Egg, Inc. Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Ever dream of owning your own egg farm? Probably not, but just in case you’d considered it, Egg, Inc. is here to help you live out your dreams. In the near future, eggs do more than just feed us, potentially unlocking the secrets of the universe. To get there, you’re going to need to lay a ton of eggs.

Gamezebo’s Egg, Inc. Tips, Cheats and Strategies are here to help you get started and learn a few neat things about how best to develop your egg farm. In no time, you’ll be at least a partial success in the field.

The Basics

Egg, Inc. Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Tapping is the best way early on to get those eggs flowing. You can choose to have a small space to tap, or a much wider area, all by hitting the blue button on the bottom of the screen. It’s down to you and your style, as to what works best for you.
  • Once you’ve accrued some money, dip into the various upgrade screens. Ideally, you don’t want there to be a bottleneck anywhere.
  • That means you want to upgrade the shacks for your hens, about equally with the vehicles you buy to transport the eggs. In each case, tap on the building and you can see how utilization is going. Does the bar on the max capacity for space look high? Now is the time to upgrade. It’s as simple as that. Go for a big upgrade wherever possible.

Egg, Inc. Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • See a drone flying around? Tap it to knock it out. When it hits the ground, you’ll gain some money. If you’re really lucky, you’ll gain a golden egg which is Egg, Inc.’s main form of premium currency.
  • Keep an eye out for alerts on the right hand side of the screen. These will inform you if you’re running out of space. They’ll also let you know if a random bundle of cash has been dropped at your door. This can make a huge difference to your income, so don’t miss out!
  • Tap the check list button to see what your current mission is, and work towards it. Sometimes, these are quite hard, but in every case, you should be able to achieve them by playing the game in a regular manner anyhow.
  • Sometimes, you’ll be given the choice of watching a video in exchange for gold eggs. The videos are dull adverts, but the egg reward is usually pretty substantial. Take advantage of it. Those gold eggs are important to your long term game plan.

Research is important

Egg, Inc. Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Hitting the research button takes you to a bunch of new ways of boosting your output. They’re laid out in a series of tiers.
  • The choices can seem overwhelming at first. You want to aim for increasing your overall money output, first and foremost. That means putting money into Comfortable Nest, and Nutritional Supplements. Combined, they increase your egg laying rate, while also increasing how much each egg is worth. Money means you can upgrade even faster.
  • Leave Better Incubators till last, as you only really want to use this to unlock later tiers.
  • It’s a similar concept when you unlock tier 2 and above. Tier 2, you want to focus on Padded Packaging, and Bigger Eggs, again with them both helping your money output drastically.
  • Consider upgrading Internal Hatcheries if you’re AFK a lot, as it’ll gradually increase your chicken total while you’re away. Don’t worry about boosting vehicle upgrades until you’re just interested in unlocking new tiers. It’s the least important form of upgrade.
  • The Epic tier of upgrades requires gold eggs, but they keep working, even after you’ve switched to a new egg type. Think long and hard about where to put the gold eggs. Again, focus on boosting your output!

Everything going great?

  • Doing well? Had the offer of upgrading to a new egg type? Get to it! Sure, you’ll be back at the beginning (sorta), but that’s the whole point of how the game is laid out. Onwards and upwards is everything.

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