Emerald City Confidential Tips Walkthrough

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Check out our walkthrough for Emerald City Confidential.


  • This is considered a point and click adventure game. It has 50 quests to complete. Each time you complete a quest, a gem will go into the lower part of the screen. Fill all the gems to complete the game.
  • In chapter 3 you will find a notebook and it will go in the lower right side of the scene. Use the notebook to look for hints and clues as to what you need to do next. The notebook will be very helpful in helping you figure out what steps to take next.
  • Click on the hint button that is on the lower right side of the notebook and it will show you bits and pieces of a hint. If you want to see all the hints at once, just click on the hint button several times. Once the hint button disappears there are no more hints to give out and you will have to figure out the rest on your own.
  • Certain items will go into your inventory bar at the bottom of the page. You will need to use those items in a variety of circumstances. The inventory items may stay in inventory even after there’s no more use for it.
  • There is an arrow on the inventory bar that allows you to scroll through the items. Make sure that you always check your items properly.
  • Don’t forget that you can also scroll through the dialogue panels that pop-up throughout the game. There is a scroll button that will appear on the side of the dialogue panel but it will only appear when there are more than 4 choices to make.
  • If you find that you are not progressing correctly, retrace your steps and see if there is anything that you could have done differently.
  • Ask more questions of the people you talk to. A lot of times you cannot move forward because you did not ask the right questions. The game gives you a chance to go back and interrogate people so you can get the answers that you need.


  • This map will show you all the locations that you can access in the game. If you get stuck use this map to help you find a location.
  • When a new scene opens up on the main map, it will flash briefly alerting you that it is there. You can always hover over different parts of the map and the name will appear.


  • There are 21 buttons to find in the game. Once you find the buttons take them back to Scrap’s store and she will add some sketches to your notebook.The buttons can be given to scraps at any time. I usually gave them to Scraps once I was in her area.
  • You can hover your mouse over the buttons that are in inventory and it will tell you how many more you need to find for each color.
  • The guide has screenshots with the location of all the buttons as they appear in the game. This particular section will just tell you in text where you can find all the buttons.
  • Please scroll down to the appropriate location in the guide if you need to see an actual screenshot of the buttons.
  • I will break down the list by color and then by alphabetical order.


  • Dungeon (Jail Cell, Inside) On the top right side of the back wall.
  • Main Map-It on the top right side of the scene.
  • Palace (Inside-Throne Room) Pick up the green button that is on the curtains, above the mirror, right side.
  • Scraps’ Store-On the counter, behind where Petra is standing.
  • University (Inside)-It is on the lower left side of the ground.
  • Winkie country (Quadling)-GARAGE-On the lower left side of the floor, behind the crates.
  • Woot’s Arena (Outside)-Click on the green  button that is close to the entrance of the arena, left side of the large doors.


  • Dock-It is on the top right side of the page. It’s above the letter "Z" that is on the black metal piece.
  • Glinda’s Tower (Close-Up) It is on the lower left side, it blends in with the red grass.
  • Palace (Courtyard) The red button is on the lower right side of the water fountain.
  • Petra’s Office Building (Outside) on the puddle of water, lower center of the scene.
  • University (Outside)-It is on the right side of the steps that lead into the university.
  • Woot’s Arena(Cafe)-Left side, on the small round table.
  • Woot’s Arena (Ring Area)-Left side, on the steps that are close to the entrance.


  • Dungeon (Jail Cell, outside) The yellow button is on the lower part of the wooden cabinet.
  • Glinda’s Tower (Roof)-On the Lower center of the scene.
  • Palace (Entrance Hall) It is in the lower left side of the scene in which Tik Tok is guarding the door to the palace. 
  • Petra’s Office-You will see a yellow glint coming from the small table by the door.
  • Winkie country-Diner-On the counter, left side.
  • Winkie country-(Outside) Click on the yellow button that is on the right side of the page. It is on the side of the building, where you see a large lit opening.
  • Woot’s Arena (Hallway) Click on the yellow button that is close to the entrance of the arena, left side of the large wooden door.


  • You don’t have to follow the walkthrough exactly as it is written.
  • In some instances the steps will have to be followed exactly as described or you will not be able to forge ahead.
  • In other instances you can skip some steps and you will be able to move on without problems.
  • If for some reason you’re not getting to the next quest, retrace your steps and make sure that you’ve talked to everybody.


  • Click on the door and Petra will try to open it but the door will be locked.
  • Pick up the crowbar that is on the sidewalk, left side. The crowbar will go into inventory, take it from inventory and place it on the door. Petra will walk to the door and open it with the crowbar.
  • The light above her will start flashing red, the plant next to her will emit  poppy gas on her and Petra will fall to the ground.


  • When you first enter the scene, Petra will be hanging off a bridge.
  • In this part of the dialogue box you will have 3 choices, it doesn’t matter which one you choose because the real answer will not appear until after you click on one of those 3 choices. I chose "Click here to wiggle free."
  • The correct answer is "Call for help"
  • Once she calls for help the Lion shows up and they have a brief conversation.
  • "[End Conversation ] Enough Talk!"
  • Once the Lion lives, the rope is cut and Petra falls but is rescued by a transit Gump.


  • Click on the file cabinet key that is on the coffee table and Petra will walk to it. Grab the key from inventory and place it on the file cabinet that is on the left.
  • The notebook will then go in the lower right corner of the scene. Once Petra stops explaining what the notebook is for, you will hear a knock at the door.
  • Click on the door and Petra will go to it. Dee will be at the door.
  • Dee wants Petra to help her find her fiance. While they are talking Dee hands Petra a picture of her fiance. The picture will go into inventory. Right before Dee leaves Petra says this…
  • ANSWER: "Just one more question, Miss Gale."
  • Dee leaves and Petra ponders what the real deal is with Dee.


  • Click on the door and Petra will walk outside.Once outside there will a Gump stand that is on the right side of the street, click on the Gump stand and Petra will walk to it.
  • You will be taken to another scene. Click on the green building marked, "North Gate", that is in the upper right corner and Petra will be taken there.


  • Click on the guard named Tik Tok that is standing in front of the gate and Petra will go talk to him. They will have a conversation and eventually Tik Tok will ask Petra for a photograph of Anzel. Grab the photograph that is in your inventory and give it to Tik Tok.
  • After Tik Tok gives you some information about Anzel, look at the OZ map that is on the right side of the scene, if you click on it, it will show you a closer view of the map. You will need this information for later.


  • Once Petra is done talking to Tik Tok, click on the Gump stand and then click on the location marked "Grinetta Lane" and the Gump service will take you there.
  • Click on the donkey once you enter the scene and he will have a conversation with Petra.
  • Hank, the donkey will let you know that the only people he lets in are Petra’s boyfriends and any deliveries that someone may have for her.
  • Hank mentions amongst other things that Betsy likes flowers, Petra remembers that she has a flower shop next to her office.
  • Click on Hank after they are done talking and choose the following answers:
  • "Ask about Betsy"
  • "How Can I get in to see her."
  • Hank tells her that she can’t get in unless she has something Betsy wants.
  • "What does she do?"
  • "Where does Betsy travel?" Hank answers that Betsy likes "Munchkin Country" in the spring and "Quadling Country" in the summer.
  • "Go Back" and "End Conversation"
  • Once you’re done talking to Hank, go back to the Gump taxi stand and go to the North Gate.


  • When you get to the North Gate, click on the Map of OZ that is located on the right side and you will get a closer view.
  • Notice that the Munchkin Country is blue and the Quadling Country is red. Those are the colors that you need to use when you buy the flowers for Betsy.


  • Click on the Gump Stand and then click on the location marked "Petra’s Office". Once you’re there click on the door that has the blue awning that says "Scraps" above it. You will be entering the flower shop.
  • When you enter the lion will be having a conversation with Scraps, the owner.
  • Once The Lion leaves click on Scraps so Petra can talk to her.
  • ANSWER:"Anything new for sale?"
  • ANSWER:"Tell me about those flowers"
  • ANSWER:" I’d like to buy some flowers." Petra then asks you to choose the colors you would like, choose any 2 colors.
  • CHOOSE: "I’ll take a bouquet of red flowers and …"
  • CHOOSE: "blue flowers."
  • Once Scraps hands you the bouquet it will automatically go into inventory.
  • CHOOSE: "What are you looking for again?"
  • CHOOSE: "End Conversation" and then click on the green glint that is on the table behind Petra.
  • Scraps will ask for a button, click on the green sparkly light that appears on the right side of the page, on the counter.
  • An emerald button goes into inventory, Scraps then asks you to bring her more buttons if you come across them.


  • Once you leave the Scraps’ place go to Petra’s Office that is right next door. You will see a yellow glint coming from the small table by the door. Click on it and a yellow button will go into inventory.
  • From now on when you see A sparkly light, click on it so you can collect all the buttons for Scraps. The buttons will either be blue, yellow or green.
  • Go back to the Gump Stand.


  • Once you enter the Gump Stand and you see a view of the city, you will see a green glint coming from the top right side of the scene. Click on it and another green button will go into inventory.


  • Grab the red and blue flowers from inventory and hand them to hank, the donkey and he will say:
  • "Hm, yea Betsy will like those, go on in"
  • Click on the door that is behind the donkey so you can enter Betsy’s door.


  • Once inside Betsy Bobbins place, her and Petra will have a conversation.
  • CHOOSE:"How do you know Anzel?"
  • CHOOSE:"Did Anzel come here two nights ago?"
  • CHOOSE:"What happened when the guard showed up"
  • CHOOSE:"Where can  find Jinjur?"
  • Betsy tells Petra that when she wants to find a guard she asks another guard.  
  • CHOOSE:"Anzel was a student at the university?"
  • CHOOSE:"End Conversation"
  • Betsy tells you that he was not a student but that he did some kind of work there. A new scene will flash on the screen letting you know that the location is now open, "The Royal Oz University"


  • Go back to the North Gate and talk to Tik Tok.
  • CHOOSE:"Do you still talk to General Jinjur?" Tik Tok will tell you that she is at the dock.
  • At that point the "East Dock Location is unlocked"
  • CHOOSE:"End Conversation"
  • Take the Gump to The Dock.


  • As you enter the scene, General Jinjur is talking with 2 people. Click on the General and Petra will walk towards them.
  • As the General is questioning the sailors, Petra spots something shining at the end of the dock, it’s a pair of silver cufflinks. click on the cufflinks, Petra will pick it up and they will go into inventory.
  • Give the cufflinks to Jinjur and Jinjur will let the sailors go. Once they leave, click on Jinjur again to talk to her.
  • CHOOSE:"Talk about Anzel"
  • CHOOSE:"Do you know a man named Anzel?"
  • CHOOSE:"Betsy told me you arrested him."
  • CHOOSE:"What do you know about him?" Jinjur lets Petra know that Anzel is a smuggler who tried to smuggle some stuff in Betsy’s apartment.
  • Petra deduces that Mr Jack Pumpkinhead must be involved with smuggling. A new location opens up, "Jack’s Pumpkin patch"
  • CHOOSE:"Go Back" and then CHOOSE:"Leave Her"


  • Grab the taxi to Jack’s Pumpkin Patch, it is on the top left corner.
  • Once you enter the scene, jack is leaning against the large pumpkin that is in the scene, click on him so Petra can talk to him.
  • CHOOSE:"Ask about Anzel"
  • CHOOSE:"Where is Anzel, Jack?"
  • CHOOSE:"Anzel was a smuggler, Jack"
  • CHOOSE:"End Conversation"
  • You will have to come back to this location later since Jack is not giving up any information.
  • Go to The University



  • Pick up the red button that is on the lower right side of the steps.Then click on the University door to enter.


  • Once you’re inside the university, pick up the green button that is on the lower left side of the ground and it will go into inventory.
  • Click on Wogglebug who is in the center of the room.
  • CHOOSE:"Ask about Anzel"
  • CHOOSE:Do you know a man named Anzel?"
  • CHOOSE:"Here’s the photograph. Do you recognize him?"
  • CHOOSE:"What do you remember about Anzel?" The bug tells you that Anzel used to work for Cutter.
  • CHOOSE:"Ask about Cutter" ????
  • CHOOSE: "Is Cutter here?" Profesor Wogglebug calls for Cutter to come out of the room so Petra can ask him some questions.
  • CHOOSE:"Ask about machine" Wogglebug tells Petra that knowledge pops into a students heads right after they take a pill.
  • CHOOSE:"End Conversation"
  • Click on Cutter and ask him all available questions
  • CHOOSE:"Where is Anzel now?"
  • By the end of the conversation cutter will offer to pay Petra to share the information that she know  about Anzel.


  • CHOOSE:"About your offer…"
  • CHOOSE:" Isn’t knowledge priceless? I want access to the Knowledge Pharmacy."
  • Cutter tells Wogglebug that he is granting Petra temporary employment at the university. This would give her access to the knowledge pills.
  • Click on the machine and Petra will walk towards it. Ask for knowledge regarding Jack Pumpkinhead and you can take the pill now or leave it for later.
  • If you choose to leave it for later, the pill will go into inventory.
  • Leave the university and go back to your office.


  • As Petra enters her office she finds one of the sailors in her office. There’s only one choice here and that is …"Get Out"
  • "Yeah, I remember"
  • You can choose any of the following 2 options:
  • [Give a discount] My normal rate is 50. Can you manage that? Trot will say yes.
  • OR
  • [Normal rate] My normal rate is 150. Can you manage that?" Trot will say that she will find a way to get the money.
  • If you choose:
  • [Be very generous] I’ll do it for free." Petra will say that she is not a sap and will make you choose one of the 2 options above.


  • Take the Gump Stand to Ruggedo’s Bar
  • Click on the door to the bar to enter the establishment.
  • Let General Jinjur and Ruggedo keep talking. As soon as they are done, Jinjur will walk outside. Click on the Captain Bill that is sitting at the bar.
  • "Ask about ship"
  • "Was it carrying any cargo?"
  • "Was anyone on board?"
  • "What was your last destination?"
  • "Ask about explosion"
  • "What could have started the explosion?"
  • You will not get a lot of information from the captain so it is best that you move on.
  • Pick up the umbrella that is next to the door and it will go into inventory. You will need the umbrella for later.
  • Grab the candy that is on the counter, you will need it for later as well.
  • Talk to Jinjur outside and then go to the Dock and talk to trot.


  • Once you get outside the bar, click on General Jinjur and Petra will have a conversation with her.
  • "Ask about the explosion"
  • "How do you know it was a magic explosion?" Jinjur lets you know that dogs can sniff magic. this information will be useful to you later on in the game.
  • "Why are you so sure it was Bill"
  • "Let’s talk about something else"
  • "Leave Her"
  • Take the Gump to the Dock.


  • Pick up the red button that is on the top right side of the page. It above the letter "Z" that is on the black metal piece.
  • As you enter the Dock, click on Trot and Petra will start to walk towards her. A message will appear on the screen letting you know that there is a strange orange object somewhere in the scene.
  • Click on Trot so you can start the conversation.
  • "Ask about Bill"
  • "Did you ever experiment with magic?"
  • "Bill had some trouble with the law, didn’t he?"
  • "Let’s talk about something else."
  • "Leave her", click on this option to end the conversation.
  • Grab the umbrella from inventory and place it on the orange object that is in the water. Petra will use the umbrella to retrieve the orange object out of the water.
  • That object was a piece of pumpkin, it will automatically go into inventory.


  • Click on Trot again so you can ask her questions about the pumpkin.
  • "Ask about pumpkin" Trot tells Petra that Bill shipped pumpkins.
  • Head to the university to talk to Toto.
  • Click on Toto so you can talk to him.
  • "Ask about Toto"
  • "Aren’t you Dee’s dog?"
  • "What are you doing here?"
  • "Ask about Anzel"
  • "What did you think of Anzel?" Toto lets Petra know that Anzel carried a lot of magic around with him.
  • "Where do you think Anzel is?" Toto said that he did not know but that he would be able to track him down by smell if he wanted to. He also said that Anzel smelled of magic so it would be easy to sniff him out because of it.
  • Then Toto tells Petra that he would do anything if he could get his hands on some knowledge pills.
  • "Go Back"
  • "Ask him about magic"
  • "Show pumpkin" Petra asks Toto to sniff out the pumpkin to see if it has magic. Toto tells her that he want a magic pill from the university, it doesn’t matter which one. Once he gets the pill, he will help out with the pumpkin.
  • "Go Back"
  • "Leave Him"


  • Click on the front door of the university and Petra will go inside.
  • Click on the machine and then click on:
  • CHOICE: "Bill’s trial" When you swallow this pill, you will learn that Bill was accused of smuggling an illegal artifact into the city. He found innocent but one of the key witnesses was Jack Pumpkinhead.
  • You can continue to swallow pills if you like or you can continue to the next step. It’s important that you Bill’s trial in this section if you want to close that quest.
  • Click on the pill machine and Petra will say that she desires knowledge. In this section you can choose any type of pill since it is for Toto and he does not care what kind of pill he gets. I chose:
  • "Places"
  • "Oz"
  • Once you get the pill, you will have 2 choices, choose:
  • "Save it for later"
  • Now you have to fool Wogglebug into believing that you swallowed the pill while you where there, because you know that he will not leave with the pill in your hand.
  • Grab the candy that is in inventory (If you haven’t picked up the candy, go back to Ruggedo’s bar and pick it from the counter) and give the pill to Petra.
  • Petra will swallow the candy fooling Wogglebug into believing that she swallowed the pill instead.
  • Click on the door and go back outside with Toto.
  • Grab the pill from inventory and give it to Toto and he will swallow the pill.
  • Grab the pumpkin from inventory and click it onto Toto, Petra will ask him to sniff it out for her. Toto verifies that the pumpkin indeed has magic on it.
  • Toto gives Petra a whistle and tells her to use it if she needs to get in contact with him.
  • Leave the University and go back to Ruggedo’s bar.


  • "Ask about Jack Pumpkinhead"
  • "I found a piece of pumpkin in the remains of your ship"
  • "This pumpkin was exposed to magic"
  • "So what’s it like being a smuggler?"
  • [Quest Complete-Confront Captain Bill]
  • At this point Bill confesses that he used magic to help Trot and that jack was blackmailing him. He also says that he helped hide Anzel.
  • [Quest Complete-Investigate Captain Bill]
  • Go to Jack’s Pumpkin Patch and talk to him.


  • Click on Jack so Petra can go talk to him.
  • "Confront him about Bill"
  • Petra and Jack talk back and forth and he finally tells Petra that the scarecrow may know something.
  • "End conversation"
  • Leave the pumpkin patch and head back to Petra’s office, the scarecrow will be hanging outside.


  • Click on the scarecrow (‘Odd looking man’ is what he is called at first) that is leaning against the wall and Petra will go talk to him.
  • "Who are you?"  
  • "You wouldn’t know anything about the Scarecrow, would you?"
  • "You are the Scarecrow"
  • [Quest Complete-Find the Scarecrow, Find Anzel]
  • Scarecrow tells Petra that id she wants to find Anzel she needs to talk to Ruggedo. The Scarecrow walks away at this point.
  • Go into Scraps and hand her the buttons that you have, you can skip this part for now if you like.


  • (NOTE: This step is optional at this interval)
  • Go into Scraps’ store and then click on Scraps.
  • "I’ve got some buttons for you" If you click on the journal, you will find some drawings of some of the characters in the game.
  • Go back outside and go back to Ruggedo’s bar.


  • Enter the bar and then click on Ruggedo so Petra can start talking to him.
  • "Ask about Anzel"
  • "You can stop pretending. I know he came here"
  • "Where is he?" Ruggedo tells Petra that Anzel has been transformed into the   glass decanter that is on the counter.
  • "He’s a decanter" Ruggedo tells Petra that he can convert anyone into an ornament as long as he has their consent. He also tells her that the spell is written on a piece of paper since he can’t remember anything.
  • "Transform him back"
  • "Transform me, then. I want to talk to him."
  •  At this point Ruggedo transforms Petra into a coat rack. General Jinjur walks in and makes Ruggedo disappear into thin air while Petra is still transformed into a coat rack.
  • Once Jinjur and Ruggedo leave, Petra and Anzel start talking.


  • Click on the Anzel, the green decanter on the left side of the counter, they will begin talking.
  • "Ask about transformation"
  • "How do we transform back?"
  • "Do you know the spell?"
  • "Where’s the spell written?"
  • "Does Ruggedo do this often?" Anzel tells you not to talk to the mirror but don’t believe him.
  • "End Conversation"
  • Click on the mirror and she will start talking to you.
  • "Could you tilt down for me?"
  • "Please can you tilt down for me?" The mirror wants to hear she’s pretty but she does not believe Petra when she tells her so.
  • "You’re Pretty"
  • [End Conversation]
  • Click on the decanter and talk to Anzel.
  • "Ask about mirror"
  • "She doesn’t believe me when I say she’s pretty" Anzel suggests that Petra talk to the mirror about her eyes.
  • [End Conversation]
  • Click on the mirror again.
  • "You have really nice eyes" Petra convinces the mirror to tilt down and she does it.
  • Click on the mirror again and Petra will be able to see the piece of paper in the mirror. at that point, Petra says the magic spell out loud.
  • The ornament goes on the lower right side of the page, click on it and place it on Petra so she can be transformed to her old self.
  • [Quest Complete-Transform Petra back]
  • Click on the door and Petra will go outside. A Gump taxi will be outside waiting for her. Dee sent the Gump to get Petra.


  • Click on the door and Petra will go inside and talk to Dee.
  • "Tell her about Ruggedo’s"
  • "Tell her about expedition"
  • "Tell her about smuggling"
  • "Tell her about Betsy" At this point Dee refuses to pay Petra.
  • "Pay me first, then we’ll talk""
  • "Refresh my memory"
  • "Get to the point"
  • "That guy seems pretty useless to me" Dee wants Petra to get the artifact back and she will
  • "Magic? i don’t have a license"
  • "It’s too Risky" Dee says that she will make it worth her risk by giving her brother back.
  • "What about him?" See tells her that Ruggedo’s spell can be broken with a transformation potion.
  • Petra goes back outside and gets on the Gump so she can back to the pumpkin patch.


  • Go to the pumpkin patch and click on Jack so you can talk to him.
  • Scroll down and click on:
  • "Ask about transformation potion" Jack tells you that he heard that the patchwork Girl (Scraps) accepts goods from various smugglers"
  • [End Conversation]


  • Go back to Scraps’ store.
  • Click on Scraps and talk to her.
  • "Jack sent me" Scraps tell hers that she can sell her illegal magical goods.
  • "I need a potion that will reverse a transformation" Scraps gives her the potion and also gives her a bottle of green juice that will transform anything green.
  • [End Conversation]
  • Go back to the bar.


  • Grab the transformation potion from inventory and place it on Anzel (green decanter) and Anzel will be transformed.
  • [Quest complete-Transform Anzel]
  • "What’s so important about the spirit rod?"
  • [End Conversation] Enough talk!


  • At this point Anzel walks outside and gets swooped up by a Gump that Cutter is on. Petra gets on a Gump too and has Anzel followed but the Gump is too slow.
  • Grab the candy from inventory and give it to the Gump that Petra is on and Petra’s Gump will catch up with Anzel’s. Put the candy back in inventory once you’re finished with it.
  • Keep clicking on Anzel and all of them will continue to talk.
  • "But… Phanfasms have animal heads!"
  • "Enough Talk" Anzel throws the spirit rod but it ends up knocking Petra off the Gump.
  • Petra ends up falling in front of Jinjur and Tik Tok. Jinjur arrests Petra and takes her back to the palace.


  • Pick up the green button that is on the curtains, above the mirror.
  • Queen Ozma interrogates Petra and then asks her how she came across the spirit rod.
  • "Anzel"
  • "Bold-faced lie" At this point Petra asks for a lawyer, Queen Ozma summons a lawyer and in walks the Lion.


  • The yellow button is on the lower part of the wooden cabinet.
  • Tik Tok makes Petra hand over her illegally gained magic.


  • "How long will I be in here for?"
  • "Are there any secret passages or tunnels I should know about?"
  • "No questions. Just leave."
  • The scene flashes quickly to Anzel and Cutter entering an unknown location.


  • The green button is on the back wall, above Petra’s head.
  • The scene cuts back to Petra being in jail. She gets a visit from the scarecrow.
  • "Cut it out, Scarecrow"
  • "I’m good at it"
  • "I want to make a difference"
  • "I have my reasons. You don’t need to know them."
  • "No" and then "Yes"
  • [Quest-Escape from Prison begins here]
  • As the scarecrow leaves he drops a piece of paper on the floor, Petra bends down to pick it up. The paper is labeled "Escapum" It is a magic spell that will help Petra get in and out of the jail cell.
  • Grab the magic spell from inventory and place it on Petra. Petra will fall through a hole in the ground and will end up outside the jail cell.
  • Quest Complete-Escape from prison


  • As soon as Petra lands outside the jail cell she needs to go to the small wooden box that is on the floor and pick up her belongings. She also needs to read the letter on the wall. It tells her that prisoners are entitled to health-free environment while in prison.
  • Grab the oblivion pills that are on the shelves. Grab the dog whistle and the green bottle that is inside the small wooden crate that is on the floor.
  • Once she has collected everything, give her the Escapum spell so she can get back into the jail cell.
  • "When do we eat?"
  • "I’m hungry"
  • "How old is this food"
  • "I won’t eat this" Petra then throws the food on the wall and Tik Tok leaves
  • Get your green bottle and place it on the food that is on the wall, the food will turn green. Click on the door and Tik Tok will come to the door.
  • "Yes, there is a problem"
  • The food on the wall poses a health hazard"
  • Tik Tok will come inside the jail and will start cleaning the food off the wall.
  • Give Petra the Escapum spell and she will be back out side the jail cell once more.
  • Click on the steps that are on the left side and Petra will be outside.
  • [Quest Complete-Get Past Tik Tok]


  • Grab the red button that is on the right side of the water fountain.
  • Click on the Throne Room, left side and petra will walk over there.
  • Once you’re in the throne room, click on the mirror.
  • "Use the magic mirror"
  • "Show me Dee"
  • "Leave it alone."
  • Click on Petra again so she is NOT facing the mirror. Grab the whistle from inventory and Toto will come.
  • "All right. Take me to Dee"


  • Toto takes Petra back to Dee’s room.
  • "Your boyfriend is the one that is incompetent"
  • "You owe me something for what I went through"
  • "Where’s my brother? You said you could help." Toto then tells Petra about the magic belt.
  • "Why didn’t you use the belt to find Anzel?"
  • "You owe me, Princess" Petra wants Dee to use her magic power to grant her a wish of being able to leave the palace.
  • "You want me to beg? I’ll beg" Dee gets mad and wishes that Petra will be quite. Petra then loses the ability to speak and walks out the door.
  • "What did you just do?"


  • When Petra gets outside she realizes that she cannot hear her footsteps which means that she will be able to get past Jinjur outside and finally escape the palace.
  • From the throne room, click on the left side to go back out to the Courtyard. Once you’re in the Courtyard, click on the right side and Petra will be able to leave that area.
  • Once Petra gets close to the exit door she hears some footsteps so she hides behind the curtains.
  • [Escape the Palace Quest Complete]


  • Queen Ozma and Scarecrow are talking amongst themselves and eventually get curios about how Petra is doing. The Scarecrow suggests that the queen look in the magic mirror. She sees that Petra is hiding behind the curtains.
  • "No I’m not" but she can’t actually say those words since she’s lost her voice. She eventually just comes out.
  • "The Scarecrow gave me a magic spell." Ozma takes Petra into the Throne room so she can reverse the spell.
  • "I know it’s worth something to somebody."
  • "Ruggedo helped us"
  • "Of course I do. Every school child knows those stories."
  • "It’s been a long time. I don’t remember them too well.
  • "How can a kingdom fight?"
  • "Lucky for us they died"
  • "But people practice magic anyway."
  • "Yes, he told me about them."
  • "How did Cutter find something like that?"
  • "The four witches? In a rod?"
  • "Why me?" Ozma gives Petra the magic rod to take with her and she tells her that she must find the missing keystones.
  • The scene then cuts to Cutter talking to one of the Phanfasms.
  • Two new scenes are added to the main map:
  • "Winkie country"-Yellow and Quadling country"-Red


  • Click on the yellow button that is on the right side of the page. It is on the side of the building, where you see a large lit opening.


  • Click on the Tin Man and start talking to him.
  • "I’m Petra, and I’m on a mission from Queen Ozma."
  • "I’ve heard of you"
  • "Ask about keystone."
  • "Do you know where it is?"
  • "Did an expedition come here recently?"
  • "What do you know about the Keystone?"
  • "What happened to the expedition party?" Tin Man says that he doesn’t know but it scared the Sawhorse.
  • "I need to know where the expedition went."
  • "End conversation"
  • Click on the Sawhorse to talk to him.
  • "The governor tells me you know where the expedition team went."
  • "End Conversation"
  • Click on the garage entrance to talk to Shaggy.


  • The green button is on the lower left side, by the wooden crates.
  • When you first enter the scene the frog is talking to Shaggy. Click on Shaggy to talk to him once the frog is finished.
  • "I’m looking for a keystone"
  • "Did an expedition party come here recently?"
  • "What is this place?"
  • "Can you tell me anything about the Tin Man?"
  • "Who was that frog?"
  • Click on the sit to leave the garage.


  • Click on the door of the diner, it is on the left side of the page.
  • Click on Miss Cayke once the frog stops talking and Petra will have a conversation with her.
  • "I’m looking for something called a Keystone."
  • "Did an expedition team come into town recently?"
  • "How well do you know Shaggy, the Gump mechanic?
  • "What can you tell me about Nick Chopper, the governor?"
  • "Leave her’, exit through the door on the right.
  • When you walk outside the Frogman and the Tin Man are outside talking. Click on the Tin Man and listen to the brief conversation
  • [Quest complete-Explore the town of Flow]
  • Go to Quadling country.


  • You will see a brief scene in which Cutter is talking with one of the Phanfasms. Cutter tells him that he knows where the spirit rod has been.
  • From outside the arena, pick up the green button that is on the grassy area, lower center of the scene.
  • Pick up the copper rod that is on the lower right side of the scene as well.


  • Click on the yellow button that is close to the entrance of the arena, left side of the large wooden door.
  • Enter the stadium and Mombi and Woot will be talking, as soon as they are done, click on Woot and Petra will talk to him.
  • "I’m looking for something called a Keystone."
  • "Why are you called Woot the Wanderer?"
  • "Where did you travel?"
  • "What is this place?" Woot says that it is the place where wizards, witches and such come to to do battle.
  • "Aren’t magic duels against the law?"
  • "What kind of regulations?"
  • "When is the next fight?"
  • "See you around, Woot"


  • The red button is on the stairs that are on the right side of the scene.
  • When Petra enters The Wizard is coaching Ugu.
  • "I’m looking for a Keystone"
  • [Quest complete-Explore Woot’s arena]
  • "How do I get into Glinda’s Tower?"
  • "So you knew Glinda?"
  • "Who’s the kid?" He says his name is Ugu and that he’s trying to teach him some magic.
  • "Who are you?"
  • "What’s the Wizard of Oz doing in a place like this?" The Wizard tells her that he is now a coach.
  • "Thanks for your time. Click on the door so Petra can exit.
  • When she gets outside click on Woot so she can speak to him.
  • "How do I get into that tower? Woot tells her that she cannot get inside without a key. In order for her to get the key she has to fight Mombi for it. The key is only given to the champion of the arena.
  • "See you around Woot"
  • Go to the cafe and talk to Mombi, the entrance to the cafe is on the right side of the hallway.


  • The red button is on the left side, on the small round table.
  • When you enter the scene Mombi is talking to the lady behind the counter. As soon as she’s done click on Mombi and Petra will follow her up the steps.
  • "I’m looking for a Keystone"
  • "Do you know anything about the tower outside?"
  • "I need the key to Glinda’s Tower, The Keystone is in there." Mombi tells her that if she wants the key she will have to defeat her in the ring.
  • [New Quest:Defeat Mombi in the ring!]
  • "How did you get to be champion?"
  • "Who are you?"
  • "I need the key to Glinda’s Tower. The keystone is in there."
  • "Thanks for your time"
  • While Mombi is talking the rope keeps trying to get Petra’s attention.
  • Click on the rope and Petra will start talking to it.
  • "You’re a rope."
  • [New Quest-Free the magic rope]
  • "How come you can talk?"
  • "What can I do to help?"
  • "I’ll see what I can do"
  • Click on the door so Petra can exit.


  • The red button is on the lower left side of the scene, it blends in really well with the red grass.
  • When Petra walks outside, click on the tower so she can get to it.
  • Once she gets to the tower, click on the Tonk Rock that is on the lower right side of the ground.Petra will pick it up and it will go into inventory.
  • Go back to the stadium and talk to Woot, who is in the hallway.
  • Click on Woot to talk to him.
  • "I want to fight" Woot tells her that she has to get a coach if she wants to fight Mombi.
  • [New Quest-Get a new coach.]
  • "See you around, Woot"
  • Send Petra back to the ring so she can talk to the Wizard.



  • Talk to the Wizard once you enter the ring area.
  • "I need a coach"
  • "When I win, I’ll give the tower key to you." Coach asks Petra to fight Ugu in the ring and if she wins then he will coach her.
  • "Let’s do this" Petra gets in the ring with Ugu. Ugu casts a magic spell that places Petra inside of a locked box.
  • Grab the escapum spell from inventory and place it on the locked box and Petra will escape.
  • Once Ugu loses, the Wizard dismisses him and he gives Petra a "Sap" spell. When you use the Sap spell, it takes away some of the energy from a magic user.
  • In order for it to work it must be used several times on someone like Mombi.In the meantime Petra will have to find ways to counter the attack until the spell takes effect.
  • [Quest complete-Get a coach]


  • Go into the cafe and have Petra walk to the Barista.
  • "I’m looking for a keystone"
  • "What are you selling back there?"
  • "What sort of food are you selling?"
  • "Give me the special"
  • A heavy cake and a light cake will go into inventory.
  • "Thank you for your time, miss." Walk over to the rope.



  • Go into the cafe and grab the rock from inventory and place it on the rope.
  • Please look at the screenshot, the rock needs to be placed on top of the rope. Petra will walk up the steps and ask the rope if that helped.
  • The rope takes the rock from Petra and drops it on the snake charmer’s head, knocking him out temporarily.
  • The rope tells Petra "If you need to do any climbing, I’m your rope". The rope then goes into inventory.
  • Leave the cafe.



  • Once you leave the cafe, go back to the ring. DO NOT TALK TO WOOT YET.
  • As you enter the ring, grab  the copper rod from inventory and place it on the bent pole that is on the left side of the ring. The copper rod will repair the ring. Go outside and talk to Woot.


  • Click on Woot to talk to him.
  • "I want to fight Mombi again." Woot thinks it’s a great idea. The scene automatically flashes to inside the ring.


  • Once you’re inside the ring, Mombi will cast a magic spell, she will have a shield in her hand. Grab the Sap (it absorbs energy) and click it onto Mombi. Mombi is immune at this point.


  • Now Mombi casts a wind spell on Petra, grab the heavy cake from inventory and give it to Petra. The weight of the cake will keep her from being blown away by the wind.


  • Give Mombi the Sap spell again and Mombi will make petra fall through the floor. Grab the rope from inventory and place it on the hole and the rope will help Petra get out of the hole.


  • Give Mombi the Sap spell again and Petra will disable her shield. Mombi well then try to cast a lightning spell on Petra but will miss since Petra fixed the broken pole on the ring.
  • If the copper rod was not placed there before she got into the ring, Petra will lose the fight. The copper rod is located outside the stadium.
  • Give the Sap spell to Mombi one last time and this time she wall fall to the ground. She’s been defeated.
  • [Quest Completed-Defeat Mombi in the ring]
  • The scene will flash to everyone being outside in the hallway.


  • The scene will automatically cut to the Wizard and Petra at the tower. The Wizard will open the door, walk in and Petra will follow.
  • [Quest Complete-Get into Glinda’s Tower]


  • The yellow button is on the lower center of the screen.
  • Petra and the Wizard make it to the top of the tower.
  • "What were you expecting?"
  • Place the magic rod on the keystone and Glinda will appear.
  • "How do you know my name?"
  • "What do you know about the spirit rod?"
  • "I’m looking for somebody" Glinda told Petra that she knows she is looking for her brother.
  • "I just came here to free you. Nothing more."
  • "It’s time I left." Before Petra turns around to leave, Mombi flies onto the roof.



  • Mombi, The Wizard and Glinda argue back and forth with each other. Mombi tries to knock the wizard off the tower but Glinda activates her powers to keep the Wizard from falling.
  • Grab the light cake from inventory and place it on the Wizard and he will land back on the roof safely.
  • The Wizard, Mombi and Glinda argue some more and then the Wizard puts a spell on Mombi and she goes away.
  • "What just happened?"
  • "Where is she?"
  • "Can’t she just fly back?"
  • "I"ll leave the 2 of you alone."
  • As Petra leaves the scene, you will see a quick scene in which Anzel is chained to the wall and is being questioned by a Phanfasm.
  • You are taken back to the main map.


  • Go back to Winkie Town and talk to the Tin Man
  • "Who were you talking to?"
  • "Who is he?" talking about the Frogman
  • "Why are you afraid of him?"
  • "What does he control?"
  • "Why haven’t you arrested him?"
  • "So you do nothing."
  • "Let’s make a deal." Petra tells the Tin Man that if she gets the evidence he needs to convict the Frogman, he has to tell her where the expedition went. The Tin Man agrees to the deal.


  • The Tin Man tells Petra that the Sawhorse will take her to the Frogman’s place.
  • "Where does the Frogman live?"
  • "Anything  I should be prepared for?"
  • "Does he work with anyone?" Tin Man says that the Frogman has an assistant that lives with him. To get to the Frogman, you have to go through her.
  • "End Conversation"
  • Click on the Sawhorse
  • "Go to Frogman’s Villa." Petra hops on the Sawhorse and heads to the villa.


  • Knock on the front door and the assistant will open the door.
  • "I’m looking for something called the keystone." the assistant lets Petra in.
  • [Quest Complete-Visit the Frogman]


  • "I’m looking for something called the keystone."
  • "I saw you talking to Nick Chopper."
  • "Who was that woman who brought me up here?" The Frogman tells Petra that her name is Nimee Amee, his personal assistant.
  • "Is me being from the Emerald City a problem?"
  • "The city’s not all bad."
  • "Maybe we should help each other." Petra tells the Frogman that she has a magic license that was given to her by Queen Ozma herself.
  • The Frogman wants Petra to prove herself and he tells her that she wants her to go to Scraps’ place and get something for him. Petra agrees to do it.
  • "Why do you need me to do that?"
  • "What kind of something."
  • "Is smuggling part of your business?"
  • "All right. I’ll do it."


  • Take the Sawhorse back to Winkie and then go to Scraps’ store.
  • "The Frogman sent me." Scraps asks Petra if she is there to pick up his magic paintbrush and Petra says yes. The paintbrush will go into your inventory.
  • Scraps tells Petra that the magic paintbrush lets you paint whatever you’re thinking of but it can only be used twice.
  • "Ive got some buttons for you." Scraps gives Petra some sketches in exchange for the buttons.
  • Make Petra leave the store and go back to the Frogman’s by means of the Sawhorse.
  • "Go to Frogman’s Villa"


  • Knock on the front door of Frogman’s Villa
  • "I’m here to see the Frogman."
  • "I’ve got your paintbrush."
  • [Quest complete-Smuggle for the Frogman]
  • The Frogman is impressed with Petra’s work and he asks her to have a drink with him but Petra says that she must leave.
  • On her way out, Nimee, the assistant ask Petra for a favor. She wants Petra to take a locket to the Tin Man.
  • Take the locket from inventory and place it on the Tin Man. He will ask her where she got that from and she will say that Nimee asked her to give it to him.
  • The Tin Man tells Petra that he does not want the locket back and to tell her to stick it where the sun don’t shine.


  • Click on Shaggy to talk to him.
  • "What happened to your stammer?" Petra notices that when Shaggy talks about Miss Cayke from the diner that he loses his stammer.
  • "Tell me more about Miss Cayke"
  • "Your stammer disappeared again!"
  • "You’re in love with Miss Cayke, aren’t you?"
  • [New Quest-Matchmaking]
  • "Have you told Miss Cayke how you feel?" He tells her that he can’t because he is not very good with words.
  • "Go on talk to Miss Cayke."
  • "Why don’t you talk to Miss Cayke again?"
  • "See you around Shaggy." Make Petra leave the garage and go to the university.


  • Enter the university and go to the pill machine and choose "Vocabulary Lessons" from the menu.
  • "Save the Pill for later"
  • Since you want to take the elocution pill to Shaggy without Wogglebug noticing you will have to trick him again.
  • As soon as you get the elocution pill, save it for later. Immediately after, eat the candy that you have in your inventory. Wogglebug will think you swallowed the pill instead of the candy and will allow you to leave.
  • NOTE: While you are at the university, go ahead and swallow the rest of the pills that you have not had at this point. This way you will not have to worry about coming there again for that.


  • Go back to the garage and give Shaggy the elocution  pill. Shaggy thinks the pills not working but all of a sudden he can speak clearly.
  • "Er, what?"
  • "You’re wrong, it worked."
  • Shaggy is impressed with his new language skills and he rambles for a bit. Petra asks him to tell her about the Frogman.
  • Shaggy continues to tell her about the WOODSIA SPELL which you can use to make wood float. At that point the woodsia spell goes into inventory.
  • Shaggy goes over to the diner to talk to Miss Caykes.
  • [Matchmaking quest complete]


  • Go back to the Frogman’s house. Once you get to his house, give the Sawhorse a woodsia spell and it will float outside of the Frogman’s window.
  • Give the woodsia spell to the horse when Petra get off of it. If Petra gets back on the horse, it will take her back to the Tin Man.
  • While hanging outside his window Petra notices that the Frogman is trying to cast a spell. All of a sudden the Frogman ends up in the picture that is on the wall.
  • [Quest complete-Learn More about the Frogman]
  • [New Quest-Learn the Magic Spell]
  • The scene fades away and you see Petra and the horse back on the ground.


  • Go back to the diner and Shaggy and Miss caykes will be talking. Shaggy tries to flirt with Miss Caykes but it backfires on him. She is turned off by his fancy talking.
  • [New quest-Match-Breaking]
  • Click on Miss Caykes, once Shaggy leaves.
  • "What do you think of Shaggy?"
  • "Maybe you could give Shaggy another chance."
  • "Leave her" Go back to Shaggy’s garage.
  • "Tell me more about the Woodsia spell.
  • "How did you get the Woodsia spell?"
  • "I’m sorry that things didn’t work out."
  • "Good bye, Shaggy."
  • Grab the Oblivion pills that are in your inventory and place them on Shaggy.


  • Shaggy goes over to the diner and tells Miss Cayke that the pills made him act funny. Miss Caykes agrees to go out with him.
  • [Quest complete-Match-Breaking]
  • Click on Miss Cayke once Shaggy leaves.
  • "So you’ve got a date with Shaggy, now?
  • "Since you owe me, can you tell me more about the Frogman? Miss Caykes tells Petra that the flowers in the diner can only grow with a spell names "biguuf" The biguuf spell goes into your inventory.
  • "I need proof of the Frogman’s deals." Miss Caykes says that he keeps all his documents in his study. She also said that she heard him cast a spell. Petra figures out that the spell is "Teleportrait". All of a sudden the teleportrait spell goes into inventory.
  • [Quest complete-Learn the Magic Spell]
  • [New Quest-Find Proof]


  • Go to the Frogman’s house.
  • Knock on the front door and the assistant will come to the door.
  • "The governor won’t take your locket."
  • "He said for you to stick it where the sun don’t shine." The assistant was very upset about this comment and ultimately let Petra in.
  • "Yes"
  • The assistant and the Frogman get into an  argument and she leaves the study.
  • "I’ve got access to a supply of drugs." The Frogman is happy about this ad wants to celebrate with a drink so he asks Nimee to get it for them.
  • Nimee is very short with the Frogman so he leaves the study to go talk to her.
  • Place the paintbrush on the painting and the picture will reflect a picture of Petra instead of the Frogman.
  • Place the teleportrait spell on the picture and Petra will climb inside of it. While in the portrait, Petra will open the drawer and find the proof she needs. The proof will go in the inventory box.
  • Once she gets the evidence, place the teleportrait spell back on the picture so Petra can get out.
  • NOTE-Make sure that when you place the teleportrait back on the picture for Petra to get out, make sure that you see the word "painting" written on there or Petra will note be able to get out.
  • Go back to the Tin Man


  • As soon as Petra gets back to town,she  hands the documents to the Tin Man. The Tin Man man is happy because now he can put the Frogman away with all the evidence.
  • Petra asks the Tin Man how she can get to the keystone and he tells her that the Sawhorse will take her to the Ravine.
  • [Quest complete-Find Proof]
  • Click on the horse. "Go to Ravine"


  • When Petra gets to the Ravine, grab the spirit rod from inventory and place it on the yellow keystone and the wicked witch will appear. Petra catches the witch up with all the things that have been going on since she died.
  • [Quest complete-Free the witch from the keystone]
  • "I’m looking for someone." Petra tells the witch that she is looking for her brother William.
  • "Can you tell me what the spirit rod is?"
  • "Why are you carrying an umbrella?" The wicked witch says that most witches are allergic to water.
  • "Dorothy Gale says hi."
  • "Don’t do anything funny."
  • "Nothing, I just came here to free you."
  • "The keystone strengthens our magical defenses."
  • Once Petra is done talking to the witch the Sawhorse has traveled back to the other side f the Ravine and refuses to cross back.
  • In the meantime the Frogman shows up and asks Petra why she betrayed him.
  • "I’m not a criminal."


  •  Frogman pulls out a wand and the witch pulls out her umbrella in order to keep from getting attacked by the Frogman.
  • Place the Woodsia spell on the horse so it can float up to the Frogman and the horse will kick the Frogman with its hind legs. The Frogman will be pushed off the cliff.
  • [Quest complete-Defeat the Frogman]
  • "Let’s hit the trails." The scene cuts back to the front of Petra’s office.


  • The red button is on the puddle of water that is on the street.
  • Petra is outside of her office and she drops the rod on the floor because it it too hot.Cutter shows up out of nowhere.
  • "Surprised Response."
  • "Reply with sarcasm." Cutter bends down to pick up the spirit rod but it is too hot and it electrocutes him so he picks it up with a handkerchief instead.
  • Petra notices the handkerchief that Cutter used because it once belonged to her brother. Cutter uses the rod on Petra, she falls to the floor and then he disappears.
  • The scene fades back to the throne room.


  • Petra walks into the throne room.
  • "Pleasure to see you too, General."
  • "Shut up. Now is not the time." The Scarecrow tells Petra that Queen Ozma has been taken by the Phanfasm spy.
  • "Where is Cutter now."
  • "War?"
  • "What is our battle strategy."
  • "How did Cutter do this?"
  • "How come nobody saw this coming?"
  • "I need to find Cutter. It’s important."
  • "You can’t kill Cutter."
  • "How do I get to Phanfasm island?"
  • "I’d like to re-enlist."
  • "Send me ahead of the army."
  • "I want to be paid." The Scarecrow pays Petra 10,000 emeralds.


  • Pick up the yellow button that is on the lower right side of the Entrance Hall, where Tik Tok is guarding the door to the palace (second screenshot).
  • Send Petra to the Courtyard.Click on the Lion that is outside.
  • "Why don’t you just get out of here?"
  • "What sort of "services" do you offer the Scarecrow?"
  • "Unfair discrimination?"
  • "I’m still going to take you down one day."
  • Send Petra to the Entrance Hall ( on the right) and she will encounter Tik Tok guarding the door.
  • "Why the lockdown?"
  • "I need to get to Phanfasm island."
  • [New quest-become an ambassador.
  • "Who is the current ambassador?"
  • "Nice job guarding me, metal mouth."
  • "See you around Tik Tok.


  • Go back to the throne room and speak to the scarecrow about becoming an ambassador.
  • "I’d like to apply to be the OZ ambassador.
  • "About that ambassador’s position…" They tell her that she cannot get the job because she is a deserter.
  • "I’ll be back" Send Petra back to the courtyard so she can talk to the Lion.
  • "I’m a victim of unfair discrimination."
  • "Tell me! What do I need to do?"
  • The Lion asks her for a fee of ten thousand dollars if she wants him to represent her, reluctantly Petra agrees and they head back inside to the throne room.
  • "Pay him 10,000 emeralds."
  • The lion makes a good case and they are forced to make Petra an ambassador. Jinjur tells Petra to go to Phanfasm island to see if she can talk some sense into them.
  • [Quest complete-Become an ambassador]
  • Click on the Scarecrow to talk to him.
  • "I’d like to go too Phanfasm island." Scarecrow things it’s a good idea and hands her a teleporting potion which will help her get in an out of the island.
  • "Anything i should know before I go?" Scarecrow tells her to be careful with the First and Foremost Phanfasm.
  • ”Why is the general so hacked off?"
  • "Thanks for giving me this opportunity."
  • "Good bye, Scarecrow."
  • Petra walks outside to the courtyard and see the Lion.
  • Click on the Lion and then say "Thanks for your help"
  • Give Petra the teleport potion and she will disappear. Once she arrives to the island the quest "Follow Cutter to Phanfasm Island" will be complete.


  • Petra gets confronted by the Phanfasms as soon as she lands on the island.
  • "I am Petra, ambassador of Oz." The Phanfasms tell her that they don’t make deals.
  • The next scene cuts Petra being locked up in the same cell as Queen Ozma.
  • "Let us go."
  • "Who are you?" He introduces himself as the First and Foremost Phanfasm.
  • "Why are you doing this?" They all speak to each other and somewhere in the conversation they mention that Queen Ozma gave Cutter to them 20 years ago. They also admitted that Cutter was Petra’s brother."
  • "Queen Ozma keeps talking and will not be quiet. Grab the Sap spell from inventory and give it to Ozma. Petra changes her mind and decides not to use the Sap spell on her after all.


  • Place the Escapum spell on Petra so she can get out of jail.
  • Ozma gives Petra the Reversia spell. This spell reverses the effects of all of Petra’s current spells.
  • " I thought you were drained of all your magic?"
  • [Escape Phanfasm cell quest complete]
  • Go to chasm.


  • Place the Biguuuf spell on the sapling that is next to Petra and the tree will grow.
  • Give Petra the Reversia spell so that all her spells are reversed. When a spell is reversed, the name of it will change as well.
  • You will need to use the Aisdow spell on the tree so that instead of making the wood float it will make the wood fall down over the gap.
  • To go to the fortress, click on the lower left side of the screen


  • When Petra arrives to the fortress she hears Anzel’s voice coming from inside.
  • "What are you doing in there?"
  • "How do I get into the fortress?"
  • "What’s gong on around here?
  • Use the Mupacse potion and Petra will get into the jail cell.


  • Petra tells Anzel that she has a potion which will teleport him nack to OZ but first she needs to ask him some questions.
  • "What’s outside that door? Any guards?"
  • "Tell me about the fortress. What can I expect?"
  • "Where’s Cutter?"
  • "The spirit rod was dangerous." Azsel tells Petra that the door is unlocked.
  • Petra hands automatically hands him the teleport potion. You, as the player, don’t have to get it from inventory first. Once he takes a sip of it he will disappear.
  • Click on the door to get to Smithy.


  • Give the dog whistle to Petra and when she blows it the smithy will fall from weakness.
  • Click on the hall so Petra can go there.


  • When Petra gets to the hall, she sees that the Phanfasms are taking queen Ozma with them.
  • Once they are out of sight, make Petra go into the library and she will see her brother.
  • "What’s wrong?" Cutter tells Petra that the spirit rod was powerful and it showed him everything that happened in the past.
  • "You were a kid. You couldn’t have known."
  • "You know the truth now. You can come home.
  • "Are you just giving up?"
  • "What can we do?"
  • The scene automatically cuts to Petra and Cutter to the door outside the volcano.


  • Place the woodsia spell on the wooden plank that is under Ozma. If the spell does not say Woodsia, then make sure you give Petra the Reversi spell.
  • Once you give her the correct spell, Ozma’s plank will levitate out of sight.
  • The guards take Cutter and Petra.
  • The scene cuts to Tik Tok and Ozma talking on the island.


  • The scene cuts back to the volcano. First and Foremost notices that the attack has begun and he send his guards out to take care of it.
  • "You took my brother. I’m taking him back."
  • First and Foremost tries to destroy Petra and Cutter. Cutter tells Petra to go and that he will follow.  
  • Click on the section marked to "Throne Room" so Petra can leave and Cutter can follow.
  • Once outside, Cutter tells Petra to go down the steps but a vine appears in front of them.
  • Use the "FUUGIB" spell on the vines and it will make them shrink, clearing the pathway for them.
  • Click on the steps so Petra can go down to the hall.


  • The door is locked once they get down to the hall.
  • Give Petra the Reversi spell, so you can have the correct spell.
  • Place the teleportrait spell on the First and Foremost and he will go into the painting. Or you could also place the teleportrait spell on the picture itself.
  • Once the First and Foremost is in the picture, grab the torch that is next to Petra and she will burn the picture.
  • "Are you OK?"
  • Tik Tok shows up and places Cutter in prison.


  • "You did not make those choices."
  • "No brother of mine is rotting in prison."
  • "I’m going to fight this."
  • "You were supposed to have a life!"
  • "What about the university? You belonged there."
  • Cutter (William) is holding a portrait of himself. Place the teleportrait spell on the picture and Cutter will get out of jail.
  • The next scene cuts to Petra at the bridge with her brother William as a young kid.


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