Equestrian the Game Dressage – How to do Dressage


What’s the deal with Equestrian the Game dressage? That’s the question on everyone’s lips right now. This new mobile game hit is a love letter to all things horses, and challenges you to build your own competitive ranch.

You start with just a horse and a ranch, and have to enter competitions to win cash that you can spend on upgrades. Pretty soon, you’ll have a bunch of horses that can compete in a wide variety of competitions, and a ranch that can fulfil your every need.

But this guide won’t focus on the basics of Equestrian the Game. Instead, we’re going to look at the dressage system, and answer any questions you might have. We’ve also put together a guide on how the Equestrian the Game potential and Equestrian the Game breeding systems work, if you need help with that.

Equestrian the Game Dressage – Does it Exist?

We would hate to live in a world where games about horses didn’t feature dressage systems, and it seems the developer of Equestrian the Game feels the same way. In short, yes, dressage does exist in Equestrian the Game, though not in the capacity that you’d hope – yet.

How to do Dressage in Equestrian the Game

You can head on over to the ‘Riding Hall’ you can select ‘Dressage’ from three different training options. Participate in this, and your horse will improve its skills in a number of different areas, including ‘Walk’, ‘Trot’, and ‘Canter’.

Given that these skills play a part in the jumping competitions that you can currently participate in, it casts a shadow of doubt over whether or not dressage competitions will arrive in the future.

However, we’d be surprised if they didn’t arrive. Why else tease us with dressage training if we couldn’t show off our horse’s mad skills down the line?

Is Dressage Confirmed?

Sadly not. We’ve scoured the official Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Discord pages and are yet to find a single confirmation – or even developer response – regarding a dressage feature.

However, it’s clear that players are crying out for it, so stay tuned. We’d suspect it will arrive as part of a future update – likely after the breeding update.

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