Drift Spirits Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Drift Spirits is an exciting new addition to the world of drift racing from Bandai Namco, and it’s made quite a splash on mobile devices everywhere. Step into the shoes of a plucky young racer who’s looking to become the …

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Drift Spirits is an exciting new addition to the world of drift racing from Bandai Namco, and it’s made quite a splash on mobile devices everywhere. Step into the shoes of a plucky young racer who’s looking to become the best he can be as he rises through the ranks. But it’s a long way to the top if you wanna be the best.

That’s why we’ve got helpful Drift Spirits tips, cheats and strategies to make sure you’re leaving your opponents in the dust every single time. Whether you’re a newbie who doesn’t know the difference between stat or skill-based gameplay or a seasoned veteran, this guide will keep you on the path to becoming a drift master in no time.

Starting out

Drift Spirits Tips Cheats Strategies
  • When the game begins, you’ll be asked to pick one out of three 3 star cars to be your first ride. Don’t put too much thought into this because you’ll be receiving 4 star cars after only around an hour in the game at which point you’ll discard your starter.
  • Your opponents during the tutorial aren’t going to be giving you much of a challenge. Use this time to experiment with timing your drifts. To get the ideal drift you’ll want to hit the steering wheel right as your front tires hit the yellow mark that signifies the beginning of the drift zone.
  • By revving the engine at the correct RPMs as indicated by the green light by your tachometer, you’ll get a boost off the starting line. Try and get this down pat early as it can mean the difference between losing and winning.

Channeling the Drift Spirits

  • As the game goes on, you’ll get better and your opponents will too.
  • Soon after the game starts, you’ll receive a nitrous oxide upgrade. Although the tutorial will suggest you use it right after your initial boost off the starting line. I recommend holding back and waiting to see how quick your opponent is first. Nitrous tanks are plentiful but you can run out, so it’s best to use them to make up for a bad drift, or to beat out an opponent in the last push to the finish line.

Managing your parts and cars

Drift Spirits Tips Cheats Strategies
  • In Drift Spirits you’ll be receiving a steady stream of parts and cars. Don’t worry about looking at every single one right away. If your current set-up is beating the current competition you might find yourself wasting money on items that will be obsolete before you really need to upgrade.
  • Cars and parts are rated by stars, with 1 being the worst and 5 being the best. Anything less than three stars isn’t worth keeping around.

Obtaining parts and cars

There are several ways to go about obtaining more parts and cars:

  • Each day when you log in, you’ll be able to get 10 free parts through the CP order. These will usually be lower end parts, but you can use them to improve your higher-end parts by combining them.
  • Tickets can also be expended to receive higher end parts. The red tickets automatically give you at least a four-star vehicle, with a 1% chance to receive a coveted five-star car. The gold tickets give a random chance at getting a high-end vehicle or part. These are where you’ll get the majority of your best equipment. Although they can be rare at times, you’ll get a fair amount of tickets by simply logging in and winning races.
  • Winning races themselves will net you parts and more seldomly cars. There are daily events that allow you to run races in four different difficulties to win a certain class of part. Upon winning each race you’ll win a part, and on the last race you’ll usually receive a four or sometimes five-star part. To make this awesome part even better, take all of the parts you won for the racing series and combine them together to get a massive level up.
  • You can also spend premium purchasable currency called “gold” on vehicle and part orders. You’ll get some good items, but it’s not at all necessary unless you’re just itching to move forward a little faster.

Leveling Parts and Cars

Drift Spirits Tips Cheats Strategies
  • You’ll get a fair amount of high-end items on your racing adventure, but the real way to get the very best equipment is to combine your lesser items with a better item to level it up for a stat boost.
  • This can be done with both parts and cars. However, don’t make the mistake of combining every single time you get a new part. It costs coins for this process and although it’s not a huge amount for each transaction, they add up quick. Instead wait until you have a part that you know you’ll use for a while, then combine them all at once. This way if you’ve got a awesome part you won’t be low on coin and not be able to level it up.

Final Thoughts

  • After the initial tutorial races start to cost gasoline. However, each time you gain a driver level your tank gets refilled. So if you’re running low, don’t panic, the better you do and the more you race, the more free gasoline you’ll get!
  • Be on the lookout for special race events. Besides the parts challenges mentioned earlier, you’ll be able to enter ones that net you coin, tickets, and even cars!
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