Endless Frontier Saga tips, tricks, and strategies

Endless Frontier Saga is deceptive. I opened it expecting a straight-up RPG, but this game is actually an idle clicker with terrible localization. It might take you some time to wrap your head around what’s going on and how you should proceed, but don’t worry. Here, we give you all the basic instructions for how to play Endless Frontier Saga, as well as some additional tips to succeed once you have a handle on it.

endless frontier saga

The basics

The basic loop of Endless Frontier Saga consists of your units on the top screen automatically working their way through levels of a dungeon with a boss every fifty levels. Your job is to make sure they’re equipped to go as far as possible by earning gold to spend on leveling them up and gaining them new powers. At first, you’ll only have two tabs open to you: quests and units.

On the first tab, you can tap a task to start it and receive the amount of gold indicated upon completion, or you can spend gold to level it up, unlock the next task, or auto-complete a task. For the first minute or so you’ll just want to keep tapping quests and completing them to get enough money to settle in. Once you get enough gold, you can spend so the faster tasks autocomplete and you only have to worry about tapping longer quests every few minutes or so. When that happens, you should check in on your Units.

Units cost gold to level up, and at the beginning, you’ll want to make sure you keep them at about the same level as the floor they’re on, though there’s some leeway for the first ten floors or so while you’re first setting up your quests. Once you get stronger units and more of them, you can afford to be more lax, especially as they get to higher, more expensive levels.

endless frontier saga

Use your first Resurrect as soon as you can

As you explore the menu, you’ll notice quickly that many things are gated behind your first Resurrect. What is that? Essentially, Resurrecting your units restarts them from the first floor, wipes all their levels and all your spending on quests. However, you get a Hero Level, which gives you a permanent buff to a certain unit type, and you also get medals to spend on new units and unit upgrades. You want those. You can only get so far with what you start with.

Normally, you want to try to get much farther before starting over, but your first Resurrect unlocks the Dungeons tab and more, as well as gives you tons of free items from achievements. It essentially opens the whole rest of the game to you, so don’t delay it.

endless frontier saga

Don’t buy units early

Don’t waste medals buying units once you have them from your first Resurrect. You’ll get free gems, medals, and units from mailbox rewards, and all those units will be four or five-stars. Save the medals for later when you want to upgrade those powerful units or buy specific ones you want.

Tap the chests

This isn’t obvious! Watch your heroes up top when they enter a new level. Many levels have treasure chests. If you tap them, you’ll get free gold, gems, or an offer to watch a short ad for more gems. Always do this. The gems and gold you get are non-trivial, but you don’t get the rewards if you don’t tap the chest at all.

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