Dungeon Hunter 5 Tips, Cheats and Strategies

It’s time to go dungeon hunting again.

Actually, you don’t need to do much searching in Dungeon Hunter 5, nor do you do all of your adventuring in dungeons. As the leader of a guild of bounty hunters, you’re plunged into a tale of intrigue, power and betrayal that also just so happens to require you to do a lot of questing. During those quests, you’ll have the chance to acquire all kinds of cool weapons and armor which can be fused together to form increasingly more powerful gear, all of which has elemental affinities.

If that sounds a bit overwhelming, no worries. We’ve been spending our fair share of time delving into the intricacies of all of it so that we can present these Dungeon Hunter 5 Tips, Cheats and Strategies, which in turn can make your acclimation process easier. Sound fair?

  • Don’t spend too much time agonizing over you initial choice of weapon. While this decision does take the place of picking a class in DH 5, and has some impact on how you’ll fight — particularly if you opt for the dual crossbows to attack at range — a big part of the gameplay revolves around flexibility. Not only can you switch between two sets of weapons on the fly, you’ll gain another one before the end of the tutorial levels. It’s simply not worth your time to sweat this choice.

dungeon hunter 5 tips cheats strategies

  • Before you head into a mission, be sure to check to see what kinds of enemies you can expect to find. There are five elements in the game, each of which is stronger against one and weaker against another. The relationship circle goes like this: Fire -> Nature -> Dark -> Light -> Water -> Fire. If, for instance, you know you’ll be up against mostly Dark enemies, you’ll want some Nature armor and weapons equipped if you have good ones to use.
  • Using the same thinking, you’ll also want to see what kind of loot is likely to be found. If you just got a new set of Fire armor that you want to level up, you’ll want to replay missions where Fire items are dropped, as they will allow you to level up that armor that much faster.
  • Picking an ally is the last choice you’ll make before starting a mission, but it’s perhaps the most important. Choosing a random, suggested character will grant you a single Bounty Ticket at the end of a successfully completed level, while you’ll get four for taking along an in-game friend or guildmate. Since Bounty Chests containing extra loot cost 10 Bounty Tickets to open, you’ll gain access to them much faster if you make and utlize some buddies.

dungeon hunter 5 tips cheats strategies

  • Wondering what gold is for? You’ll need it to level up your gear through the Fusion process. Much like other games with a collectible card game element, you make your favorite weapons and armor more powerful by using Fusion to sacrfice other items to them. You simply select an item to level up and then up to four items you feel you can part with, pay the proper amount of gold and reap the benefits. As mentioned above, using gear of the same element grants s bonus to the process. If you can find four items of the exact same type as the item you are leveling up (so five total), you’ll also get a chance at Super Fusion, which grants special bonuses not available any other way — but only if it succeeds.
  • Max level items can still be improved thanks to a mechanic called Evolution, which you’ll find in the Inventory menu. Evolving gear makes it more powerful, allows it to be leveled up again and usually grants extra magical buffs, but you’ll need specific evolution items — found either in chests or as drops in daily missions — and a whole bunch of gold to bump your armor or weapons up to the next tier.

dungeon hunter 5 tips cheats strategies

  • Some of the best loot in the game is found in Gear Chests. Problem: you can only open Gear Chests with 50 Gems, which are the game’s premium currency. If you’re going to invest real money in Gems, the best time to do it is when they go on sale. Just as in real life, why pay full price when you can wait and pay less? The other way to earn Gems is from the daily login bonus, so it pays to play every day if you enjoy the game.
  • No, you can’t equip those monster cards you might find, as cool as that would be. Those are minions, and you’ll need those for the Stronghold PvP mode. Each minion card can be used at designated places around your Stronghold to help defend your base from PvP raids. The reverse is also true, though, as you’ll have to fight your way through opposing minions when embarking on a raid. Opening the “Modify Stronghold” option from the Stronghold menu will show you all the different locations you can place minions.
  • Stronghold raids can earn you gold and Soul Points, which are a special currency used exclusively in the multiplayer mode. Selling unwanted minions will also yield Soul Points. Note that your own gold and Soul Points are also at stake when other players raid your Stronghold, so if you don’t want to lose what you’ve got, you’ll want to consider investing in a Shield to make your base temporarily off-limits to PvP raids.

dungeon hunter 5 tips cheats strategies

  • You aren’t imagining things. The MMO-style area that represents your bounty hunter guild’s base doesn’t actually have a functional purpose. You can run around there and talk to the chest dealer in the middle, but since you can also access Chests through the top navigation, it’s mostly there just for appearances.

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