Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is a battle / card game from Bandai Namco. In this game, you collect fighters from across the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z timelines, and pit them against an ultimate evil that’s threatening to rip apart space and time. Gamezebo’s Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle  Tips, Cheats and Strategies will help you supercharge your warriors over power level 9000 (sorry).

Pay attention to each fighter’s strengths and weaknesses

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle  Tips, Cheats and Strategies

The fighters of Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle all subscribe to one of five fighting types: STR, AGL, TEQ, INT, and PHY. These types play a big part in battle, since each one has an advantage over another.

However, remembering the types and the related hierarchy is a bit of a pain. Instead, become familiar with the color associated with each type. Orange trumps purple, which trumps green, which trumps blue, which trumps red, which trumps orange.

If you ever forget, refer to the “color wheel” that shows up in the upper right-hand corner of each battle scene.

Learn the art of blocking as well as attacking

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle  Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Blocking in Dokkan Battle is just as important as attacking. If a fighter with a weaker fighting type attempts to tear into an enemy with a stronger type, their damage will be halved. In the same vein, getting a fighter to absorb an attack they’re strong against can greatly reduce the amount of damage done to your team’s HP bar.

The fighter line-up at the bottom of the screen can be moved around until everyone makes their attacks. Pay attention to the position of the enemy icon; if the enemy is set to attack in that round, they’ll appear somewhere between two of your fighters. Move around your team appropriately.

For instance, if the icon for Cell (a blue / AGL fighter) appears before the icon for Yamcha (a green / TEQ fighter), Cell will do less damage to the team when he takes his turn.

Know your Dragon Ball Z trivia

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle  Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Having at least minimal knowledge of Dragon Ball Z can help you in Dokkan Battle. Characters that relate to each other on some level can perform “linked attacks” if they’re placed beside each other during a fight. One example is Goku and Krillin, who have the bonus “Turtle School” skill because they trained under Master Roshi together. Another example is Tien and Chiaotzu, who are best friends and training partners.

Use friends to fill in team gaps

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle  Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Most levels contain battles with multiple enemy types, so it’s a good idea to have a variety of different fighters on-hand — unless you know you’re going up against a tough boss who doesn’t have any particularly strong subordinates.

Use Dokkan Battle’s friend-making ability to fill in any color gaps that are in your fighters’ offenses.

You don’t have to stop unless The Man says so

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle  Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Each level of Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle has multiple spots for enemy encounters (they’re the red circles), but not all of them are mandatory stops. The only enemy encounters that will stop you in your tracks are the ones marked with a “STOP” sign in the icon’s corner. All other fights are optional — though it’s not a bad idea to engage them anyway for experience and items.

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