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Game Introduction – Dream Heights

Dream Heights is a tower building simulation game from Zynga for mobile devices. Building a tower for people to live in, along with places for them to work, shop and eat. Making sure you have the best tower in town could be difficult, but with Gamezebo’s quick start guide you’ll have all the tips, tricks and walkthroughs you need to get ahead of the competition.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

Dream Heights

  • Getting going with Dream Heights is easy! Just click on the “Play Now” button above to download the game right now. After it’s done downloading and installing, tap on its icon (labeled “Dream Heights“) on your device’s home screen. This will launch the game, so get ready!

Dream Heights

  • Upon loading up the game, you will need to fill in your name, along with your gender. You can then push on the Randomize button to customize the look of your character. When you are done customizing your character, go ahead and tap on the OK button to finish and start the game.

Building and Moving In

Dream Heights

  • Building your tower is easy, but you will need a few tips to learn how to go about it.

Dream Heights

  • The first thing you will need to do is move in a resident. In Dream Heights, this is done by tapping on the elevator that is off the to the left side of the building.

  • Once you’ve tapped on the elevator, tap and hold on the up elevator button to move the elevator. When it has reached the desired floor, let go of the button to stop it on that floor.

  • If the floor that you have dropped the guest onto is a residential floor, they will generally move in to that floor. Any other floor will net you a coin bonus for dropping them off.

  • Whenever you see a guest who wants to move up the elevator, you should move them to the floor they wish to go to. The bonuses are worth the little bit of time it takes.

  • The next move you should take is to add a new floor to your tower. Tap on the New Floor button on the roof of the building to start that process.

Dream Heights

  • When you add a New Floor, a blank canvas will be placed. Now you can then swipe on the Craft button to decide which type of floor you’d like to be placed there.

  • The different types of floors you can build are residential, food service, retail, services, fun, and craft.

Dream Heights

  • If you have placed down a business, you can then hire some of your residents to work in the new location. Tap on the business, then on the Hire button.

  • A menu will pop-up with a list of residents that you can hire for that business. Tap on the resident you wish to hire for that business and they will be hired immediately.

Dream Heights

  • Now that you have an employee working in the new business, you can stock goods for guests to buy. Tap on the stock tab on the business, then on the Restock button to begin restocking it. You will need to wait a little bit of time for the items to be restocked, however.

  • When building a new business, residence, or when restocking items, you will usually have to wait a while for these things to finish. If you prefer not to wait, you can use cash to finish these tasks immediately.

  • Note: Cash is considered premium currency, and can only be acquired by purchasing it with real money. Be extra careful before using cash.

  • When an item has been restocked at a business, simply tap on a business to finish the stocking process. The business will then open and can begin selling the product. This will only continue until you run out of stock, however and then you will have to redo the process.

  • If you want to expand your business, you can hire additional residents to work there. Once there are more than one employees, you can then stock more than one item in the store (they will likely be worth more as well). You can do this until you have a maximum of three employees.

Good Hiring Practices

Dream Heights

  • Each one of your employees has a “dream job”, which means they all have one specific place they would like to work. When they are placed in these dream jobs, the businesses will have more stock.

  • To see a citizen’s dream job, tap on the apartment they live in, then on the citizen you wish to see details on. Listed are their different skills, home, and current employer. The specialty column shows which place is their dream job.

  • In the screenshot above, you can see that Agrippa Beck has a lot of skill in retail and food service, and her dream job is to work in a Yogurt Parlor.

  • Not all of your citizens will be able to work in their dream jobs immediately. In these cases, take a look at their skills in order to determine their employer in the meantime. The higher the number, the more skill they have.

Playing With Friends

Dream Heights

  • Upon reaching floor 5, you should notice that building one more floor will cost you 0 coins. This means that you can build the skybridge.

Dream Heights

  • Tap to build the skybridge. When it is finished, you can tap on it to send your character out to visit your friends’ towers (provided you have exchanged Tower Codes, or connected to Facebook). When you visit their towers, your character will ‘shop’ at them and receive collectables.

  • Once you’ve returned home, you can view your collectables by tapping on the settings button at the bottom of the screen. You can then turn in collectables (when you have collected all of a certain type of item) for extra coins.

Dream Heights

  • When friends come and shop at your tower, you can help them out by moving the elevator to the different floors they wish to go to.


  • You have completed the quick start guide for Dream Heights. Now that you know how to build a tower of your own, it will be the talk of the town for sure! For more guides like this, plus reviews, previews, news and more keep checking back with Gamezebo.

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