Egypt II: The Heliopolis Prophecy Walkthrough

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As the sun rises over a quiet Egyptian village, the sun begins to shine down upon a feline statue. A black cat jumps out from behind the statue and races into the village. It stops when it sees a woman walking home and she is surprised when she spots the cat, but it’s revealed to be a dream she was having.

The woman awakes to the sound of someone knocking on her door. Walk over and open it to see that it is a messenger. The woman, whom you realize is named Nefermaat, but she prefers going by Tifet. The messenger gives her a letter from her father, Djehouty, who explains that he has fallen ill from an unknown sickness and he fears that he won’t be alive for too much longer.

It’s up to Tifet to find a cure so that she can save her father before he dies. Turn around and look on the ledge to find a book containing remedies to various diseases as well as a small jar of eye ointment. Take them both before heading out into the world. For some odd reason, this is the point in the game where all the introductions took place as Tifet heads to Heliopolis to visit her father.

Once Tifet arrives, you can pay a visit to the vendor working in his stall to

the left and he’ll comment that there’s a strange mood in the village today. Continue into the city and Tifet will be approached by a man that she knows as her old friend Idi. He’ll provide her with the directions to her house as well as a map of Heliopolis.

Turn right and follow the road to the end before turning right and continuing the path before you. When you reach a small hut to the left with a yellowish wooden door, Tifet will have arrived at her father’s home.

Pass through the door to enter the courtyard and enter the next door to see a cutscene where Tifet rushes up the stairs to find her father sitting in the shade. Talk to Djehouty to find out that he wanted to see Tifet one last time before he dies, but she refuses to let him go so easily. She wants to examine him to figure out what’s wrong with him in hopes of finding a remedy for it. Djehouty reluctantly agrees to let Tifet examine him, so when the option pops up, click on the Examine button to open the Book of Remedies.

The book doesn’t reveal any answers, leaving Tifet to figure out another way finding out Djehouty’s affliction. Tifet tells her father that she’ll pay a visit to the library inside the Temple of Re to search the archives for a cure to his ailment. Leave Djehouty’s house and turn left until you reach the city map and proceed to the Temple of Re.

The Temple of Re:

Upon arrival at the temple, you’ll find the door leading towards to the library to the right of the main temple door. As Tifet heads there, she is stopped by a Nubian man looking for directions. Tifet isn’t able to help him since it’s been so long since her last visit to Heliopolis, so the man walks away hanging his head in disappointment.

Continue to the next courtyard and speak to the man standing in front of the door. He’s not to let anyone in that isn’t a priestess, so Tifet decides to pass herself off as one. The man states that in order to prove that she is who she says she is, she’s going to have to solve a slider puzzle.

The puzzle is different each time you play, so I won’t be able to give you the one definitive answer to it. To successfully solve the puzzle, you must move the tiles on the right to match up to the ones on the left. As you move your mouse cursor around the tiles, its partner will light up in tandem with it. When you have maneuvered the tile into its correct spot, a tone will play to let you know. Tifet will also provide hints for you to use to solve it along the bottom edge of the screen, so make sure to pay extra attention to them when they appear.

When the puzzle has been solved, the missing tile will appear and the man guarding the door will let Tifet proceed through into the library courtyard. You’ll find another man standing outside the library. Talk to him to learn that his name is Irou, and he is not to let anyone into the library without having written down their name. The only thing keeping him from doing so is that the fact that another scribe, Menna, has taken his pen so now he doesn’t have anything with which to write. Irou also mentions that Menna can be found in the courtyard to the left.

Turn left and enter the next area to find Menna sitting in the shade of a nearby tree. When Tifet speaks to him about Irou’s pen, he says that he didn’t take it but rather Irou left it behind in the room near where Menna is sitting. Head into the room and look at the ledge to the right to see a reed pen case for Tifet to pick up.

When Tifet returns the pen to Irou, he says that he needs ink for it, causing Tifet to become upset with him for not telling her that before. Return to the room where Tifet found the pen and at the opposite side of the room, you’ll find a small bag of ink. Take it and return to Irou but as soon as you do, you’ll see that he’s no longer anywhere to be found meaning that the library is now unguarded.

Enter the library and go to the far left corner of the room. You’ll see a cabinet set into the concrete wall and when you open it, you’ll find several remedies for various illnesses along with a papyrus that has some sort of prophecy written on it. Tifet explains that it must be shown to her father.

Leave the library and head out towards the city map. Along the way, Tifet is stopped by a sick woman who wants her to examine her to determine what is wrong. Upon further examination, it appears that the woman has the same unknown disease that Djehouty has and the woman said that she and her husband appeared to become sick husband, Ramose received his wages in wheat from the temple.

Walk over to Ramose and his son, Ipouky, and speak with the boy. He’s having a problem with his eyes and when Tifet examines him, the book reveals a remedy for his itchy eyes. Give the boy the eye ointment and then head out to the city map to return to Djehouty’s neighborhood.

The Neighborhood:

Return to Djehouty’s home and show him the tablet. He mentions that he also received some wheat from the temple and he’ll hold onto the tablet while Tifet goes to explain the situation to the Great Seer. Take off for the temple and speak with the guard standing in front of the entrance leading to where the Great Seer awaits. He says that Tifet needs a letter of recommendation, and he suggests returning to Djehouty to get one.

Return to Djehouty and when asked about a letter of recommendation, he’ll agree to write one but he needs something to write with along with a piece of papyrus to write on. Go downstairs and in the far left corner, Tifet will find what she needs there. Take the pen case, the sheets of papyrus, as well as a sleeping potion and some wheat grains.

Give the pen and papyrus to Djehouty and he’ll write the letter of recommendation that Tifet needs in order to see the Great Seer.

The Temple of Re:

With the letter in hand, return to the temple and give it to the guard and he’ll let you through the door. Walk around the building in front of you and pass through the archway to find the Great Seer.

The Great Seer, Meryre, will take his sweet time walking over to Tifet before she is able to explain the situation. He’ll agree to let Tifet conduct a discreet investigation of the silos and determine what has happened to the temple’s wheat supply. She’ll first have to find the granary inspector, Hetep’s report to see what it had to say. Before leaving, Meryre hands over his jeweled bracelet, which should allow Tifet access to areas where she may otherwise be prevented from entering.

Head back into the main courtyard and re-enter the library to find Menna standing inside. Ask him about Hetep’s report to learn where it’s being kept, which is in the middle cabinet along the right wall. When Tifet opens the cabinet, however, she’s surprised to see that it’s missing, having only found the fastener for his report left in its place.

Leave the library and go through the door on the opposite side of the main courtyard to enter the silo storage area. Walk up along the right side of the silos and you’ll see a man emerge from behind the last silo, sweeping the ground of dead rats. Before talking to him, pick up the rope lying on the ground to the right. When you talk to the man, he’ll introduce himself as Mehou and he’ll tell Tifet that he hasn’t seen Hetep, but he’ll be hard to miss since he’s recently undergone a trepanation. Mehou also tells Tifet where his house is located and he’ll then agree to let Tifet inspect the interior of the silos.

Walk down the left side to the first silo to spot a plank lying on the ground and then walk in between the last and next to last silo. Walk up the stairs along the second to last silo and now you’ll have to find a way to climb down. Go into the inventory and combine the rope with the plank and use it to climb down into the silo.

You’ll see several dead rats lying in the wheat, but we’re here to prove to Meryre that something is wrong with his wheat. Move your mouse cursor around in the wheat until it changes and then click to pick up a wheat stalk that Tifet says doesn’t look normal. Climb up out of the silo and leave the temple to return to the neighborhood.

The Neighborhood:

Follow the road until you see an alley branching off to the right. Enter the door at the end to find Hetep’s home, but it appears that he’s not here at this time. That doesn’t mean we can’t take a look, so walk over to the left corner to find a small mirror sitting atop a crate. Pick it up and then leave Hetep’s home and return to the temple.

The Temple of Re:

It’s time to show Meryre what has been discovered regarding the wheat. Walk over to the entrance leading to the library to see the guard standing there again. Show him the jeweled bracelet and he’ll let Tifet pass after telling her that Meryre can be found in the school near the library.

The school is to the left of the library entrance and upon entering, you’ll see Meryre standing near Menna outside the school. Show Meryre the wheat stalk and he’ll decide to close down the granaries while Tifet searches for a cure for the disease. After they’re done talking, you’ll see that Ipouky has run into the school yard and when Tifet speaks with him, he has some urgent news. It appears that Djehouty has taken a turn for the worst and now Tifet has to run to be by his side.

The Neighborhood:

Return to Djehouty’s house and speak with him to learn that Tifet doesn’t have much time to find the cure before Djehouty dies. He’s tired and can no longer translate the tablet that was given to him earlier. He suggests that Tifet enlist the help of a temple scribe to finish the translation.

The Temple of Re:

If you remember correctly, Menna is a scribe, so chances are likely that he will be able to translate the tablet. He is still sitting outside the library, so let’s go there and speak with him. Show him the tablet and he’ll reveal that it was written backwards, so we’ll have to figure out a way to make it legible.

Go into the inventory and use the ink on the tablet to make a drawing. Use the tablet with the other piece of blank parchment and then read the legible paper by clicking it on the eye on the left side of the inventory bar. It contains a message saying "He who wakes after a dream knows the path".

Return to the neighborhood to share the news with Djehouty.

The Neighborhood:

When Tifet speaks with Djehouty, she’ll recall her dream that she had at the start of the game and realize that she’ll have to visit Sakhmet’s shrine to find the answers she seeks. Return to the temple once again so that we can investigate the shrine further.

The Temple of Re:

The shrine can be found waiting for you on the other side of the door that’s situated between the two large statues. You’ll have to walk around behind the building to see the statue of Sakhmet staring back at you. Enter the shrine and if you look at the ground at Tifet’s feet, you’ll notice a small mirror-shaped indentation.

Place the mirror into the indentation, only to have nothing happen. What luck we must have! If you recall the drawing, it’s showing a couple beams of light shining down on where the mirror is seated. If you look at the wall to the left, you’ll find a concrete block that can be removed but in order to do so we’ll have to locate a mallet.

Head out into the alleyway directly across from the statue to find a couple of buildings lining the road. As you walk down the road, you’ll find an open door to your left. Enter it to see that Irou is here standing around with his arms crossed. Ask Irou for his mallet and he will refuse to give it up. However, Tifet’s not the type of woman to stand around and take that sort of nonsense. Tell Irou to listen closely and he’ll change his tune and offer up his mallet.

Return to the statue and remove the block out of the wall and a beam of light will shine through and down onto the mirror.

You’ll realize that the statue has moved, revealing a sheet of papyrus underneath it. Pick it up and read it to finally found a way to cure the disease that’s ailing the city of Heliopolis! The problem now is finding the ingredients needed to make it.

Return to the building where Irou is presently located to pick up a few things before we start gathering the ingredients needed to make the cure. Pick up some caraway and juniper berries from the baskets sitting along the right side of the room and then take the bean flour from the middle cabinet on the opposite side of the room before leaving for the Heliopolis neighborhood.

The Neighborhood:

You can talk to the vendors you see working around the village, but right now you don’t have much to offer them. However, when you speak with the vendor near the dead end on the other side of the village, you can offer her the Great Seer’s jeweled bracelet and she’ll give you some lentils, dates, linseed oil, and ten debens of copper. Now we’re in business, so let’s get trading!

Speak with the vendor near the riverbank that you may have encountered when Tifet first arrived in Heliopolis. Ask him about the mandragore (mandrake) roots and he’ll tell Tifet that he’ll be willing to take some linseed oil for some, so agree by giving him the oil. You can also talk to him about the garlic and then trading him the lentils for it. However, when asked about the fan tree leaves, he knows someone who has them, but he wants Tifet to cure his diarrhea. The remedy for it can be found in the book, but Tifet still needs some honey to make it.

Return to the intersection near the donkey and you’ll find a vendor to the left. Talk to her about the willow leaves and give her the dates in exchange, and then the copper in exchange for the olive oil.

You can find the honey by returning to Irou and asking him for it. He’s being selfish again, but he decides that he’ll accept some gold in exchange for the honey. Give him the gold ring Tifet found inside Djehouty’s house and you can pick up the honey from the cabinet along the right wall as Tifet first entered the room. She’ll end up getting two servings for the price of one, what a deal!

The beer can be found at the one and only House of Beer, as if the name wasn’t enough of a hint. Speak to the waitress and then give her a serving of honey in exchange for the beer. Now that we have the ingredients for Djaou’s remedy in hand, we can make it and find out how to get our hands on the fan tree leaves.

You’ll have to head back to Djehouty’s house to make the remedy and once you’re there, walk over to the large cooking pot in the corner of the main room. Drop in the bean flour, caraway seeds, juniper berries, and the honey and the game will automatically give you Djaou’s remedy.

Djaou said that he was going to be waiting for Tifet in an alley as to avoid attracting unwanted attention from customers who may turn away from the fact that he’s sick. You can find Djaou waiting for Tifet in the alley near the end of the road, that branches off to the left.

Once you’ve found him, give him the remedy and he’ll explain that he doesn’t have any fan tree leaves on hand, but he knows someone who may have a way of obtaining them. He tells Tifet to speak with the Nubian, who can be found inside the House of Beer.

Return to the House of Beer and watch the cutscene and you’ll find the Nubian enjoying himself in a corner of the room. Talk to him and he’ll prod Tifet into drinking some beers with him. After Tifet has downed a couple of beers, talk to the Nubian to explain that in order to obtain the leaves, he needs to get a permit from the Governor, which I guess makes his residence our next destination.

The Governor’s Villa:

As you walk towards the villa, you’ll be stopped by one of the guards. He’s pretty much an idiot, so with some insistence he’ll let Tifet pass. The next guard, however, takes a little more work. Tifet has to turn on the charm and use her feminine wiles to get what she wants from him.

Ask him if he is a warrior and that he looks like a fine soldier. Tell him that Tifet has dreamed of meeting a warrior her whole life and follow it up by saying that her husband is in there and that her word is equal to the reputation of Egypt’s soldiers.

The man will agree to let her pass provided that she meets him later. Head into the villa and walk around the corner, only to be stopped once again. It turns out that the drummer is missing and the man won’t let Tifet pass until she is found.

Leave the villa and enter the garden through the door closest to the corner. You’ll notice a small grate covering the lower part of the door. Follow the dirt path around to the gazebo that’s located on the other side of the pool. You’ll find the missing drummer here sleeping one off, so pick up her drum and Tifet will have to lug it back to the villa.

As you re-enter the villa, you’ll see a different man than the one before blocking the path. Tifet will now have to bluff her way through this next puzzle in order to continue on.

The drum puzzle is a bit troublesome. If you’re playing the CD version of the game, you may need a patch to fix the issue. What you need to do is play the drums in rhythm with the flashing lights on the drums. Use the A key for the left hand and the L key for the right. As you continue to do a good job at keeping the rhythm, you’ll notice a woman inching ever closer to her dancing partner. If at any time you screw it up, she’ll move back to her corner and you’ll have to start over.

I’ve noticed that with the Big Fish Games version of Egypt II, the blinking lights won’t always appear on the drum heads like they’re supposed to. You may have to back out of the puzzle a few times by hitting ESC until they start to appear.

Once the woman has joined her partner, you’ll see a cutscene and Tifet will be left alone to do as she pleases. You can find the governor standing near one of the columns along the left side of the room. Talk to him and Tifet will explain what is happening to the people of Heliopolis. He tells Tifet to meet him in his bedroom and they’ll discuss it further.

The governor’s room can be found by passing through one of the doors on either side of the throne and following the veranda down to where you see a guard standing in front of the governor’s room. Talk to him and he’ll let Tifet pass and once inside, look along the ledge to find Hetep’s missing report!

The governor will soon enter the room and you’ll learn that even though the report attempted to warn him about the poisoned wheat, he doesn’t care. He would rather party and have a good time. The governor will call for a man named Theban and force Tifet to drink something that causes her to fall asleep.

When Tifet comes to, she’ll find herself standing in an abandoned mine. When you look at the ground to the right, you’ll find the deceased body of Hetep along with a pick axe lying next to him. Pick up the axe and then follow the shaft in front of you until you reach a dead end.

When Tifet looks at the wall to the right, she’ll notice a block that can be pushed in and when she pushes it, she’ll hear something large move. Head back down the shaft to see that it forks. Follow the fork around until you reach another large open area.

You’ll spot a ladder lying on the ground at the other side of the room. Pick it up and attempt to use it to climb up out of the hole in the roof of the room. Before Tifet gets too far, however, the ladder breaks and it causes Tifet to fall off.

As you look around, you’ll see that a black cat has arrived and is currently scratching at the ground. Walk over to it and use the pick axe on the spot it’s scratching, only to cause a hole to form, sending Tifet down to the floor below.

Head into the light to find yourself back on the city map. Use this opportunity to return to the Neighborhood.

The Neighborhood:

As Tifet returns to Djehouty’s house, she is greeted by the Nubian with some bad news. It turns out that Djehouty has passed away before Tifet could make the cure for the disease. Go into his house and see a scene where Tifet runs upstairs to see the body of Djehouty lying where he once sat.

Talk to the Nubian to learn that there is someone downstairs waiting to speak with Tifet and that he managed to get some fan tree leaves, which are waiting in a bag for her downstairs.

You’ll also spot Ipouky standing near the door. Talk to him to learn that his friend Mi is waiting for Tifet downstairs because she’s sick. Walk downstairs and speak with her and upon further examination, you’ll realize that she’s also stricken with the disease. Pick up the fan tree leaves sitting on the ledge to the right of Mi and then walk over to the cooking pot because we’re finally going to make the cure.

In this order, drop in the willow leaves, the mandrake roots, garlic, olive oil, fan tree leaves, and lastly, the beer. You’ll have to distribute the remedy between three jugs to make enough for four doses to fit in one jug. The following solution from GameBoomers will explain exactly what needs to be done to be successful, and it’s better than anything I could ever come up with.

To be able to put 4 units into 2 different containers, you would have to use the 2 larger containers. I found a set of solution that might interest you.

A= 3 unit jar, B = 5 unit jar, C = 8 unit jar.

At the beginning you have this scenario:

1. A=0, B=0, C=8. Put C into B:

2. A=0, B=5, C=3. Put B into A:

3. A=3, B=2, C=3. Put A into C:

4. A=0, B=2, C=6. Put B into A:

5. A=2, B=0, C=6. Put C into B:

6. A=2, B=5, C=1. Put B into A:

7. A=3, B=4, C=1. Put A into C:

8. A=0, B=4, C=4.

Once you’ve gotten the remedy, give some to Mi and she’ll be cured. After the cutscene involving a brief flirtation between the Nubian and Tifet, speak with the Nubian and he’ll suggest going to the Great Seer and providing him with the remedy so that it can be distributed to the population. You can also speak with Ipouky and Mi on the way out as Tifet makes her way back to the temple.

The Temple of Re:

The Great Seer can be found outside the library once again with Menna, so go there now and speak with him. Hand over the remedy and he’ll see to it that it gets mass produced and distributed. He can’t do anything about the Governor and Theban until Tifet shows him some proof, so he leaves Tifet to do what she thinks is right, but she can’t break any laws while doing so.

Head back to the Neighborhood for now.

The Neighborhood:

Speak with the Nubian standing outside of Djehouty’s house before heading off to the Governor’s Villa.

The Governor’s Villa:

It’s night time at the villa, so we’ll have to be very quiet as we sneak around the villa as to avoid any undue alarm from the guards. When you look in the alcove to the left, you’ll see the idiot guard Paihry sleeping. Walk through the first door to the right to re-enter the garden and follow the wall down to the left to see some geese making some noise. We can’t have them setting off the guards, so go into the inventory and combine the sleeping potion with the wheat grains. Feed the tainted grains to them and they’ll doze off into slumber.

Walk through the door to re-enter the main area and go up the stairs leading to the villa. Go into the throne room and you’ll spot a guard making his evening rounds. Pass by the right doorway while heading left towards the other side. Wait a few seconds to ensure the guard won’t see Tifet before going out onto the balcony and quickly entering the governor’s bedroom.

Tifet will be nearly exposed after the cutscene, but now that all is well for now, open the cabinet sitting along the wall to the left of the bed and move the statue. Open the cabinet on the other side of the room to uncover Hetep’s report! A wise gamer will save their game here as there’s still a risk of being caught by the guard.

Walk over to the door and wait for the guard to head in the other direction before exiting the room and returning to the throne room. As Tifet makes her way out to the courtyard, you’ll see that Paihry has awakened and is now guarding Tifet’s way out.

Re-enter the garden where the geese were left sleeping and pick up some gravel from near the little gate. Throw the gravel at the geese to wake them up and Paihry will come over to see what is causing all the commotion. As soon as you’re able, exit out through the other garden door and walk to the alcove where Paihry was initially sleeping to find a key. Go back into the garden and follow the dirt path down along the right side of the pool and use the key on the door to the right to unlock it and give Tifet a way out of this place.

When you see the map again, go to the silo courtyard, which is located along the left side of the map.

The Silo Courtyard:

You’ll spot the Great Seer here having a conversation with two other men. Give Hetep’s report to the Seer and now that he has the proof Tifet needed to expose the governor, he’ll agree to start an investigation and banish the governor from the city.

Congratulations! You’ve finished the game!


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