90 Silnium 
Rodalva Headquarters  
Herbal Cure 50 Silnium 
Herbal Remedy 150 Silnium 
Viviroot 250 Silnium 
Cleansing Bells 30 Silnium 
Oxi-vegetable 90 Silnium 
Herbal Cure 50 Silnium 
Herbal Remedy 150 Silnium 
Herbal Elixir 450 Silnium 
Viviroot 250 Silnium 
Rare Flower 300 Silnium 
Cleansing Bells 30 Silnium 
Oxi-vegetable 90 Silnium 
Herbal Cure 50 Silnium 
Herbal Remedy 150 Silnium 
Herbal Elixir 450 Silnium 
Viviroot 250 Silnium 
Rare Flower 300 Silnium 
Cleansing Bells 30 Silnium 
Oxi-vegetable 90 Silnium 
Erin’s Heart  
Herbal Cure 50 Silnium 
Herbal Remedy 150 Silnium 
Herbal Elixir 450 Silnium 
Viviroot 250 Silnium 
Rare Flower 300 Silnium 
Cleansing Bells 30 Silnium 
Oxi-vegetable 90 Silnium 
Goddess Leaf 1000 Silnium 

Emvale Inn 15 
Foxton Inn 50 
Hiron Inn 85 
Tordynnar rest area 75 
Rodalva HQ 150 
Wasteland Inn 150 
Pulmon Inn 250 
King’s Palace free  
Erin’s Heart Inn 250


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