Dragon Land Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Dragon Land is a pleasantly enjoyable platforming game that owes many of its influences to the Super Mario franchise. While a lot of your success playing is going to be down to how quickly you can jump between platforms, and how fast you can take out enemies, there are still plenty of tips and tricks to help you gain the advantage when playing through its plentiful supply of levels. With our Dragon Land tips, cheats and strategies, you’ll be sure to stand a better chance out there.

Take your time

Dragon Land Tips Cheats Strategies

  • The thing about platforming games like this is that they really encourage you to move fast, and complete things as quickly as possible. Don’t do it! Dragon Land doesn’t have a time limit, but it does have a lives limit. You want to make sure that using up that life is worth it in the long term. Explore everywhere! If you check every single section of a level, you should be able to accrue plenty of coins which can then be used for upgrades.
  • Also, you can find gems which are the premium currency here and can be used for bonuses elsewhere, and crystals which are used to unlock the boss stages at the end of each episode. It’s important to do this, if you want to get the most out of the game.

Maximize your coins

Dragon Land Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Defeating enemies gives you extra coins. You gain a coin for taking out one enemy. Did you know that taking them out in a row gives you a combo bonus, and even more coins? Make sure when there’s a group of enemies that you bounce on each of them without landing on the ground once. Your double jump refreshes each time you take out one enemy, so providing you make subtle tweaks to your movements, this shouldn’t be too hard to do.
  • You can gain even more coins by completing quests. These bonus stages are available for a short time only, but completing them is great for boosting your coin count. Besides each of them offering tons of coins within them, you also get a special bonus simply for completing the stage. Even better, they’re usually pretty fun to complete.
  • Experienced Super Mario players will know this, but some blocks can be jumped at a few times in a row. By doing this, you unlock extra coins, even more so if you do it in quick succession. Don’t forget to give it a shot!

Upgrade your dragons

Dragon Land Tips Cheats Strategies

  • Ok, Dragon Land forces you into this anyway, but it’s useful to keep your dragons upgraded. Each level comes with a recommended health amount to give you a heads up. Obviously, it’s better to have even more health available to you than that, so make sure you go use those coins to boost your dragons’ abilities! Pink crystals you collect while playing are used to give them a premium upgrade, so make sure you plan this wisely.
  • Don’t forget though – you’re using more than one dragon. Try to keep those upgrades balanced out, otherwise you might find yourself having to replay some earlier stages because you misused your coins.

Cash in those free gifts

  • Every couple of hours, you can unlock a free gift. The gift tends to be something like coins or a health potion. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, it’s an extra heart (life). Free stuff is good, so take advantage of that. You can also spend red crystals, you gained while playing, on extra gifts. It’s worth doing as the red crystals are only used for this purpose. They’re separate from the ones that offer a premium upgrade for your dragon.

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