Dragon Mania Legends Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Dragon Mania Legends is a dragon breeding and fighting game from Gameloft. In this game, you raise and train your very own dragon army to take on a foul-smelling Viking threat. Gamezebo’s Dragon Mania Legends Tips, Cheats and Strategies will help you roast the bad guys.

Dragon Mania Legends Tips Cheats Strategies

  • You can collect from dragon lairs long before the coin icon pops up – The dragons in Dragon Mania Legends hoard gold in different amounts according to their type and the lair they live in. Each lair has a maximum amount of money it can hold. When the lair is just about topped up, a coin icon will appear to signify it’s ready for collection. However, you can tap on the lair and collect from it long before it’s topped up. This is a good way to ensure your dragons will be able to keep on hoarding gold, especially if you’re going to stop playing for a while.
  • Pet your dragons often for coins and gems – Dragons love attention. Pet them up to three times every two hours for easy gold and occasional gems. The higher the dragon’s level, the more gold you’ll get for petting it.
  • No need to buy dragons – Though you need to buy base-element dragons (Fire, water, wind, etc), any dragon with dual elements (or more) can be bred. It might take a while, but persistence pays off.
  • Keep your farms growing food at all times – Dragons can really chow down, especially when you’re trying to grow them past level four. Keep your farms productive, build as many as you’re allowed, and upgrade them when possible. Grow food according to how you play. If you check in once a day, grow a lot of food across several hours.

Dragon Mania Legends Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Research the “How To?” options on Dragon of the Month and Dragon of the Week for breeding tips – Gameloft showcases rare and legendary dragons every week and month. Check out the “How To?” option on these dragons’ profiles to learn how to breed them.
  • Successfully breeding rare dragons often takes more than one attempt – Don’t get frustrated if you mate two dragons expecting glory, only to come up with another commoner. Try, try again.
  • Don’t waste food when feeding dragons. Toss it carefully – Though it’s fun to fling food at your dragon pals, move carefully. Once your dragons get past level five or so, a single fruit represents a lot of food. Stop throwing as soon as the level gauge fills up, then evaluate what you want to do from there.
  • Going into a tough fight? Hire a friend, or train your dragon – Tap on a dragon to gain the option to train it for a small sum. Training it boosts its power for a couple of hours, which can turn the tables in a fight. Alternatively, you can “Rent a Dragon” by tapping the “Hire” option below your roster on the battle preparation screen. Renting a dragon pulls a beast from one of your friends’ rosters. Dragons need to rest for a time after they’re rented, and they require extra battle energy to take into a fight.

Dragon Mania Legends Tips Cheats Strategies

  • In battle, pay attention to type weaknesses and strengths – The dragons in Dragon Mania Legends adhere to quite a few elements, which means there are a lot of elemental strengths and weaknesses to consider in battle. Don’t sweat about memorization, though. In the battle preparation screen, you’re given access to a chart that outlines who’s weak to what. Tap on the “I” icon that’s surrounded by a circle to look at the chart. You can also access the chart by visiting a dragon in its lair and looking up its personal info.
  • Look for treasure chests on the map screen – When you enter the ancient portal, scroll around the map screen for a quick look. You may find a treasure chest with a gem in it!

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