Dragon Coins Walkthrough

Game Introduction – Dragon Coins

Dragon Coins is a card battling / role-playing game from Sega. In this game, you raise monsters and use them to attack enemies Your monsters’ attack strength is determined by a coin-pusher machine that shoves coins into corresponding slots. Gamezebo’s walkthrough will provide you with some tips and hints that will help you do some damage.

Tips and Strategies

Dragon Coins

Every enemy has a countdown that depletes with every coin you drop – Enemies won’t attack until their countdown reaches zero. Make every move count, since multiple enemies jumping on you at once can mean big trouble.

Don’t drop coins recklessly. Remember, coins should be used to “push” other coins – Tempting as it is to throw coins by the fistful into the machine, doing so will simply cause coins to pile up and spill over the platforms’ sides, which will get you nowhere. Think of how a real coin-pusher works. Drop coins in a couple at a time, and let them push the coins on the bottom tier into monster slots.

Trouble with an enemy? Change your line-up order – Coins typically drop into the monster slots in the middle of the screen. That’s where you’ll want to situate your strongest monsters, and / or monsters with elemental advantages.

Don’t forget about your special attacks – The boxes branded with lightning bolts that occasionally drop into the machine fuel your monsters’ special attacks. Special attacks can give you a critical edge in a tough match, so use them. Since box appearance and placement can be unpredictable, sometimes it’s best to save up your special attacks for boss enemies.

Raise a strong lineup of element-diverse monsters – Like most card battle games, the monsters in Dragon Coins all have elemental strengths and weaknesses. Fire-types are strong against wood-types, wood-types are strong against water-types, and so on. Make sure your monster line-ups are sufficiently diverse.

Dragon Coins

Keep element diversity in mind when friending other players, too – Lacking a monster that specializes in a particular element? That’s what friends are for. Friends can be great for filling in your team’s gaps, and using them in battle earns you both friend coins that can go back into summoning monsters.

Log in every day for great bonuses – Logging in consistently can earn you gold coins, rainbow coins, and even extra slots in your monster box (which are otherwise only purchasable with rainbow coins).

Summon potentially rare monsters with friend coins – Friend coins can be earned by utilizing your friends’ monsters in battle. Try summoning monsters with friend coins. You might get a rare creature, and even if you don’t, it’s a quick way to get some fodder for levelling up your favorites.

Don’t forget your daily freebie summon, either – You get one free monster summon every day, so take advantage of it. Again, you may find a rare monster, but even if you don’t, it’s easy fodder.

Complete Lily’s quests for great prizes – When you start playing Dragon Coins, the game’s mascot, Lily, lets you take on several quests. These quests are easy to complete, teach you some of the game’s mechanics, and dish out big rewards that help you get a great start.

Dragon Coins

Complete Lily’s quiz for tons of gold coins – Lily also offers a quiz that teaches you the basics of Dragon Coins while paying out thousands of gold coins. Make sure to do the quiz – it’s a great way to earn the money necessary for levelling up and evolving your monsters.

Save your rainbow coins for top-tier summons – You can buy rainbow coins with real-life cash, and you also earn them in-game from time to time. Save them for rare monster summons.

Send daily greetings to your friends for easy friend coins – With a few button presses, you can send daily greetings to your friends list. This is a quick, easy way to earn friend coins.

Overwhelmed? Go back and do old quests. Try getting all the available monster capsules – If you find you’re constantly losing at a mission, consider going back to previously-cleared missions. You can earn money and fodder monsters that can go back into making your team stronger. You can also attempt to get every monster capsule in an area, which nets you rewards like uncommon monsters and rainbow coins.

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