Dream Day Wedding Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

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The more bluebirds you collect, the better anniversary Jenny and Robert will have:

5 – Wood

10 – Crystal

25 – Silver

50 – Gold

80 – Special Surprise


Here are some common locations to find bluebirds. The words in parenthesis show the approximate area of the screen you should be looking in. Keep in mind, bluebirds won’t always be in the same place if you revisit the same area as part of a different challenge. There are usually 2-3 bluebirds per shop.

Bentley’s Bridal

  • blended in with the blue box (lower left)

  • beside the French horn (upper right)
  • on the shoulder of the blue hanging dress (left)
  • above the rack of dresses on the right (middle)Blooms By Heather
    • in the large bouquet on the counter in the center of the room, just below the microphone
  • in the display case on the right, in the bouquet of flowers near the pink envelope
  • In the white garbage can to the right of the white pillar that the bouquet with Jenny Stewart tag is sitting onCK Photography
    • above the “K” in the window (upper right)
  • in the pink bouquet (right)
  • in the grey light deflector to the right of the pair of maracas (middle)
  • below the pink butterfly to the left of the bouquet (middle)
  • under the goldfish bowl (lower right)
  • on the tall light (upper left)Cuisine by Cara
    • inside the pepper shaker on the counter
  • in the puppy dog’s party hat in the lower right corner
  • on the blue goggles handing from the cupboard in the lower left
  • faintly outlined in the blue tiles of the wall above the sunflower in the sink
  • middle: under the white business card stuck to the shelf
  • to the left of the film reel in the middleEmerald Travel
    • under the “9” in the upper left
  • next to the red fireworks in the middle
  • on the “Hotel Oberon” business card above the laptop keyboard
  • on the blue binder below the calculatorEsposito’s Bakery
    • on the edge of the highest white shelf, upper left corner
  • in the upper part of the middle window, just below the multicolored kite
  • on the pink table, lower middle, on the $100 bill
  • behind the pink flamingo under the wedding cakeGrant’s Dance Studio
    • perched on the second chair from the right in the row of turquoise chairs
  • middle shelf, left side of the trophy case
  • perched on the arrow on the corner of the brown divider in the lower right corner (this bird is very small)Kasey’s Stationery
    • in the lower left corner of the green postcard underneath the telephone (upper right)
  • under the sun (upper left)
  • in the blue piece of stationeryNixon’s Fine Jewellry
    • perched on the giant bouquet (upper right)
  • next to the large necklace mannequin (lower left)Priscilla’s Salon
    • on the grey chandelier right next to Cupid
  • in the first blue bottle in the top row of white and blue bottles on the thin white shelf
  • on the cluster of three pink roses to the right of the Items Needed menu
  • perched on the white jug of largely green flowers on the counter (to the left of the red chair) next to the yellow budgie bird
  • in the glass of iced tea to the right of the cactus (left)Taylor’s Tuxedo
    • to the left of the top hat in the shelf (upper right)
  • in the small mirror to the right of the rubber ducky and bagpipes (middle)
  • on the shoulder of the bagpipe-playing mannequin
  • on the shoulder of the left mannequin
  • tucked behind the brown toolbox in the desk on the right, under the yellow schoolbusWhitaker’s Chocolates
    • in the fan on the middle shelf (right)
  • inside the lower right display case
  • in the left display case near the pink flowers
  • blended in with the dark blue sky (upper left)
  • on top of the building with the satellite and lizard
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