Dungeon Gems: Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Dungeon Gems is an action puzzle game from Gameloft. In this game, you match up gems in a puzzle-like fashion to create attacks to take down enemies and bosses while traversing through deadly dungeons. Gamezebo’s walkthrough will provide you with some tips, hints, and cheats that will help you make the right match.

Tips & Strategies

  • Choose your character class carefully – Make sure to look over the descriptions of each character class to make sure you pick the one that works best for you. Take note which enemy class the class you pick is best at fighting as well.
  • Use Friend Heroes – Before heading into battle, you are given the option to use a hero from a friend, providing you with additional attack power in battle in the form of another gem type you can use to match up.

Dungeon Gems Battle

  • Test your attack gems – If you are unsure of the attack power a certain gem will have on an enemy, you can simply just tap on that gem to use it and then you will be able to get an idea of how effective this particular gem is against that enemy. This will help you better understand which gems are effective against which enemies.
  • Summon New Heroes – You can summon new heroes whenever you would like, so long as you have enough gems or other currency. Summon new heroes in order to have more variety of them to use in battle. Having more variety of heroes gives you more of an advantage over different kinds of enemies.
  • Variety of Heroes – You can edit your hero team before battling. You’ll want to make sure you have a good variety in your heroes before attempting battle because you’ll often have no idea what kind of enemies you’ll be facing along the way.


  • Enhance & Evolve Your Heroes – As you acquire duplicate heroes, you can put them to use by enhancing your existing heroes by sacrificing the new ones. Enhancing a hero will increase its attack power by leveling it up, making it more powerful in battle. Evolving your heroes achieves essentially the same effect, however it requires coins for you to be able to do it.
  • Expand Your Hero List – You can expand your hero list, so that you may use more heroes in battle at once. Having more attacks can help you take out enemies in shorter fashion by combining attacks by having additional heroes.
  • Recruit Friends – Another option to expand your hero lineup is to recruit friends. This will allow you to complete more challenging quests, leveling you up quicker in the process.


  • Complete Limited Time Events – There are many limited time events in the game that you can complete for rare, powerful heroes. These events make good use of your friends, and will reward you with these heroes and other prizes that make the higher difficulty worth your while.
  • Use All Of Your Energy – When you go into battle, it takes energy each time you attempt it. Before leaving the game each time, make sure to expend as much energy as possible so that it will have time to recharge when you are not playing.

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