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Game Introduction – Enchanted Realm

Welcome to the quick start guide for Enchanted Realm, a kingdom simulation from Game Insight International.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

Navigating the Screen

Enchanted Realm

  • At the top of your screen you will find your current level and experience, your energy, gold balance, crystal balance, goods, and population.

  • On the left side of the screen you will find your current quests.

  • On the right side of your screen you will find the quick access button for magic and the building toggle button.

  • At the bottom of your screen you will find your store, Book of Histories, inventory, collections, friends, and options.


  • Gold: Gold is the currency in Enchanted Realm. Gold is used to purchase buildings, decorations, and crops for your kingdom. Gold is earned from your buildings and by completing quests.

  • Crystals: Crystals are the premium currency in Enchanted Realm. Crystals are used to purchase premium items such as energy items. Crystals can also be used to bypass quests. Crystals can be purchased using real world currency. You can also earn one crystal each time you level up.

Enchanted Realm

  • Experience: Preforming various actions in the game will earn you experience. Once you’ve earned enough experience you will level up and unlock new items. Leveling up will also increase your energy as well as refill it.

  • Energy: Energy is necessary to perform tasks in Enchanted Realm. Collecting coins from buildings, construction, chopping down trees, all of these tasks require energy. Once you’ve run out of energy you will need to wait for your energy to replenish or you can use an energy item to refill your energy. Energy is also refilled every time you level up.

  • Goods: Goods are collected from crops that you grow. You need to goods to stock your shops. If your shops go unstocked they will not earn any gold. Make sure you have enough crops planted so that you don’t run out of goods.

  • Population: Upgrade your castle to increase the allowed population for your kingdom.

Enchanted Realm

  • Quests: Completing quests is an excellent way to earn extra gold and bonus items.

Enchanted Realm

  • Book of Histories: The Book of Histories provides you with objectives to advance the in-game story. Completing these objectives will unlock new chapters in the book and reward you with bonuses.

Enchanted Realm

  • Collections: When you collect gold from buildings you will occasionally find other items as well. These items will be added to your collections. When you’ve completed a collection you can trade it in for bonuses.

Enchanted Realm

  • Inventory: Your inventory is where you will find any items that you have earned or stored throughout the game.

Enchanted Realm

  • Store: The store is where you will find all purchasable items in the game. The sections of the store are as follows:

Enchanted Realm

  • Housing: Housing is where you will find various housing options for your citizens. Each house provides a certain number of citizens. If you do not have room in your kingdom for that number of citizens you will be unable to build the house. Each house also earns you a certain amount of gold over time. Tap on the house you wish to purchase to see how many citizens it will bring to your kingdom as well as how much gold it will earn.

Enchanted Realm

  • Craft: Here you will find businesses for your kingdom. Businesses will earn you gold over time but also require that they be stocked with goods every time you collect gold from them. Tap on the building you wish to purchase to see the income from the building as well as how many goods it requires.

Enchanted Realm

  • Goods: Goods is where you will find your farming options. Here you can purchase garden patches and the crops to plant on them. Tap on the crop you wish to plant to see how many goods it will earn you and how long the crop will take to mature.

Enchanted Realm

  • Décor: Decoration items allow you to customize your kingdom. They also provide income bonuses to nearby buildings. Tap on a décor item to see the bonus percentage they provide.

Enchanted Realm

  • Castle: Here you can purchase castle upgrades. Upgrading your castle will increase the number of citizens who can live in your kingdom.

Enchanted Realm

  • Magic: Magic items are premium items that can give you an edge in the game. Here you can purchase items like energy refills and magic chests that have mystery items in them. You will need crystals to make purchases in the part of the store.

Enchanted Realm

  • Expansions: Here you can purchase additional land for your kingdom. Expansions get more expensive each time you purchase one, so be sure to save up your gold.

Building your Kingdom

  • To begin building your kingdom, you will need houses for your citizens to live in.

  • Tap on the store button located at the bottom of your screen. This will open the store menu.

  • Tap on the housing button to open the housing menu.

  • Select the “house with a turret” for 200 gold coins. You will be taken back to the main screen.

  • Tap on the house and drag it to where you want to place it. Roads will automatically be added to connect to your new house.

  • When you have placed the house where you want to build it, tap on the check mark in the bottom left to finalize your purchase.

  • If you change your mind about purchasing the house, tap on the x button at the bottom right of the screen to cancel the purchase.

Enchanted Realm

  • Now you will need to build your house. Tap on the unfinished house to begin building it. You will need to do this twice to finish construction.

  • Over time your houses will earn you gold so you may wish to build some additional houses.

Enchanted Realm

  • Once a house has earned gold it will have a gold coin icon appear above it. Tap on it to collect your gold.

  • To see how much gold a house earns and how long it takes to earn it, tap on the house in the store to see its statistics.

  • Now that you have several houses built, you will want to build some businesses.

  • The process is the same as building houses, except you will want to select the craft button in the store.

  • Once you’ve built a business you will need to stock it with goods. However, to do this, you will first need to grow some crops.

  • Return to the store and tap on the goods button.

  • Select the garden patch and place several of them in your kingdom.

Enchanted Realm

  • Tap on the empty patches of land to be returned to the goods store.

  • Select the crop you wish to plant (tap on a crop to see how long it takes to grow and how many goods you will earn from it).

  • Once you’ve chosen the crop you wish to plant you will be taken back to the main screen. Tap on the patches you wish to plant the crop on.

  • Now you will need to wait for your crops to grow.

  • Don’t worry if you are going to be away from the game for a while. Crops do not seem to wilt over time.

  • Once your crops are ready for harvesting, tap on them to collect your goods.

  • Now that you have harvested your crops you can stock your businesses.

Enchanted Realm

  • Businesses that need to be restocked will have an empty crate above them. Tap on them to send goods to them.

  • Don’t forget to plant new crops. You’re going to need a steady flow of goods to keep your businesses running.

  • After a while you will find that you’ve hit your population max. At this point you will need to upgrade your castle.

  • To upgrade your castle you can either go to the shop and tap on the castle button, or you can simply tap on your castle to be taken to this screen.

  • Select the available upgrade for your castle and purchase it. You will now need to finish building the upgrade for your castle by tapping on your castle several times.

  • Once the upgrade is complete your population max will increase.

  • After some time in the game you will run out of room to build on. At this point you will need to purchase a land expansion.

Enchanted Realm

  • You can purchase an expansion by going through the shop or you can tap on unpurchased land to be taken directly to the screen.

  • Once you have enough gold for an expansion you can make the purchase. Please note, that every expansion is more expensive than the previous one so be sure to save up your gold.

Maximizing Gold

  • Everything is Enchanted Realm will cost you gold. You will need to save up quite a bit to have a successful kingdom.

Enchanted Realm

  • The best ways to earn gold are by completing quests, building numerous houses and businesses, and turning in collections.

  • If you are desperate for gold you can purchase it using real world currency.

  • You can also sell items back for a small amount of gold.

  • To sell an item back, tap on it and select the bomb icon. Confirming that you want to delete the item will earn you gold. However, you will not know the amount you will get back until you complete the transaction.

Maximizing Energy

  • Energy is necessary to complete actions such as collecting gold from buildings, completing instructions, chopping down trees, and gardening.

  • When you run out of energy you will need to wait for it to replenish or use an energy refill item.

  • Energy replenishes at a rate of one point every five minutes.

  • Energy can be occasionally be found when collecting gold and crops.

  • When you level up your energy will be refilled and you energy pool will increase.

Congratulations! You have completed the quick start guide for Enchanted Realm by Game Insight International. Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments, and much more here at Gamezebo.

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