Duel of Fate Walkthrough

Duel of Fate is a card game developed by Gamevil that has players battling it out in a rock, paper, scissors fashion. Gamezebo’s Duel of Fate strategy guide and walkthrough will provide you with a quick start guide, tips and tricks, hints and cheats on how to win.

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Game Introduction – Duel of Fate

Duel of Fate is a card game developed by Gamevil that has players battling it out in a rock, paper, scissors fashion. Gamezebo’s Duel of Fate strategy guide and walkthrough will provide you with a quick start guide, tips and tricks, hints and cheats on how to win.

Quick Start Guide

  • Duel of Fate can be found by clicking the “Play Now” button at the top of this page.
  • Once you download the game and start up the application, you’ll be met with this initial screen:
Duel of Fate
  • You will have to create a sign-in account of Duel of Fate.
  • Once you have signed up, you will be met with this screen:
Duel of Fate
  • As you can see, there are single-player and multiplayer options. Initially, only single-player will be available to you until you complete a certain amount of single-player battles to learn the central tenets of the game.
  • Once you load up a battle you will see a number of “hint screens” such as the following:
Duel of Fate
  • Pay close attention to these tips along with the tips that are provided in this guide. They will help you in your single-player battles to learn tendencies of AI to help you best plan your attacks.

How to Play:

  • As mentioned up above, Duel of Fate is very much a rock, paper, scissors style card battle game.
  • Unlike turn-based games where one person gets to attack and the other defends, Duel of Fate allows each player (in the case of single-player, you and the AI) to pick two cards from their hand. From there, both players see each other’s selection and then have to pick a card to go into battle.
Duel of Fate
  • This is a sample card select screen. There are three elements that you can choose from:




  • Here is the breakdown on how the elements best each other:

Water always beats fire

Fire always beats earth

Earth always beats water

Duel of Fate
  • Here is a handy “tip” screenshot of the elements system.
  • Going back to screenshot before the element chart, say that each of these cards were going to fight each other, and let’s see an example of who would win in sample battles of these cards:

Little Snowman would beat Dew of Dawn, and the Hellfire Guard, but would lose to Wolfs Claws and the Green Tribe.

  • There are two different levels of determining who wins a card battle. Think of the elements much like a game of Euchre. Each element can potentially be “trump”, depending on who it is battling. From there, it is all about the attack power. If the same element is battling each other, the one with the higher attack power gets to attack.
  • Let’s go through a couple of examples to get you primed in the game theory that is behind Duel of Fate
  • In this scenario, you are the player with the water and the fire card. Because the AI has chosen two fire cards, you will want to choose the water card because you will be able to attack. If you choose the fire card, it will either be a draw or the AI will choose the “Hell Scout” with an attack power of 32, which is higher than your Hellian Guard’s 25.
Duel of Fate
  • In this scenario, here is where the game can get a bit tricky and goes into a bit more of game theory–trying to predict what your opponent will do so you can best decide what you will do.
  • Do you pick the Hellian Guard? If the opponent chooses the Dew of Dawn, you will lose and take 20 damage. However, if the opponent chooses Grass Spirit, you inflict 25 damage. If you pick the Wolfs Claws, the opposite is true–Grass Spirit will defeat you and Dew of Dawn will not.
  • In these types of scenarios, you will need to consider the special attributes of the cards.
  • Wolfs Claws will inflict 15 additional damage for two turns if it is victorious, while the Hellian Guard will inflict 13 damage on the opponent if it needs to defend.
  • In these types of scenarios, it’s all about your play style–the Wolfs Claws play is a high-risk, high-return decision, while the Hellian Guard is conservative and safe. Even if the AI plays the Dew of Dawn and you get attacked, you’re still only down a net of 7 health points, rather than being down 20. For this reason, I would recommend going conservative.
  • Now that you have a pretty good sense of how the battle system works, here are a few other tips to help you along the way: always select different elements. You do not want to be stuck using only one element because it eliminates your options and makes your opponent’s decision an easy one.
  • There are also item or magic cards that you have to contend with. Here are some examples of cards:
Duel of Fate
  • Fortunes Reversed: As you can see, you might want to play this card if you have a pretty good sense that a player will have the drop on you during the card select process.
Duel of Fate
  • Health Potion: Always a good idea to get health back, but this card is doubly useful if you are under the bleeding effect.
  • There are number of other item and magic cards at your disposal (adds attack strength or defense strength, for example).
Duel of Fate
  • Once you have got through the initial starter battles you will be tasked with creating your own deck. You have a card inventory based on the cards that you receive from those starter battles, as well as any cards that you receive from pack purchases (more on that later)
  • Much like your in-game strategy, it is all about flexibility in this game. The selection process in the beginning should be pretty easy due to lack of choices, but you want a good mix of the elements so you aren’t caught in situations where you cannot properly defend yourself from a variety of attacks.

Purchasing Packs:

  • During single-player and online battles, you will gain coins and runes which can then be used for purchasing packs of cards to go into your inventory (which can then be used to build decks)
Duel of Fate
  • In the shop there are bronze, silver, gold and platinum packs that you can purchase with gold or a mixture of gold and runes. Obviously, as you slide up the scale of bronze to silver, etc., the better the cards get (and the more expensive they are).
Duel of Fate
  • If you’re looking to buy your way to the top with real money, there is the pricing schedule for runes. From there, you can use runes to buy gold to get the right combination to purchase gold or platinum packs to put you at a great advantage.


You have completed the quick start guide to Duel of Fate by Gamevil! Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments and much more here at Gamezebo!