Dragons: Rise of Berk – Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Love living in Berk, but wish you could be a better citizen? Don’t worry – Gamezebo’s dragon trainers are here to help. We’ve compiled the best advice we could to teach you how to train your dragon. Have some tips of your own for Dragons: Rise of Berk? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

Starting Off


There are two main watchwords to keep in mind when playing Rise of Berk; Fish and Wood.  If you focus on fish and wood you will never go wrong.  Obviously the two main resources that drive the game forward are Fish and Wood, which your dragons (the third resource?) are able to gather to a greater and greater degree as they level up.  Fish is used for two things; Feeding and thus levelling up your dragons, and upgrading how much wood you can hold and gather at any given time.  Wood does the same thing but in reverse and with one addition.  It allows you to train your dragons and make them able to level up, and it upgrades how much fish you can keep in storage and gather.  Wood also lets you expand to other islands and build more houses for the Vikings of Berk.

Staying on Top


The best thing you can do to maximize your time and efficiency with Rise of Berk is to stay on top of it.  Toothless is your starting dragon and his sole job is to search for new dragon eggs to hatch and add to your Hanger.  You get three shots at finding something valuable whenever you send Toothless out.  One shot (a saddlebag) is for free and the other two chances eat up the games hard currency – Runes.  Even if you aren’t spending Runes to raise your chances at finding something, it’s still important to always be sending Toothless out to search.  He’ll return with one of four things; A new dragon egg, wood, fish or Runes.  So even sending him out to search for free will net you something valuable.

In the same vein it will pay off dividends to stay on top of your available in game quests.  The various denizens of Berk will give you quests with fairly mundane requests and excellent rewards.  Collect 50000 wood with a Whispering Death, or Spend 100000 fish on Berk are things that you were likely going to do anyway, even without the story rewarding you to do so.  So always check your quests and keep moving towards them.  As a bonus quests will occasionally reward you retroactively so don’t be afraid to press ahead.  For example you may be ready to upgrade your resource storage to its next level, but you don’t have a quest to do so.  Go for it.  When you do get the quest to upgrade that storage the game will realize that you’ve already done it and reward you instantly.  So press on young dragon tamer.

Clearing the Way


You’ll get the ability to clear away rocks and trees from the map as you go.  Even though they may look pretty, clear those little resource banks off the map.  Clearing trees will cost you fish but give you wood as a reward.  Clearing rocks will cost you wood but give you Runes as a reward.  Any chance to get hard currency for free in a free-to-play game is a gold mine.  Clearing the map will also give you more room to place your dragons and more Viking houses, which are both quite sizeable.

Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade


No.  Seriously.  Upgrade.  Everything.  Your Mead Hall, Dragons, Training Academy, Fish Huts, Sawmills and Resource Storage.  All of them upgrade with wood or fish and of course they scale in price as you level up, but all of them are worth the price to level up.  The Mead Hall lets you place more dragons and more Vikings houses, which lets you gather more resources and clear more trees and rocks.  The Training Academy scales up your dragons so that you can level them up to gather more resources, and the Fish Hut/Sawmills allow more dragons to gather resources at them (starting at one and moving up to three).  It’s the circle of life.

The only exception to the upgrade everything rule is your Hatchery.  At the start of the game it allows you to hatch a single egg at a time, and subsequent upgrade raise that number.  The upgrade cost however is Runes.  And in my opinion the ability to hatch more dragons at once is not worth using hard currency.  Patience is the name of the game here.  If you have a dragon hatching and Toothless has found a second egg, just be patient.  Go to sleep and by morning your egg will have most likely hatched and you can start to work hatching the egg on deck.  The Hatchery can be upgraded to hatch three eggs at a time and the first upgrade cost 150 Runes (a little less than two dollars).

Wood and Fish 101


To make things nice and easy I’ll break down who gathers which resource best.


  • Gronckle
  • Whispering Death
  • Timberjack
  • Typhoomerang


  • Monsterous Nightmare
  • Scauldron
  • Changewing


  • Deadly Nadder
  • Hideous Zippleback
  • Rumblehorn
  • Terrible Terror
  • Snaptrapper

(Bear in mind that this is an incomplete list, even I haven’t discovered every breed of dragon on the islands around Berk)

The ‘Both’ Category is also pretty straight forward, with its dragons capable of gathering both types of resource at the same level.

A Note on Runes and some final tips


Like many free-to-play games the hard currency is best used to purchase rare or unique items (in this case dragons) that you would otherwise be unable to get through gameplay.  Keep this in mind.  There are other ways for you to use your Runes that aren’t entirely worthwhile; buying more fish or wood, speeding up production, upgrading your hatchery.  All of the above are fast tracks that can be bypassed simply by being patient.  It’s a virtue, I’m told.

Finally as the story line progress’ you’ll be given the chance to build the homes of many of the films main characters.  Doing so gets you the chance to purchase said characters unique named dragons, for Runes of course.  For many people these unique dragons are incentive enough shell out some Runes, but Rise of Berk does you one better here.  For twenty four hours after building the new house you will have the ability to buy said unique dragon for 50% off AND you’re given a quest to buy said unique dragon that upon passing will reward you with a considerable amount of Runes.  As far as games being generous goes, this is right up there with Scrooge on Christmas morning.  These quests are absolutely worth their weight in Runes if finished in the first twenty four hours after building.

So there you have it, a few tips and strategies to make your life on Berk a little bit more simple and straightforward.  I’m still discovering the islands myself so look for more dragon breeds and tips on the games upcoming Battle Mode in the future.

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