Dragon Adventures The Hunt Guide – How To Rescue Mother Dragon’s Eggs

Help Mother Dragon locate her lost eggs, and grab a badge in the process, with our Dragon Adventures The Hunt guide for Roblox.

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While some of the quests added in Roblox’s The Hunt event are minor, others are pieces of seriously substantial content. The Dragon Adventures The Hunt quest is a great example of this, adding a chunky world-spanning egg hunt for players to enjoy. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the badge acquisition process.

Dragon Adventures is a fantasy adventure game on the Roblox platform. With an emphasis on, you guessed it, dragons, the game lets you raise your own scaly sidekick, and explore a rich world on their back. For The Hunt, the game received a new quest involving Mother Dragon’s lost eggs. Read on to learn how to clear it.

You can jump into Dragon Adventures via Roblox right now. For more on The Hunt, check out our Lumberjack Simulator The Hunt guide and our Arsenal The Hunt guide.

Dragon Adventures The Hunt Guide

To get The Hunt badge for Dragon Adventures, you need to complete a new quest involving Mother Dragon’s lost eggs. You can click on ‘The Hunt’ icon in the top-right of the screen to teleport to her immediately. Once you do, talk to her to start the quest.

Entering Volcano World

Mother Dragon will tell you about the thieves that stole her eggs, and send you off to Father Dragon to continue the quest. You’ll find him next to the Monolith portal. Chat to him, and he’ll task you with clearing the way so you can use the portal to go after the thieves.

To do this, you’ll need to defeat 7 of the Shadow enemies gathered around the Monolith portal. These enemies are all level 1, so they shouldn’t prove too much of a challenge. Once you’re done with the beatdown, Father Dragon will thank you and you’ll be free to proceed through the portal to Volcano World.

Rescuing Mother Dragon’s Egg

On the other side of the portal, follow The Hunt icon to reach a new NPC called Archie. He tells you where the thieves are hiding out, and directs you towards them. Break through the destructible wall in your path and proceed into a room with a chest and key, guarded by some more shadow enemies. The chest is optional, but be sure to open it anyway for some Coins and Revival Hearts.

With the key in hand, open the locked door and break the shadow wall behind it. You’ll now be forced into a boss fight of sorts, where you need to take on shadow enemies and destructible shadow rocks in order to gain access to the cage holding Mother Dragon’s egg. Once done, grab the egg, and go back the way you came to return to Mother Dragon.

Your Rewards

Talk to her, and as a reward you’ll receive a baby Mother Dragon, and the Dragon Adventures The Hunt badge! There are actually another 8 eggs to find if you want to continue with this quest, and you can earn an exclusive UGC item if you’re one of the first 7,500 people to do so, but you don’t need to do any of that if you only want the badge.

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