Dungeon Legends Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Dungeon Legends is a new dungeon-crawling game from Digital Things. The game sends players through dungeons filled with beasts, traps, and more importantly: loot.

Gamezebo’s Dungeon Legends tips, cheats and strategies will get new players quickly acquainted with some of the game’s concepts, and allow them to jump right into the game with their best foot forward.

The Stats of Battle

Dungeon Legends tips cheats strategies

Beyond health and mana, your dwarf warrior has five other base stats that you can manage. The uses of these stats are not initially clear unless you dig through some menus. Luckily for you, I’ve put together this handy list for your easy reference.

Strength: increases damage done by auto-attacks.
Dexterity: increases damage done by special abilities.
Intellect: increases the strength of defensive abilities.
Physical Defense: reduces the damage taken from enemy auto-attacks.
Magical Defense: reduces the damage taken from enemy abilities.

Pillage and Plunder

Dungeon Legends tips cheats strategies

Scattered throughout the dungeons are plenty of enemies that players should do their best to dispatch. These enemies will typically just die and vanish, but occasionally they will also drop a bit of gold or some gear. Always keep an eye out for dropped goods, as you certainly don’t want to miss out on some free loot.

Also, there are environmental objects which can be interacted with that sometimes yield loot as well. Crates and barrels can be broken open. Weapon racks can be dismantled with a tap, as can bookcases. Just look for white indicators that signal interactive items and tap to loot.

Train Now, Sell Later

Dungeon Legends tips cheats strategies

To upgrade items in Dungeon Legends you must utilize the Blacksmith. However, the Blacksmith will not be ready to upgrade the uncommon and rare items from the start. You must train the Blacksmith to be able to handle the uncommon items you come across.

Training the Blacksmith is simple. You just need to hold onto the items you find (that you may have the urge to simply sell to collect the meager earnings from) throughout your adventures. Use these common grey items to level up the Blacksmith to prepare to handle the rarer items you’ll eventually start finding.

Objective Number One

Dungeon Legends tips cheats strategies

Each dungeon you progress through has specific requirements for successful completion. Always be aware of the level requirement. The last thing you want to do is take your time looting every corner in a level that you only have a minute or two to complete. In that case, you’ll want to zip through the traps and only attack enemies that are directly in your way.

Other times you may need to find a key (check book cases) that is used to unlock gates. Sometimes you’ll need to kill a certain amount of enemies. It all varies, level to level.

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