Dynasty Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

By Joel Brodie |

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If it looks like LUXOR and smells like Zuma, then it must be… a different style of game entirely? Check out our Tips & Tricks for Dynasty.

  • The game will pick up speed early on in the levels. It is much better to grab a ball and move the cursor along the path of the rail rather than searching and placing point-to-point.
  • Watch for two or more of the same color to build “chains”. There are bonus points both for building long chains and for building the long chains quickly.
  • Combos are harder to build, but also have bonuses. Keep an eye out for matching colors on both sides of the match you are placing.
  • Keep an eye out for coins, they will help end the level quicker, but don’t let them distract you from keeping the line from getting too long and losing a life.
  • Each different colored super dragon that hatches has a different behavior. Remember what each does, they can be very helpful on fast paced levels. Some eat balls of their color, some toss coins, etc.
  • Multicolored balls work on any color. They are especially helpful in removing the unmovable black balls.
  • When facing a level with large amounts of black balls and no multicolored ones, it is very important not to leave one or two colored balls between each of these. Learn how to set up four and five ball groups to help prevent this, and eliminate the black balls with combos.
  • At the end of each level there will be a burst of coins. They will start on the rail and work to the end. Follow the rail as they are tossed out, then catch the ones you miss “on the bounce” at the bottom of the screen.
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