Dungeon Rampage Walkthrough

Dungeon Rampage is a multiplayer action game created by Rebel Entertainment. Hack, slash, and smash your way through dungeons on your quest to end the tyrannical rule of the corrupt king! Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

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Game Introduction – Dungeon Rampage

Dungeon Rampage is a multiplayer action game created by Rebel Entertainment. Hack, slash, and smash your way through dungeons on your quest to end the tyrannical rule of the corrupt king! Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

  • Dungeon Rampage can be accessed by clicking on the “Play Now” button at the top of this page to play!
  • When starting the game for the first time, you will need to approve certain permissions. Once this is done, you won’t have to do it again. Note: this is true of the game at the time of print; it may eventually migrate to other platforms where this is not the case.
  • It’s important to affiliate yourself with the various buttons and meters surrounding your screen.
  • Health – The Health meter (also known as HP – hit points) displays your current health. The more full the meter, the healthier your character is and the more damage they can take. If it’s low, you’ll need to heal quickly!
  • Magic – The purple meter beneath the Health meter, this displays the amount of magic or special ability-related points you have. You will need this to perform special attacks.
  • Coins – This is the game’s main currency, which can be found within dungeons. You can use these in the Shop to purchase new weapons, potions, character classes, etc.
  • Gems – A special secondary currency, which on rare occasions may be found in chests (otherwise to be purchased with real money), this can be used to purchase exclusive items and characters.
  • Experience – Displayed in the Level meter, this shows how much experience you have and how much to the next Level.
  • Options – This button allows access to the game options.
  • Weapons – This displays your current weapons, as well as which weapon is equipped to which button.
  • Chat – Use this feature to talk with teammates while you play.
  • Berserk – This meter displays how close you are to using the Dungeon Buster ability.
  • When you’re not in a dungeon, or when you’re finished with a level, you can visit the Town. This acts as a central hub for the game.
Dungeon Rampage
  • Tavern – From here, you can view various character classes, their stats, and their variations. You can also purchase and change classes from here.
  • Training – You can practice gameplay from here. With Gems, you can also customize your character’s stats.
  • Shop – From here, you can purchase weapons, characters, items, etc.
  • Free Loot – This feature/section isn’t always available. When it is, you can select it to receive a free item courtesy of one of the game’s sponsors
  • Storage – All of your items are kept here and are divided into three categories: Loot, Potions, and Pets. Loot includes weapons, and any chests you may find. Potions is where any potions or ability boosters are kept. Pets is where any purchased pets may be found.
  • Battle! – Click on this gate to access the dungeon level select map.
  • While in the Town, the number of Keys and Trophies you currently have will also be displayed. 

How to Play

  • You can move your character one of two ways, either with the arrow keys on your keyboard (up, down, left, right), or using your mouse. To move with the mouse, move the cursor to the direction you’d like to go, and click (or hold single click) to move.
  • To attack, press the Z, X, or C buttons. The weapons associated with these buttons are shown in the lower left corner of the screen.
  • In order to charge a weapon, simply hold down the key (Z, X, C) associated with it.
  • Sometimes weapons will require cooldown periods after use. In this case, a weapon dial will appear within the box (Z, X, C) shown in the corner of the screen. Once this is filled, the weapon can be used again.
  • Pickups are items that are dropped, or appear during your quests within dungeons, as seen below. The various types are as follows: Coins (currency), Money Bags (10 coins each), Gold Bars (highest amount of currency), Blue Stars (Experience), Orange Stars (increases Berserk), Meat (restores health), Hamburgers/Sandwich (restores full health), and Goblets/Mugs (restore Magic). In the case of Stars, the bigger they are, the more they will increase your Experience or Berserk.
Dungeon Rampage
  • Click on an enemy to attack them. The enemy should be highlighted, then you can be sure your cursor is in the proper location.
  • Enemies come in various shapes and sizes. The basic types are: short range, long range, and bosses. Oftentimes, these enemies are color-coded. Short range enemies will engage you in hand-to-hand combat, and never retreat. Long range enemies will attack you from a distance, and will often run away if you try to defeat them. Bosses are larger enemies, often found in special stages or at the end of a level, and require many more attacks to defeat.
Dungeon Rampage
  • All levels contain various types of breakable props, such as barrels or gravestones. Attack these and break them apart to find Coins and other pickups inside.
  • Many levels also contain various types of traps. These may come in the form of spiked floor pads, swinging spiked logs, or arrows. It’s important to avoid these as much as possible.
Dungeon Rampage
  • At some point during your adventuring, you will come across breakable walls. These are usually visible with a crack down the middle. Break these down to gain access to new areas and any special pickups or items that might be hidden behind them.
Dungeon Rampage
  • When you’re ready to play again after finishing a level, click on the gate that says “Battle!” in the middle of the Town.
  • There are various Leagues in the game, which contain different dungeon levels. From here, you can select the League you’d like to play in, as well as the level you’d like to play. Keep in mind you cannot progress to the next level until you’ve beaten the previous one, and you won’t be able to move to new areas until you beat the boss of a particular level (a trophy will be displayed over their level if you have). New leagues are only made available after completing previous ones.
Dungeon Rampage
  • When selecting a dungeon, before you start, you can change your character class, add any boosts you’d like to apply to your character during the level, and view rewards given upon completing the level. You can also select whether or not you’d like to play with friends exclusively, or are open to random players joining you.
  • By default, random players will be allowed to join you during a dungeon level. You may choose to communicate with them via the Chat menu at the bottom of the screen.
  • If you die during a dungeon, you may choose to revive if you have a revival item, you can purchase a revival item, you can wait for a teammate to heal you, or you may return back to Town and try the level over again from the Dungeon Select. If you do this, you will lose any experience and rewards you earned during this level.
  • If a teammate dies during a dungeon, move over to them and revive them using the spacebar. You will know when a teammate needs revival via the skull icon that appears by their name.
Dungeon Rampage
  • Once the Berserk meter is filled in the bottom right corner of the screen, press the B button to go into Dungeon Buster mode. Your character will be engulfed in flames, and your will have temporary invincibility and increased offensive power while it lasts.
Dungeon Rampage
  • Treasure Chests can be found in levels. There are two main types: end-level treasure chests, and bonus treasure chests. End-level treasure chests will give you immediate rewards you have a limited time to collect open opening at the end of a level. Bonus treasure chests can be discovered hidden throughout various levels, and have various rarities. Purchase keys for these chests to open them. Chests contain various bonuses, such as weapons. If you don’t have a Key to use, you may choose to Keep the chest and access it later via Storage.
  • While you’ll start the game as the Berserker character class, you can purchase more after you save up enough coins. The classes are as follows:
  • Berserker – Attack: **, Defense: ****, Speed: **. Berserkers can use Axe, Hammer, and Heavy Throwing weapons. Unlocked by default.
  • Ranger – Attack: **, Defense: *, Speed: ****. Rangers can use Bow, Sword, and Magic Scroll weapons. Costs 20,000 Coins to unlock.
  • Sorcerer – Attack: *****, Defense: *, Speed: **. Sorcerers can use Lightning Staves, Lightning Magic, and Magic Scrolls as weapons. Costs 40,000 Coins to unlock.
  • Battle Chef – Attack: **, Defense: ****, Speed: ***. Battle Chefs can use Meat Cleavers, Cooking Items, and Frying Pan weapons. Costs 100,000 Coins to unlock.
  • Vampire Hunter – Attack: ****, Defense: ***, Speed: **. Vampire Hunters can use Crossbow weapons, Sword weapons, and Hunter Traps. Costs 150,000 Coins to unlock.
  • Ghost Samurai – Attack: ****, Defense: **, Speed: ****. Ghost Samurai can use Katanas, Swords, and Light Throwing Weapons. Costs 240,000 Coins to unlock.
  • More character classes will become available at a later date.
  • In addition to character classes, you can also purchase new character skins. These are alternate colors or designs for the same class. An example (the Leaping Tiger, a character skin for the Vampire Hunter) is shown below.
Dungeon Rampage
  • Character skins can be acquired almost exclusively via Gem purchase.
  • Pets are a bonus that can be purchased from the shop, however Gems are required. Pets can accompany you in dungeons and help deal damage to enemies.
  • Potions may also be purchased from the shop. These can most often be equipped to your character to give them bonuses during a dungeon level.

Tips and Tricks

  • When playing through a dungeon, especially at the higher levels, and while fighting bosses, it’s highly recommended you don’t restrict your game to friends only, unless you have lots of friends. You will need the support!
  • If you’re playing with other players, and they’re not coming to your aid, you may choose to leave the dungeon or talk with them via the chat menu. Sometimes a simple “Help” or “This way” can be very helpful.
  • Be mindful of your teammates! If someone dies, it’s extremely important you revive them as soon as possible.
  • Don’t be a hero! Wandering off alone is an easy way to get ambushed and killed. Whenever possible, it’s always a good idea to stick together as a group.
  • Take your time with traps! Oftentimes a momentary pause could be the difference between safe passage and heavy damage.
  • If you see a statue of the King, break it apart! Oftentimes these statues contain large bonuses.


  • Keep in mind, when you select a new Class, any Levels you earned or dungeons you completed earlier with another Class will not carry over. Every time you select a new Class for the first time, you will need to start from scratch. However, this does not apply to skins, and any dungeons you completed earlier will said class will remain completed.
  • If you find yourself surrounded by enemies, or a large wave is approaching, try to keep your back to a wall, or have an ally cover you from behind. This will prevent you from being surrounded and taking unnecessary additional damage.
Dungeon Rampage
  • Whenever an ally activates their Berserk, immediately run over to them if you can! If you can touch their flaming bubble while they activate it, you will get a free Berserk without using your own. Use this to your advantage, especially during boss battles!
Dungeon Rampage


You have completed Gamezebo’s quick start guide for Dungeon Rampage. Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forums comments and much more here at Gamezebo!