Dunk Hit Tips, Cheats and Strategies

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There’s nothing super complicated about Voodoo’s Dunk Hit, a game that allows you to do what most of us could never do and dunk a basketball through hoops of various sizes. If you’re reading this and 6-foot-3 or taller with good hops, then obviously that last part doesn’t apply to you. Please carry on dunking IRL.

For the rest of you, Dunk Hit can be a fun idle time waster thanks to its simple one-touch gameplay and easy to understand goal: get the ball through the basket. Can’t be much more straightforward than that.

Still, even simple mobile games have their intricacies, which is why we’ve been dunking like crazy to compile these Dunk Hit Tips, Cheats and Strategies. Limber up and get ready to jam.

How to Dunk

Dunk Hit Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Remember when we said this game isn’t very complicated? We weren’t lying about that. The object of Dunk Hit is to get the basketball or other object through the hoop before the timer bar at the top of the screen runs out. If you succeed, another hoop will pop up, the timer will refresh and off you go again.

Like any other “flappy” type game, every time you tap on the screen, the ball gets a little more lift, and generally you’ll need to tap several times in succession to dunk. You can also thumb your nose at the laws of physics and tap again at any time, so if you find yourself just short of the rim, just tap again. Timing and good judgment of distance are the keys, as well as speed since that timer is running down.

Bonus Tip 1: If you see you’re coming in too hot and going to miss the basket, sometimes it pays to just tap the ball over the backboard. You’ll see it re-enter on the other side of the screen and have a clean run at the hoop.

Bonus Tip 2: Unlike real basketball, baskets in Dunk Hit count even if you tap the ball up from right beneath the hoop (a.k.a. the wrong way) and then let the ball drop back through it. Sometimes you can use this to your advantage from right below the rim.

Tips for Higher Scores

Since Dunk Hit is a score chaser at the end of the day, you don’t want to simply rack up one point per dunk. Or at least not if you can help it.

Instead, what you want to try to do is to get perfect scores by tapping so that you end up dunking the ball through the rim without using the backboard. It’ll take some effort to get the hang of it at first, but once you achieve a few “perfects,” you’ll get a feel for how to do it on hoops of varying heights.

Not only does a single perfect advance your score faster, stringing them together combo-style makes the bonus points come even faster, and eventually you’ll see the ball catch fire a la old school NBA Jam. Practice makes … well, perfect here.

How to Unlock More Skins

Dunk Hit Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Dunking a basketball is great, but sometimes you want to dunk balls of different colors. Or foodstuffs. Or random objects.

You’ll be happy to know that Dunk Hit allows you to do exactly that. If you tap the basketball icon on the menu screen, you’ll be magically transported to a screen that shows you all the different skins you can unlock for dunking — 24 at launch, with more surely on the way.

To switch to a skin you’ve already unlocked, simply tap on it and watch for the checkmark telling you it’s active. Tapping on a skin you haven’t unlocked yet tells you exactly what you need to do to acquire it. Unlock conditions include scoring a certain number of points in one game, achieving new success with perfects, playing the game for consecutive games and more. Chances are that no matter how long you play, you’re working toward unlocking one or more skins, which is nice.

Getting Rid of Ads

Dunk Hit Tips, Cheats and Strategies

One handy trick to extending a solid run in Dunk Hit is to watch an ad after your time expires. That serves as a one-shot continue to keep your current streak going.

Alas, you’ll find that ads pop up many more times in ways that don’t benefit you. If you find the game fun but this part of the experience unbearable, you can tap on the ‘No Ads’ icon on the menu screen, at which point you’ll be prompted to make an in-app purchase ($2.99 at the time of this article). It’s certainly not mandatory, but it’s something to keep in mind.

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