Dude Perfect 2 Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

If you’re one of those gamers who refuses to buy in-app purchases, Dude Perfect 2 is going to be challenging for you to get through. But, with these Dude Perfect 2 tips, cheats and strategies, you should be able to go far without the help of costly power-ups.

Weigh Your Options

Dude Perfect 2 Tips Cheats and Strategies


You have basketballs and bowling balls; the basketballs will bounce a whole lot more than the bowling balls will, but the bowling balls are capable of breaking ice walls. Bowling balls are also more reliable for straight shots, as if they hit the backboard, there is a very high likelihood that they will fall right into the net.

Each level is a different puzzle that needs to be solved. The balls are the puzzle pieces, and depending on how you use them will result in you passing, or failing, the level.

Consider which ball is best for which situation, and use them accordingly.

Money is Power

Dude Perfect 2

You’re awarded money and coins for completing the levels to varying degrees of success in Dude Perfect 2. The in-game currency is used to buy cosmetic upgrades and power-ups.

Use your hard-earned currency on power-ups, as the cosmetic outfits don’t really do anything but make your avatar look different and you already get five avatars for free from the start anyway. Just use your currency on power-ups and get through the tougher levels a bit easier.

Boom, Net-shot

Dude Perfect 2 Tips Cheats and Strategies

The key to getting a perfect score in most levels is to only use as many balls as there are hoops.

Dude Perfect 2 doesn’t really lay out the requirements level-to-level for what it takes to earn the stars, but I’ve found that by using one ball per net is the best way to attain the three stars (at least in the earlier levels).

It’s going to be tough, but it can be done. Remember, you should be taking advantage of basketball bounce-backs; use a basketball to trigger a switch, for example, and aim it right so that the ball bounces back and falls into another net. It’s tough, but possible.

The Floor is Lava Ice!

Dude Perfect 2 review

Some levels in Dude Perfect 2 feature floors of ice. This is a problem considering the bowling balls will shatter that ice.

Always scope out the level for ice patches before you start shooting the balls. One level in particular (pictured above) required me to make two shots at once, because when the bowling ball fell through the hoop it would shatter the ice that both hoops were standing on. Again, tough, but possible.

Trial and Error

Dude Perfect 2 Tips Cheats and Strategies

These types of physics-based puzzle games require lots of patience, as you have to try a variety of methods with varying adjustments with each attempt. It can get frustrating, especially when games (like Dude Perfect 2) time you out after X amount of attempts, making you wait to try again or pay a toll to proceed.

It is what it is; you either can pay the fee, or wait it out. That’s all you can do before you can get back to the game and keep trying.

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