Drive and Park Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Drive and Park from SayGames is a one tap game with a simple premise: parallel park. To complete a level and make progress, a cash amount must be reached before your 10 allocated cars are used up, or you alert the police.

Skid away.

Unlike in real life, parallel parking is a one tap process which allows you to skid into a free parking bay. In the first level a guide arrow shows you when to slam on the breaks and start the skid, and when to release your hold in the parking bay. This makes it easy to grasp the 180-degree swing, and quickly teaches the parameters for a passing park.

What not to do.

If you start skidding too early you may smash into a parked car, or other random objects that begin to dot the bays as the levels go on. This will instantly bring the police and end your turn. Parking too far over the lines or leaving too much of your vehicle hanging into the road also means the end. The best way to avoid these mistakes and make the money needed to move on to the next level is finding the rhythm of the skid.

Parking made easy

Its important to note that different cars have different speeds, so as a rule the faster it goes, the earlier you need to apply the break. For example, the starter car only requires you hold from halfway through the previous bay, and release just as it’s done it’s full 180. For a faster car, like the Bean, start breaking from almost two bays away, and let the skid go slightly earlier than usual as the speed will carry through. It’s better to over-skid than under, as being on the curb isn’t a fail, but being too far into the road is. If you tap a little early or late let go as quickly as possible, this will result in a swerve but will give you another chance instead of having to retry from the beginning of the level.

Get cashed up.

In the early game it’s not a challenge to earn enough money from the 10 cars each level, as each car is worth $20 when parked, and more for a perfect score. As the game goes on, you will earn better cars at the completion of each level. These are stored in your garage and can be changed around so you can build your team of four cars. Choosing those with the highest values is the best tip for the game and will see you through levels the fastest.

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