Escape from Paradise Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

By Joel Brodie |

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Need some help to Escape from Paradise? Keep the following pointers in mind when tackling challenges and playing the mini-games.

  • To advance in skills faster, repeatedly play mini-games and apply skill points earned to needy castaways. Find out which games earn the most skill points and focus on them.
  • Expand your village as quickly as possible by building huts. Attracting more people means more workers on hand.
  • Construct storage huts as near to resources as possible to reduce the time necessary to stock up on supplies (that means leave room — don’t build huts right next to resources).
  • Skilled castaway are worth more than those who are unskilled. Focus on building up one skill per castaway to maximize their potential.
  • To help organize your castaways, assign shirt colors to particular skills. If all castaways proficient as lumberjacks are wearing red shirts, it will be easy to pick one when necessary.
  • If you don’t need a castaway to perform a task, have them sit at the campfire. That way their health won’t be depleted as quickly.
  • Castaways low on health aren’t as productive as healthy ones. So, make sure they’re not overly thirsty, hungry, sleepy or lonely.
  • As you complete challenges, you unlock higher skill levels. So, make sure you’re always working toward finishing a challenge.
  • Watch for “X” marks to appear in the sand. As the old saying goes, “X marks the spot.” Have someone dig there and you’ll unearth treasures (some good like resources and radio parts, others worthless if not somewhat humorous).
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