Draw It Guide: Tips, Cheats and Strategies

By Glen Fox |

Draw It is a challenging new competitive multiplayer game in which you have to draw as many items as possible within a time limit, gaining points every time the AI correctly guesses the item you are drawing.

You get the option of one of two different items you can draw each round, and it’s up to you to frantically scribble something together. If the computer correctly guesses whatever that weird mashup of lines is supposed to be, you get a point.

Meanwhile, three other players are frantically doing the same thing. The player who gets the most points within the time limit wins the game, at which point you can throw your phone in disgust, celebrate, or never play the game again.

In this guide, we’re going to provide a bunch of tips and tricks to help you succeed. Then you can show off your drawing “skills” to all of your friends.

Draw It Tips and Tricks:

  • If the AI just doesn’t get it, draw the other object: If the AI just isn’t getting what your exquisite drawing is, just try the other object. Sometimes no matter what you try the computer just isn’t smart enough to get it. Don’t take it personally – just move on.
  • Think simple: Don’t try and draw a beautiful and elaborate drawing of a rabbit – just get the obvious things out of the way. Draw big ears, whiskers, and maybe a fluffy tail if you feel like it. The computer will start guessing right away, and the ears alone might just do it.
  • Draw the easiest object of the two: If you get a choice between a spoon or the Eiffel Tower, pick the spoon. Anyone can draw a spoon quickly, while the Eiffel Tower will take some doing.
  • Speed is more important than precision: Don’t even bother trying to create works of art – you’re not going to win that way. Just draw something that vaguely resembles what you’re trying to draw as
  • Double your earnings by watching an ad: Watch a quick ad after every single game to double your coin earnings. That way you can buy new words to help make the game a little easier (or harder).
  • Ignore the competition: Don’t even bother looking at what the other players are doing – it’s not going to help you. The chances are, you’ll just end up distracting yourself and losing precious time. Just focus on drawing whatever silly object the game wants from you and move on with your life.
  • Seven seems to be the sweet spot: In the many games we played before we became utter masters, we found that seven was often the sweet spot in terms of points. Aim to get seven objects correctly guessed each game and you’ll earn a ton of coins and win most of the time. Eight should guarantee a win, but it’s really difficult to top seven.
  • Unlock new words: Buy new words as often as you can. Not only will this keep the game feeling fresh, but you’ll also lessen the chances of getting the difficult worlds that crop up from time to time.
  • Use a skip if you’re truly stuck: If the AI is just not playing nice and you’ve tried both words, just skip. There’s no shame in it, and you have three skips, so just move on. Speed is more important anyway, and you might catch up to the opposition with a few easier words.

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