Dragalia Lost: How To Earn Bronze, Silver and Gold Emblems

Dragalia Lost has three different emblems that can be achieved by completing different raids. The point of collecting these emblems is to purchase specific items like Gold Crystals, Dragon fruit and Summon Vouchers. In many video games, bronze and silver tier loot is normally outdated the more you play the game. However, in Dragalia Lost you are able to trade in emblems for Summon Vouchers, which can get you some of the best characters in the game.

That’s enough talk on why you should earn emblems, now it’s time to tell you some efficient ways for earning the three different types of emblems.

Dragalia Lost

Bronze Emblems

I can say straight off the bat, that if you want to earn emblems then you should be selecting the quest Assault on Archeole, which is a boss battle. It doesn’t matter what difficulty you fight him on because each difficulty will reward you with bronze emblems. If you want to maximize the number of bronze emblems you achieve on each successful battle, then pick the hardest difficulty you can manage. The higher the difficulty the more emblems you will earn.

Another way to earn a lot of bronze emblems is to go into the Storm Sentinel Clash with the difficulty set to expert. Next, you want to press co-op and click ‘find a room’. This is because you want to save your stamina for creating a room earning silver and gold fragments in the Hypnos Showdown quest.

Silver Emblems

Dragalia Lost

In order to achieve silver emblems, you will need to complete the quest Hypnos Showdown. Once again, the same rule applies to earn the most emblems which means the higher the difficulty the more emblems you earn. I would skip the beginner level as you would have got bronze from the Storm Sentinel Clash, so use your stamina to create a standard room to collect silver and gold emblems at the same time.

I think it’s important to note that events change regularly in Dragalia lost, so the names of missions change but the principles are the same. This recent event was the Kindness and Captivity Raid Event, so these rooms should still exist. If they don’t exist, then feel free to let us know in the comments or Tweet us and we will ammend our article.

 Gold Emblems

Once you have earned a lot of silver and bronze emblems in Dragalia Lost, you are going to want to focus more on collecting gold emblems. It’s worth pointing out that if you don’t have a good squad then you are going to find it difficult to farm gold emblems as you will have to beat levels on expert.

Dragalia Lost

If you play Hypnos Showdown on expert you will earn gold emblems and unlock the extra raid which will also reward you a decent amount of gold emblems. The difficulty of the extra raid is special, so if you struggle on expert then this may be a little further out of your reach. At this point in the game, you are going to have to use your energy wisely and try to max the number of emblems permission. This means although you can pick any level on expert to try and earn some gold, I would recommend grinding the same one over and over to avoid wasting energy.

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