Dreamtopia Walkthrough

Welcome to the quick start guide for Dreamtopia, a unique game from ngmoco. In Dreamtopia you have the ability to make dreams come true for the people in your land. Build your land and learn the dreams of those who live there. Encourage their dreams and grant their wishes to help them succeed.

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Game Introduction – Dreamtopia

Welcome to the quick start guide for Dreamtopia, a unique game from ngmoco. In Dreamtopia you have the ability to make dreams come true for the people in your land. Build your land and learn the dreams of those who live there. Encourage their dreams and grant their wishes to help them succeed.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started


Navigating the Screen

  • At the bottom of the screen you will find your current level, experience, other lands you have liked, your coin balance, and your stardust balance.

  • On the right side of the screen you will find the buttons for dreams and trophies, news, the world map, editing your land, and the store.


  • Coins: Coins are the currency of Dreamtopia. Coins are used to purchase buildings and decorations for your land. You can earn coins by helping people achieve their dreams. Coins can also be earned from various buildings that you can build in your land.

  • Stardust: Stardust is the premium currency in Dreamtopia. Stardust can be used to complete dreams, speed up dream clouds, and complete buildings. Stardust can be earned by leveling up and also purchased using MobaCoins.


  • Experience: Experience is earned by spreading emotions via dream clouds, utilizing your buildings, helping people achieve their dreams, and granting wises. Once you have earned enough experience you will level up and unlock new items and dreams.


  • Dreams: The people of Dreamtopia have many dreams. You can turn their dreams into reality. Dreams are the equivalent of quests and by completing them you can guide people to happiness.

  • Wishes: In addition to having dreams, people in Dreamtopia will occasionally have wishes as well. You will be able to choose which wish of theirs to fill. If you wait too long to complete the wish though, they will begin to lose hope in the wish and become unhappy.

  • World Map: By going to the world map you will be able to visit other players lands. While visiting other players you can place orders at their buildings and like their lands.

  • Store: The store is where you can purchase items for your land.


  • Featured: Under this tab you will find new and featured items.


  • Buildings: Under the buildings tab you will be able to purchase buildings which can earn you coins and experience. This is also where you can purchase dream clouds that allow you to spread emotions through your land.


  • Decorations: Decorations allow you to further customize your lands, giving them a unique feel.


  • Expansions: As you grow your land and level up you will eventually need to purchase additional land to build on. You can purchase additional land under the expansions tab.


  • Stardust: Under the stardust tab you can purchase additional stardust if you have MobaCoins available.

  • Inventory: Here you will find and buildings and/or decorations that you have stored away.

Building Your Land

  • To begin building your land, tap on the shop button to open the shop window.

  • Go to the buildings tab and select the building you wish to build (ignore the dream cloud for now, they will be covered in the next section of the guide).

  • Buildings will earn you coins and experience over time, unfortunately you will not know how much until you build them.

  • Once you have selected the building you wish to build tap on it to select it. You will be taken back to the main screen.


  • Tap and drag your building to the location you want. If you wish to rotate your building, tap the rotate button.

  • Once your building is where you want it, tap the check mark to finalize your purchase.

  • If you wish to cancel the purchase you can tap the X.

  • Once you’ve place the building you will need to wait a period of time for it to be completed. If you have any stardust available you can speed the process up.

  • Once the building is completed it will earn you coins and/or experience over time. When it’s time to collect from a building an icon will appear over it. The icon varies by building (microscope for the lab, bus for the school bus, etc.).

  • Tap on the building to collect your rewards.

  • To see how long it will take for your rewards to be ready, tap on the building to bring up a small information window. Here you will be able to see the length of time remaining.

Fulfilling Dreams & Granting Wishes

  • Now that you’ve begun building your land it’s time to start fulfilling the dreams and granting the wishes of the people living in your land.

  • The first thing you will want to do is tap on the dream button located on the right side of your screen. This will open the dream window and allow you to see all the current dreams available.

  • Many dreams involve spreading emotions around your land. To begin spreading emotions you will first need to build some dream clouds.


  • Go to your shop and select the buildings tab. Select the dream cloud and place several of them on your map.


  • Once the dream clouds are built, tap on them to bring up the emotions menu.

  • The emotions menu will give you a list of different emotions that you can cultivate and spread around your land. Each emotion will earn you different amounts of coins and experience and they will take a certain amount of time to mature.

  • Select the emotion that meets the needs of the dream you are trying to fulfill.

  • You will need to wait for the emotions to mature. You can tap on the cloud and choose to use stardust to speed up the process if you have stardust available.


  • Once an emotion is ready, tap on the cloud to spread it through your lands. Doing so will earn you coins and experience and advance the dream you are attempting to fulfill.

  • Be careful, if you wait too long, the emotions will die on the cloud and you will need to start over.

  • Dreams can also include requests to build new buildings and decorations, making new friends, or visiting other lands and ordering items from them.

  • Once you’ve completed a dream you will earn bonus coins and experience. Completing dreams is an excellent way to level up quickly.

  • In addition to dreams, the people in your land will sometimes have wishes they would like fulfilled.


  • If someone has a wish they will have a blue star above their head.


  • Tap on them to bring up their wishes.

  • You can only grant one wish for them so select the wish you want to grant.

  • It will take some time for the wish to be completed.

  • Once a wish is completed the star will reappear above the persons head. Tap on it to complete the wish.

  • If you wait too long, their wish will fail and you will have to wait for the person to have a new wish.

  • Granting wishes will earn you additional coins and experience.

Visiting Other Lands

  • To visit other lands tap on the world map button (image of two people) to bring up the map.

  • If you have any friends who are also playing Dreamtopia their land will appear here.

  • You can also tap the New Friends button at the bottom of the screen to find new lands to visit.

  • Select a different land to visit and tap on it to be taken there.


  • Once you are visiting the new land you will notice that many of the buildings have a help icon above them.


  • Tap on one of these buildings to place an order. Look around first though, some buildings provide better bonuses than others.

  • Once you’ve placed and order you can return home. You will need to wait for the lands owner to return to the game and fulfill the order.

  • Other players will also place orders at your buildings and you can fill or deny them.

  • You can also like other players lands and invite them to be friends.

Congratulations! You have completed the quick start guide for Dreamtopia by ngmoco. Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments, and much more here at Gamezebo.