Enchant U Walkthrough

Enchant U developed by Glu Games has you play as the most popular girl at Enchant U. Buy spectacular clothing, win accessories and go out on special dates with your crushes. Complete quests to earn funds and energy and you choose whether you act noble or wicked along the way.  Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

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Game Introduction – Enchant U

Enchant U developed by Glu Games has you play as the most popular girl at Enchant U. Buy spectacular clothing, win accessories and go out on special dates with your crushes. Complete quests to earn funds and energy and you choose whether you act noble or wicked along the way.  Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

  • Enchant U can be found by clicking on the “Play Now!” button at the top of this page.
  • Push notifications – You will be asked if you would like the game to send you push notifications the first time you load the game.  You can change the push notifications any time in the notification area of your device. Note: This is true of current platforms at the time of print, and future available platforms may not use this feature.
  • Transfer your game – At this time you cannot transfer your current game from one device to another. This may be available in future game updates.

Create your Character’s Look

Enchant U

  • The first thing you must do when you start the game is to create your game character’s look. 
  • You will be taken to a menu as shown in the image above. You have the option at this time only to change the color of her hair, skin, and hair style. 
  • Note – Once you make these changes they are permanent so be sure you are happy with them. To change the hair color, skin tone, or hairstyles in the future you will need to pay with premium currency.

Enchant U

Name your character

  • You are given the option to change the game character’s name from “Holly” to your own or anything you wish.
  • This name will be inserted in the storyline and you can change it in the future by tapping on the gear icon and then on the “Change name” button found there. There is no charge to change the name of your character but if you want to change her appearance it will cost quite a bit.

Enchant U

Brief tutorial

  • Brief tutorial – There is a brief introductory tutorial seen only when you start the game the first time. It will help you to design your character and guide you through your first few quests, making wishes, going shopping, and out on dates. This guide will get you started by giving you a more detailed look at the game and will help you with strategies and tips to earn higher overall scores.  

Enchant U

Game settings

  • To access the game settings menu tap on the gear icon at the upper right of the game screen. Here you can adjust the volume with the slide bars and you can access your game achievements in the game center as well as learn about the game developer, game version, etc. 

Enchant U
Game currency

  • Noble Coins -These are the gold coins with the crown you see along the top of the screen. These are used to purchase noble clothing to increase your noble score. You will win these coins during noble acts during quests. You are given 1000 noble coins when you start the game.
  • Wicked Coins – These are the blue coins you see along the top of the game screen next to the noble coins. When you choose to complete a quest with wicked actions you will earn wicked coins which will increase your overall wicked score. You are given 1000 wicked coins when you start the game.
  • You must increase your noble and wicked coins so you can make purchases with them to increase your scores so you can complete quests.

Enchant U


  • Diamonds – This is the premium virtual currency that allows you to purchase privileges in the game such as instant completion of timed quests or purchasing items from the store that have a delivery time.
  • You can also use these diamonds to insure you have good luck when completing a quest. This is usually five diamonds to keep your luck good and it is up to you whether you want to spend your noble or wicked coins or your diamonds to complete your quest.
  • You are given fifteen diamonds when you start the game.
  • You can also earn free diamonds by completing quests, downloading apps, following ads and making purchases or you can purchase them in one of two bundles.
  • Purchasing additional currency – You have the ability to purchase additional diamonds by tapping on the “shopping” button and then scroll along the bottom menu with your fingertip until you reach the first option in the list which shows a picture of three gifts. Here you will see the different bundles you can purchase each with large amounts of diamonds, noble and wicked coins

Enchant U

  • You may only purchase one of two bundles from the game store at this time and they contain the following.
  • Loaded Purse Pack – $29.99 USD – You will purchase 25,000 noble coins, 25,000 wicked coins, and 1100 diamonds.
  • Rich Witch Pack – $49.99 USD – You will purchase 50,000 noble coins, 50,000 wicked coins and 2500 diamonds.
  • This is considered an in app purchase and will be charged to your device according to how you have set it up to do so.

Enchant U
Special Purchases (Goodies)

  • You also have the option to purchase extra energy, and exchange diamonds for noble or wicked coins. Tap on the “Shopping” option in the main menu then scroll to the “Goodies” section. Here you can also look at offers for free diamonds you can earn by visiting sponsor sites and purchasing their products or downloading apps.

Enchant U


  • Quests are a huge part of the game and you will have to do them frequently to move up in the game.
  • At the top of the screen you will see you have two different scores which are your noble score and your wicked score. (Noble = gold coins, and Wicked = blue coins)
  • Each quest has either a wicked or noble score you must have reached in order to perform it.
  • You can increase these numbers only by purchasing clothing or accessories in the game shop. Note – You do not have to wear the clothes you purchase you simply must own them and have them in your closet.
  • For example if you must have a wicked score of 15 in order to perform a locked quest go shopping using blue coins and you will see a score above that garment that shows you how much it will lift your overall number. Once you have the score you need go back to the main menu and tap on “Quest” then tap on the actual quest which should now be unlocked.
  • Timed Quests – If you see a time at the bottom of a quest this is a special timed quest you must complete before time is up or it will disappear from the game.

Enchant U

Wicked or Noble Choices?

  • At the beginning of each quest you will have to decide if you want to respond in a noble or wicked way. Tap on the gold button for a noble set of responses and the blue one for a wicked set of actions.

Enchant U

Making a Wish

  • Once you decide if you will be wicked or noble you must also make a wish. You will see a screen such as the one in the image above which will ask you if you want to “Try your luck” which will cost you four energy points or you may pay five diamonds to ensure you have good luck through the entire quest. 

Enchant U

  • Undo your Luck – Once in the quest if you choose to try your luck you may have bad luck which requires you to pay with coins or diamonds to get out of it so it is a gamble which could lose or earn you coins, energy or diamonds. 
  • You can have bad luck more than once during a quest requiring you to have to pay several times.

Enchant U

Completing a Quest

  • Each quest consists of five actions. Once you choose your noble or wicked option you will tap on the button that appears showing the action. 
  • Next a prize will be shown in the window above if you have good luck. Keep tapping on the button and if you see a broken mirror you have reached bad luck. It will give you the option to spend a certain number of coins to get out of it or you may spend diamonds. Once you do this the turn starts over and you will win something which is usually energy, coins, or a piece of clothing that will add to your noble or wicked score.
  • This is the main way to play the game along with going on dates and flirting with crushes.
  • You will collect your reward at the end of each quest and a summary screen will show you all you have won. Tap on the arrow key to return to the main menu.

Enchant U


  • Energy is critical as you cannot complete a quest or a date without it. You will have a maximum of twelve energy points which are shown on the energy meter at the top left of the game screen in green.
  • It will cost you four energy points to complete a quest and it will cost you three energy points twice to flirt with a crush.
  • Energy regenerates at a rate of one point every four minutes.
  • How to get more energy – You can get more energy by purchasing it with diamonds or waiting for it to regenerate over time. 
  • If you set your push notifications you will be notified each time your energy meter is full.

Enchant U


  • Shopping is critical to your game as purchasing items is what increases your noble or wicked point score which allows you to unlock quests and complete them.
  • Tap on the “Shopping” button and when you get to the shopping menu you will see two rows of buttons.
  • The smaller bottom row allows you to tap on either an area to purchase more coins or energy for the game. If you use your fingertip and scroll to the right you will see the names of a few stores. Inside these stores are all kinds of great clothing articles but they can be very expensive and may take a while to purchase. You need to complete all the quests you can to earn rewards and then reinvest your winnings into these clothes and accessories.
  • You will see each item either increases your noble or wicked score and some special items will increase both.
  • Once you purchase an item it will go onto your character or you can place it in your closet for later.
  • Your scores will increase whether your character is wearing the items or not. What is important is that you own the items.

Enchant U


  • Tap on the “Closet” button from the main menu to access all of the clothing and accessories your character owns.
  • There are two rows of buttons. The larger row shows all the clothes you own and the smaller button shows the categories of clothing which sometimes makes it easier to find things you need fast.
  • Use your fingertip to scroll through your items.
  • Tap on any item you wish for your character to wear and you will see her wearing that item on the main screen and during dates.

Enchant U


  • Here you can change the look of your character in three areas which are skin tone, hair color and hair style.
  • When you first start the game you can change everything once for free. Any time after that you will have to pay large numbers of diamonds to change these things.
  • Use the smaller button along the bottom and scroll with fingertip to get to the correct category.
  • Tap on any item you wish to purchase and change about your character. 
  • Once you own more than one hair color or style you will be able to toggle between them to change your character’s look.

Enchant U

Crushes/Upgrading Boyfriends and Dates

  • It is important that you always have a boyfriend at all times in the game.
  • You can actually win crushes as you play the various quests in the game. You will find these crushes in the crushes menu.
  • Note that each boy has something different to offer to you. Some may increase your power by a certain percentage, some may increase your noble points or if you choose a bad boy your wicked points allowing you to unlock more quests and therefor make more money and energy to do things with.
  • Tap on the boy’s name to flirt which will cost you three energy points. You will need to do this twice then you will be given the option to make this person your boyfriend. Tap on “Make boyfriend” and then it will ask you if you want to dump one boy for another. “Tap on the check mark if you choose to do so and then you can immediately go on a date with the new boyfriend.

Enchant U

  • Going out on dates – Once you have a boyfriend you can date him by tapping on the date button. It costs no energy points to date and you will likely earn a free piece of jewelry to add to your closet. 
  • Note that you may run into bad luck on a date just like any other quest and you can either pay five diamonds to ensure it doesn’t happen or pay the penalty fee of coins, noble, or wicked points based on how you have chosen to behave during your date.
  • Once a date is over the game locks you out for two hours before you can date again.
  • Be sure to date and upgrade your boyfriend often. When you get a new boyfriend you do not lose the advantage the old boyfriend gave you.

Enchant U


  • As you play the game you will unlock certain achievements which are in the game center achievements menu.
  • Each time you complete an achievement you will see a brief notification appear along the top of the game screen.
  • To see all of the achievements completed or to see all of them in case you want to try to complete all of them tap on “Options” or the gear menu icon at the upper right and then tap on “Achievements” You will be taken to the game center website and will see all thirty six possible achievements listed as well as what percentage of each one you have completed so far.

Enchant U

Daily Bonus

  • Play each day to earn free wicked and noble coins in a daily bonus game.
  • Each consecutive day you log in you will earn either wicked or noble coins and if you log in five days in a row on day five you will earn 10 free diamonds! 
  • Be sure not to miss out on free money!

Game tips

  • When you first start the game you will be given the option to change the character’s look such as hair color, and skin color. Be sure you are happy with your choice as doing so again will cost you over 100 diamonds each to change. You can change the name in the options menu for free.
  • Be sure to upgrade your boyfriend whenever possible. This is a great way to increase your energy, how fast energy recharges, or the number of noble or wicked points which are added to your overall score.
  • Earn free jewelry by going on dates and earn free clothing and crushes by going on quests.
  • Shopping for clothing increases your noble or wicked scores allowing you to unlock future quests. You do not have to be wearing the clothes, you just need to purchase them and have them in your closet.
  • Watch when purchasing clothing as some of them will increase both your noble and wicked scores.
  • If you need energy you can purchase more with diamonds by tapping on the “Shopping” option then on the “goodies” option.
  • It costs more to prevent bad luck than to pay for getting rid of it, so you’re better off taking your chances especially in the earlier levels.
  • You may feel like you are being really mean but you need to balance your wicked and noble responses so you can access all available quests in the game and win the rewards.


You have completed the basic quick start guide for Enchant U by Glu Games. Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments and much more here at Gamezebo