Dragon City Walkthrough

Dragon City is a game developed by Social Point in which you breed your dragons to get the most amazing and surprising creatures. Gamezebo’s Dragon City strategy guide and walkthrough will provide you with a quick start guide, tips and tricks, hints and cheats to help you breed the your best dragon companion in Dragon City.

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Game Introduction – Dragon City

Dragon City is a game developed by Social Point in which you breed your dragons to get the most amazing and surprising creatures. Gamezebo’s Dragon City strategy guide and walkthrough will provide you with a quick start guide, tips and tricks, hints and cheats to help you breed the your best dragon companion in Dragon City.

Quick Start Guide

Dragon basics

You can add a new dragon to your island by either breeding an egg from two dragons, or by hatching an egg you buy right away. Breeding can be started by clicking on the Breeding Mountain and selecting ‘Breed’. There, you select the two Dragons you would like to mate together, and wait for an egg to show up. Click on it to hatch it in the Hatchery and wait for your baby dragon to be born.

Dragon City

By feeding your dragon, it will level up, get stronger in battle and produce more gold revenue. Although some dragons’ story says that they prefer a certain type of food, it doesn’t actually make a difference which food you select on the farm; the final product is simply ‘food’.

Each dragon has three ‘evolutions’. It starts in its baby form at level 1, grows into a different form at level 4, and reaches its final form at level 7. A dragon can start breeding when it reaches level 4.

Dragon City

Creative breeding

Dragon City’s main appeal is of course found in experimenting with breeding all the different kinds of dragons, from the simple Earth dragon, to the peculiar Penguin dragon to the majestic Star dragon.

Dragon City

Any dragon can mate with another dragon to produce an egg, as there is no distinction between male or female dragons in Dragon City. However, the success rate can differ a lot between species. The ground rules are:

  • Breeding any Elemental dragon with another Elemental type will always produce a new type of dragon.
  • In some cases, different dragons can be hatched by mating the same pair of dragons. For instance, mating an Earth dragon with a Fire dragon, will sometimes produce a Flaming Rock dragon, while other times it will produce a Volcano dragon.
  • Breeding an Elemental dragon with a Hybrid dragon (the result of breeding two other dragons), or a Hybrid dragon with another Hybrid dragon, will only in some cases produce a new type of dragon. For instance, breeding a Mud dragon with a Dark dragon will produce a Poo dragon. Breeding a Flaming Rock dragon with an Earth dragon however, will produce another Earth dragon.
  • If at first you don’t succeed, try again. Certain types of dragons can be very hard to breed, but just keep trying and eventually you will be able to get the rarer types.
Dragon City

There are certain combinations of elemental dragons that can not breed. For instance, an Ice dragon can never breed with a Fire dragon, and there are a couple other match-ups that can not breed. Hybrids of incompatible dragons however, can still breed. For instance, an Ice dragon can still breed with a Laser dragon (fire + electricity). The offspring however, will be one of the basic elemental dragons.

The following combinations of elemental dragons are incompatible to breed with each other:

  • Fire + Ice
  • Water + Dark
  • Plant + Electric
  • Electric + Ice, Electric + Plant
  • Ice + Fire, Ice + Electric, Ice + Dark
  • Dark + Water, Dark + Ice
Dragon City

Balancing your base’s resources

To keep your dragons happy, nourished and breeding, you of course need resources, like gold and food. These resources can be obtained in one of three ways: farming food in Food Farms, collecting gold from your dragons, or from the Dragon Market. Completing missions will also reward you, with either Gold, Experience Points or Gems.

As you will quickly earn a steady income of gold, the best tactic to start out with is to build as many farms as allowed at any point, and always order as much as you have gold for. When you can pick up the food, level up your dragons, and you will generate more income, etc., etc. When you progress further into the game, you can use the big farms to generate more food over a longer time, but in the beginning, this is too costly.

Dragon City

When deciding which dragons to keep, you may not only want to look at which collection of dragons you want, but also take into account what they earn. Every minute, each of your dragons will earn you a certain amount of gold, depending on the type of dragon, and the level it’s at. Check the dragon’s statistics to see how much they’re revenue is, and if they’re worth keeping.

A couple of dragon’s revenue indications (at level 7):

  • Earth Dragon: 90 gold/min
  • Star Dragon: 75 gold/min
  • Electric Dragon: 60 gold/min
  • Fire Bird Dragon: 52 gold/min
  • Spicy Dragon: 45 gold/min
  • Fire Dragon: 37 gold/min
  • Cloud Dragon: 23 gold/min
  • Water Dragon: 15 gold/min
Dragon City

When a dragon was bred that you already have, or that you don’t want, you can always sell it. Similarly, you can always breed dragons with the sole intent of earning money. Certainly when breeding the rare types of dragons, they can generate a lot of income. However, as a general rule of thumb, a dragon usually earns you more when generating gold revenue, then when selling it, so it’s only advisable when you need to clear space, or need money quickly.

As with revenue, the value of dragons differs per type. Unlike with the revenue however, selling a dragon at a higher level is worth the same as on a lower level. So if you’re selling a Fire dragon, you will always be offered 50 gold, regardless if the dragon is level 1 or level 10.

A couple of dragon’s value indications:

  • Laser: 50000 gold
  • Waterfall dragon: 5000 gold
  • Volcano dragon: 1000 gold
  • Ice dragon: 375 gold
  • Tropical dragon: 300 gold
  • Electric dragon: 150 gold
  • Earth dragon: 50 gold

Tips on resources

  • When you stop playing the game for the moment, always remember to collect all the gold from all your dragon habitats.
  • To prevent your habitats from filling up on gold too quickly, place dragons that generate less revenue, in the habitat that can hold the least amount of gold. This way, you won’t lose as many gold when it fills up before you can collect.
  • When you have a big farm and you know you’re not going to play the game for a certain amount of time, you might as well use that time to order as much food as can be produced.
  • Gems can be bought, but they can also be earned for free. When you complete certain missions, or win a tournament in the stadium, you will receive a gem as an award. You will also receive a gem every time you level up (as a player, not your dragons), when you complete a collection in the Book of Dragons, and when you collect the daily award for each 5th consecutive day.


After you’ve build the stadium, you can enter a team of 3 dragons to fight in a tournament. The basics of battle are simple: both you and your opponent have two or three dragons on your team. You take turns attacking the other dragon, doing damage, until one team has lost all its dragons and is defeated.

Dragon City

Other than that, there are basically just a few things to remember:

  • You can switch between the dragons in your team, but this will cost you a turn.
  • You can take part in a tournament once every 12 hours.
  • By leveling up your dragons, you will unlock stronger attacks.
  • If you’ve battled in the stadium and want an extra challenge, click on the globe icon and choose ‘VS combat world’ to test your skills against other players.
  • You can compete in the combat world three times every 6 hours.
  • Although you’re battling other players in combat world, losing a fight will not lose you your dragons, so go into battle without fear!
Dragon City

The strength and effectiveness of an attack, depends on the element of the attack, and the element of the dragon being attacked. For instance, when using a Fire attack on an Ice dragon, it will count as a critical attack, since these are opposite elements. A ‘critical attack’ does 2x damage, a ‘normal attack’ does 1x damage, a ‘weak attack’ does half damage, while a ‘no effect attack’ does no damage.

Dragon City

NOTE: With hybrid dragons, the first of the elements shown in its statistics will be the element that determines it’s strengths and weaknesses.

Dragon City

In the chart below, you can see the effectiveness of each element against each different element. In some cases, the effectiveness might be a little different, but this is a good general rule of thumb.

Dragon City


You have completed the quick start guide for Dragon City by Social Point. Below, you can find a full list of the different dragon breeds. Be sure to check back often for game updates, Staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments, and much more here at Gamezebo.

Breeding list for Elemental Dragons

This is a list of the dragons that can be bred by breeding the elemental dragons of Earth, Fire, Plant, Water, Electric, Ice, Metal and Dark.

Earth + Fire = Flaming Rock or Volcano

Earth + Water = Mud or Waterfall

Earth + Plant = Tropical or Cactus

Earth + Electric = Star

Earth + Ice = Alpine

Earth + Metal = Armadillo

Earth + Dark = Hedgehog

Fire + Earth = Flaming Rock or Volcano

Fire + Water = Cloud or Blizzard

Fire + Plant = Firebird or Spicy

Fire + Electric = Laser

Fire + Metal = Medieval

Fire + Dark = Vampire

Water + Earth = Mud

Water + Fire = Cloud or Blizzard

Water + Plant = Nenufar or Coral

Water + Electric = Lantern Fish or Storm

Water + Ice = Icecube or Ice Cream

Water + Metal = Mercury

Plant + Earth = Tropical

Plant + Fire = Firebird or Spicy

Plant + Water = Nenufar or Coral

Plant + Ice = Dandelion or Mojito

Plant + Metal = Jade

Plant + Dark = Carnivore Plant or Rattle Snake

Electric + Earth = Star

Electric + Fire = Laser

Electric + Water = Lantern Fish or Storm

Electric + Metal = Golden or Battery

Electric + Dark = Neon

Ice + Earth = Alpine

Ice + Water = Icecube or Ice Cream

Ice + Plant = Dandelion or Mojito

Ice + Metal = Platinum

Metal + Earth = Armadillo

Metal + Fire = Medieval

Metal + Water = Mercury

Metal + Plant = Jade

Metal + Electric = Golden or Battery

Metal + Ice = Platinum

Metal + Dark = Zombie

Dark + Earth = Hedgehog

Dark + Fire = Vampire

Dark + Plant = Carnivore Plant or Rattle Snake

Dark + Electric = Neon

Dark + Ice = Penguin

Dark + Metal = Zombie

Dark + Mud = Poo

Breeding list for Hybrid Dragons

This is a list of the dragons that can be bred by breeding the elemental dragons with hybrid dragons, or hybrid dragons with each other. Some of the resulting hybrids can be bred through different combinations.

Mud + Dark = Poo

Coolfire + Soccer = Crystal

Laser + Dandelion = Gummy or Fluorescent or Laser

Medieval + Alpine = Cool Fire or Soccer or Pearl or Armadillo or Flaming Rock

Neon + Nenufar = Pirate

Zombie + Mud = Petroleum

Armadillo can also be bred by: Medieval + Alpine, Pearl + Alpine, Jade + Star, Zombie + Mud, Pearl + Flaming Rock

Gummy can also be bred by: Firebird + Fluorecent, Firebird + Star, Jade + Star, Neon + Nenufar

Pirate can also be bred by: Rattlesnake + Lanternfish, Neon + Cloud