El Chronicle Guide: Tips, Cheats and Strategies

By Glenn Wilson |


El Chronicle is a intimidating game at first sight. A sprawling JRPG with nostalgic influences and MOBA style action it asks you to put a crew of heroes together and fight across the continent of Balam.

As with many JRPGs El Chronicle can seem near indecipherable at first, especially if you’re not au fait with the genre. But fear not! The following tips should help you ease into the game

  • Root of the problem There are hidden chests scattered all around in Elchronicle. You can find many of them behind trees, and can be spotted usually by clumps of plants being oddly spaced out.
  • Swap it up Make sure you keep things fresh in battles by switching around your heroes when you feel its appropriate. You can do this by clicking on the profile option on the left side of the screen. All your heroes will keep attacking automatically so there’s no disadvantage to playing swapsies often.
  • Do the automation The game is slow paced at first, so we’d recommend using the Auto Move function to speed through the opening sections. It’s also useful in moving you to the correct locations and fighting lesser enemies.
  • Lending a hand Keep an eye on the hand icon the appears in the bottom right of the screen. It indicates that there’s an item you can interact with, and can therefore be useful for discovering secret items – like the chests mentioned above.
  • Keen on Dean Dean is the starting hero, but he is no weakling. He’s a real all-rounder when he comes to his stats and abilities, so is well worth making the central part of your team – even when you progress to the latter stages of the game. Make sure he stays upgraded and he’s well worth keeping on board.
  • It’s all elemental One of the key aspects to battle is the elemental traits characters have. The May Dew is strong against The Red Flame for instance, but weak against The Fierce Wind. Make a mental note of how the traits all impact on each other and plan out battles accordingly
  • Killer carpet Enemies attacks are marked out via red areas. Avoid those areas to avoid attacks – make sure your characters aren’t touching any part of them if you want to survive.
  • Having a guild time The game allows you to become part of a guild – or create an all new one – and its an option you should definitely take up. You can meet other players in-game, and there are numerous other benefits – such as becoming a place where you can buy better quality items from.
  • Boss it Don’t use the Auto Move function for bosses, as often you’ll do something illogical – and can end up getting damaged a huge amount as a result. Leave the function for tasks that are far lower risk (like the ones stated above).
  • Crafty devil You can craft gear for your heroes, and this is something you’ll want to do if you wish to unlock their full power. To craft you’ll need enough raw materials, which are gained from the Raid battles. Make sure you keep an eye on all of the materials you have to hand, and use it whenever possible – as tweaking the kit for your heroes can often make the difference in tight battles.
  • You’ve got mail Make sure you keep an eye on your inbox, accessed via the option in the top right of the screen. You’ll often be sent goodies and the like through it.
  • You card On the shop screen there’s the option to buy a single card summon, or eleven for the price of ten. It’s always worth waiting until you have enough for the larger discounted bundle unless you’re absolutely desperate.

Check out El Chronicle for yourself via the App Store and Google Play now.

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