Earn to Die 2 Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

By Nadia Oxford |

Earn to Die 2 is an action / driving game from Not Doppler. In this game, you try and escape a zombie apocalypse by driving over anything (and anyone) that gets in your way. Gamezebo’s Earn to Die 2 tips, cheats and strategies will help you reach the west coast with your brain intact.

Earn to Die 2 Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Make sure you don’t automatically purchase any fancy fuels – When you start a run on Earn to Die 2, the game automatically selects whichever premium fuel you can afford. If you’re trying to save money, take a second to change the selection to regular free fuel.
  • The further you go, the more money you receive – Cash is necessary to upgrade your car, and you need a lot of it. You’re rewarded according to how far you go, so make every mile count. You’re also rewarded to a lesser degree according to how many zombies you bash, so take no prisoners.
  • Let momentum carry you downhill – Fuel conservation is very important, so ease off the gas pedal from time to time. It’s best to let momentum carry you downhill.
  • Try for the higher paths whenever possible – Earn to Die 2’s levels are multi-tiered. Typically, the upper tiers have fewer obstacles to slow you down, so kiss the sky whenever possible.

Earn to Die 2 Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Invest in fuel capacity and engine upgrades first – Again, the further you go in a level, the more money you earn. It therefore makes sense to upgrade your engine and fuel capacity first; that way, earnings for other upgrades should trickle in without a problem.
  • After a jump, land on all four tires – When flying off into the great unknown, adjust your car’s position so that it (hopefully) lands on all four tires. This will distribute the vehicle’s weight and lessen impact damage. It also lets you hit the ground running.
  • Use “bullet time” to adjust your car’s position – Oftentimes, the action in Earn to Die 2 slows down to exclaim “Awesome!” when you do something particularly cool. This is a good time to observe the position of your car, and adjust it accordingly.

Earn to Die 2 Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Missed jumps can seriously damage your engine – Don’t make jumps to higher paths unless you’re confident you can do it. Falling short can cause damage to the front end of your vehicle, which makes short work of your engine.
  • Use the boost to make difficult jumps – Use your boost to blast off ledges and onto higher paths. The extra speed should help you avoid running headlong into a chunk of bridge.

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