Dragalia Lost: All the Ways to Get Free Wyrmite

Dragalia Lost has many of the usual trappings of F2P mobile games, including multiple currencies and a gacha system that not only controls which characters you unlock in which order but also the dragons and Wyrmprints you can equip. Come to think of it, about the only thing it doesn’t factor into is weapons, which you find as drops. In any case, one of the currencies you’ll need is Wyrmite, which leads to summons, which leads to misery. Unless you get good stuff, and if you don’t and it’s early in the game, you can simply reroll your starting characters.

But we digress. You’d think Wyrmite would be the premium currency in Dragalia Lost because you need so much of it — 1500 for Tenfold Summons, which is really how you should be spending it, as well as for item summons — but you’d be wrong. The premium currency is actually called Diamantium, and that’s the stuff you buy with real money if that’s something you want to do.

So, huzzah! You can get your Wyrmite for free, and that’s a good thing. But how? That’s exactly what we’re here to explain. Let’s talk about the ways. All of them.

Complete Some Endeavors

Some games call them daily tasks or quests. Dragalia Lost calls them Endeavors, and even though that’s a little odd, it’s the same concept. Endeavors are goals for you to complete for a variety of rewards, most of which pay out in Wyrmite.

Dragalia Lost

There are four kinds of Endeavors:

  • Daily Endeavors – Tasks for you to check off like a to-do list, except more fun. These reset daily. Hence the name.
  • Limited Endeavors – These are only around for a limited of time. Again, they’re well named.
  • Normal Endeavors – Prefer long term goals? Congrats, you’re an organized person and we’re told that’s a good thing. You’ll probably like these since they are cumulative goals you knock out over time, along with some others that are one-time deals but you’ll need to put in some work to complete.
  • Special Endeavors – Not really so special since you have to pay to get them. You can do that in the Shop, which you can reach by tapping on the icon that looks like a store sign with a diamond on it. Once there, tap on ‘Value Packs’ and look for the Endeavor Packs. These aren’t cheap (the least costly one is $9.99 at the time of this article) but will give you the ability to earn Wyrmite and a lot more rewards while you play.

Finish Each Quest Getting All Three Fleur-de-lis Symbols

Dragalia Lost

We don’t need no stars when we have the fluer-de-lis. That’s the measuring stick for how impressively you complete any stage, which means keeping everyone in your party alive. If you do, you’ll get all three symbols filled in and get a gift of Wyrmite in your inbox. You’ll also be able to replay the level without actually playing it by using a skip ticket, which isn’t directly related to our discussion but is still useful information.

Don’t forget that this applies to not just your story quests but events as well. Play them both to earn as much Wyrmite as possible.

Play Dragalia Lost Every Day

Yep, like many other mobile games you’ve grown to know and love, you’ll get some Wyrmite just for logging in. Daily rewards are always welcome.

That may not seem like a lot of methods to earn free Wyrmite, but you’ll find yourself earning it in small amounts constantly. It’s tempting to spend it early, but stockpiling Wyrmite for limited time only events or simply for Tenfold Summons is the way to go.

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