EA Sports UFC Tips, Cheats and Strategies

EA Sports UFC is out now for Android and iOS devices, offering UFC fans a new chance at proving their fighting prowess. From fighters like Demetrious Johnson to Alexander Gustafsson, players can compete with the best in the world, as the game boasts an impressive roster of seventy fighters with their own moves to upgrade and perfect.

With these EA Sports UFC tips, cheats and strategies, players can be sure they are heading into the fight with their best foot forward.

Be Offensive

EA Sports UFC Tips, Cheats and Strategies

As I played through EA Sports UFC, I found it was more successful to be an offensive player than a defensive one. While you can dodge and block attacks, it requires a fair mixture of luck and timing to successfully block an opponents attack. It is just much easier to constantly barrage them with hits to keep them stumbling around, and most importantly, to chip away at their health bar, every second of the fight.

Be Spontaneous

EA Sports UFC Tips, Cheats and Strategies

A predictable offense is pretty useless, so be sure to change it up a bit when it comes time to pummel your opponent. Refrain from spamming one type of attack over and over, and instead spice it up a bit with some light, medium, and heavy hits.

With this tactic, you can dismantle an opponent in no time. The faster your opponent falls, the faster you can get onto the next fight, and the more coins you can collect. It’s a great pattern to fall into.

Be in Range

EA Sports UFC Tips, Cheats and Strategies

As you attack, you’ll fill up your special ability bar which allows you to complete some hard-hitting moves. These are not guaranteed hits, however. These special attacks can completely miss the opponent.

Because the majority of your damage dealt will come from these special abilities (and to be honest, the whole point of leveling up your fighter is to increase the power of these abilities) missing even just one special ability is a huge, wasted opportunity.

Always be sure that you’re in range of the opponent before you activate an ability, or you’ll be rewarded with the visual of your fighter awkwardly punching the air in front of him, hitting nothing. There is also a few moments of downtime after a failed special attack, which opponents will typically take advantage of by getting in a few free hits on you.

Be Aware

EA Sports UFC Tips, Cheats and Strategies

EA Sports UFC holds events and activities surrounding the events taking place in the real world. It is always worth checking into, as there are sweet prizes that players can get their hands on, if they perform well enough.

For example, at the time of this writing players can partake in the UFC 186 event. These are timed events, so it is encouraged to check back often to see what the latest promotions are.

Be Prepared

EA Sports UFC Tips, Cheats and Strategies

As you win fights you’ll earn silver tokens which can go towards buying boxes of upgrades for your fighters. I recommend that players buy these crates as often as possible, as this is the easiest way to keep your fighter in top shape.

When you buy a crate you are given five fighter tokens which can be used to upgrade a fighter’s moves. Each fighter token corresponds to a different offensive move, so you can match them up to upgrade a specific fighter’s specific abilities.

Don’t forget to do this, or you’ll quickly find that your fighter has fallen behind.

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