Drag Racing Walkthrough

Drag Racing is a dream app for anyone who loves cars and is passionate about racing them! Design over 50 different types of cars which you can customize and upgrade any way you want. See if you have the driving skills to make it into the Hall of Fame! Gamezebo’s quick start guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

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Game Introduction – Drag Racing

Drag Racing is a dream app for anyone who loves cars and is passionate about racing them! Design over 50 different types of cars which you can customize and upgrade any way you want. See if you have the driving skills to make it into the Hall of Fame! Gamezebo’s quick start guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

Drag Racing
  • Drag Racing is a free application and can be found by clicking on the “Play Now” button at the top of this page.
  • Game Center – If playing on an iOS device, Drag Racing is associated with your Game Center account, so be sure you are logged in to get credit for your scores and to interact with other players. Tap on the Game Center icon shown in the image above at the bottom right corner.
  • Facebook – Tap on the Facebook button to log into your Facebook account and publish accomplishments to your profile wall.
  • $ – Tap on this button to purchase additional game currency or to purchase the upgraded version of the game that removes ads. This will cost 99 cents.
Drag Racing
  • Game Settings – Tap on the “Settings” button from the main menu to access settings. Here you can choose graphic options such as toggling on or off the “Staging Lights” or “Large Shift Lights” These are both defaulted to “Off” and if you switch them to on the game will drain more of your devices battery.
  • You may also toggle the audio and as well as change the game from “Downshift” to “No Downshift” modes and turn the metric system on if you prefer.
  • Tap the key in the upper left corner to return to the main menu. If you have the free version of the game it is sometimes difficult to hit this button without tapping on the ad at the top of the screen.
  • Once you have adjusted your settings tap on “Garage” to get started.

Game Currency

  • The game is played with regular US Currency and you start out with $1,200 when you begin the game.
  • Respect Points (RP) – This is the secondary currency of the game and allows you to purchase special privileges such as painting your car, tuning it, and betting them with other racers.
  • You can see how much of either currency you have by looking to the bottom left of the game screen.
Drag Racing
  • Purchasing more game currency – You can purchase more RP by tapping on the “Add RP” button which is green and sits on top of your currency indicator far to mid left of the screen.
  • You can purchase currency in increments of 500 for .99 cents and if you purchase the next level up at 2500 for $4.99 you will save 40 percent and from then on ten percent more for doubling each amount until you purchase the maximum of 10,000 RP. (See image above)
  • Infinity RP – For $99.99 you can purchase “Infinity RP” this means unlimited RP forever. If you really love the game this could be an option for you.
  • These purchases are considered “in app” purchases and will be billed to your iTunes account with all applicable taxes.

Customizing your Car (Garage Options)

Drag Racing
  • When you begin the game you will start out with a “Dodge SRT-4” as your first car. This car has a value of $15,0000 dollars at level 1.
  • You are given 1200 dollars and 5 RP. (Respect Points)
  • Along the bottom of the garage screen you can choose one of the four options.
Drag Racing
  • Sell – Tap here to sell your car or tap on the car you wish to sell if you have more than one and you will be shown how much you can sell the car for along with all of its upgrades. Tap to confirm and the money will be added to your grand total to invest in better cars.
Drag Racing
  • Upgrade – Tap here to upgrade your car up to five times in six different categories. (See “Upgrading your Car” below for more detailed information)
Drag Racing
  • Paint – Tap on this feature and a bar of color will appear over the car. You can literally have any color you can imagine. This will cost you 1 RP to change the color of your car. Slide the white button over the color bar and you will see the color in the window at the far right.
  • Once you have the color you want, you will see a little white circle in the color window. Drag it with your fingertip until you have the exact color you want. (I have chosen a beautiful Gamezebo Orange) Tap on “apply” at the bottom left corner when you are finished.
  • Race – Tap on “Race” button at bottom right when you are ready to start racing your car in one of the many different types of races. (See “Racing” below for more detailed information)

Upgrading/Repairing your Car

Drag Racing
  • Each car has six areas of upgrade each with five levels of upgrade within them. For example you can repair the engine in five different levels of upgrade until it is top of the line.
  • Along the top of the screen you will see the six options of upgrade. Use your finger to scroll them from right to left and tap on them to see options and cost.
  • Engine – Racing plugs, upgraded wiring at level 1.
  • Turbo – Upgraded inter-cooler, Blow off valve
  • Intake/Exhaust – Upgrades exhaust header
  • Nitro – Nitrous Oxide injection kit
  • Weight – Removes airbags, AC, Radio, lighter and dashboard at stage 1.
  • Wheels – Upgrades your racing tires.
  • Each stage has a different cost of repair. Once you have all five stages in all six areas purchased your car can not get any better.

Power, Weight and Grip

  • Tap on “Garage” at any time to see the stats for a particular cars “Power, Weight, or grip” as these are important to your racing.
  • They are shown with a bar graph to the far right center of the screen.
  • If a car weighs more it will take more power to accelerate but it has more grip.


Drag Racing
  • Once you have your car the way you want it you can tap on the “Race” button and you will be taken to the race menu shown above.
Drag Racing
  • Change Name – If you do not want to use the user name you registered for game center with in this game tap on “Change Name” and enter in the new name. This is the name you will be known with in your racing. There is no charge or penalty to change your name.
Drag Racing
  • Begin Racing – Once you begin a race you will be able to tap on the accelerator to the far right. Do this to rev up your engine and work on having it in the exact right spot when the race begins.
  • Wait for the girl to hold up the flag and release it to start the race. You will also see lights flashing from red to green.
  • If you are able to have a “perfect start” you will earn bonus money for this.
Drag Racing
  • Once you are moving use the shift button (which is the button with the “+” symbol on it at the right of the steering wheel) to shift up to five gears. You can see which gear you are using on the right panel and your speed at the far left panel. You may want to have the sound on or you can watch your speed or tachometer as to know when to shift.
  • Tip – You can wait until the blue light at the center of the tachometer flashes to tell you when to shift for a “Good shift” or wait for the green light for a “Perfect Shift” The better you shift the better your odds of winning and earning more bonuses.
  • No Downshift – In the settings mode you can turn on the “No Downshift” option which is shown here.
  • If you shift at the right time a message will appear and you will earn perfect shifting bonuses which really add up.
  • You will need to play with the offline mode for awhile until you get the hang of how to shift your car optimally. You may want to do so by speed, tachometer readings, or by sound.
  • Along the top of the screen you will see two moving dots that represent you and your opponent. You are the blue dot and your opponent is the red dot.
  • Each race is finished in well under 15 seconds. Your finis time is shown at the far top right of screen.

Nitrous Boost

Drag Racing
  • Once you have this upgrade in place you can use a nitrous boost to give you a few seconds of acceleration in the game.
  • You can only use this once.
  • Tap on the N20 button on the far left when you are ready to use this speed booster.
  • It will recharge at every race.
  • As you upgrade this in the garage it will become more powerful for you.

Types of Races

  • There are multiple races you can participate in.
  • You can race in offline races and race within three categories there.
  • You can race in online races in several categories and some with betting levels.
  • You can race with friends from your Facebook or Game Center accounts.
  • Below all the different races are described in detail.

Race Offline

Drag Racing
  • Race Offline – This is a good starting point as you can race against computer generated racers until you get the hang of how to race.
  • As you can see in the image above you have the choice of racing against four different types of opponents.
  • “Vs Beginner – Race against a weak opponent with a car of your level. Choose between ¼ and ½ mile using the switch at the top of the screen before you enter the race. (Prize – $240 Cash – 0 Respect)
  • “Vs. Amateur – Race against an average opponent with a car of your level. Mediocre driving, random upgrades, low reward. (Prize – $420 Cash, 0 Respect)
  • “Vs. Pro – Race against a stronger opponent with a car of your level. If you beat these easily, it’s time to take on the bosses. (Prize $600 Cash – 0 Respect)
  • “Vs Boss (Levels 1 or 2) – Challenge one of the two unique bosses on each level. These are the most challenging and rewarding offline races. (Prize $1200 Cash – 10 Respect)

Race Online

Drag Racing
  • There are three different online races to choose from. Tap on your choice then tap on “Race” to begin.
Drag Racing
Drag Racing
  • Face to Face – You will race against a recorded run by a randomly selected opponent of your level. Beat him to win the prize. (Cash – $900 – Respect – 1)
Drag Racing
  • Driver’s Battle – You and your online opponent will be driving identical cars. Win the battle of skill to get the prize. (Cash – $900 – Respect – 2)
Drag Racing
  • Bet and Race (1, 3, 5) – You and your opponent will bet the same amount of respect points (either 1, 3, or 5) and the winner takes it all. The loser gets nothing. You must choose the amount of points to race for by tapping on the option of 1, 3, or 5 before you tap the “Race” button to begin.

Pro League Racing

Drag Racing
  • To race in this league you must first rank in your other races at least 100 or more
  • You can race in up to ten levels of races and then you have the option to choose “random” once you are ranked in this category.
  • Level 1 – Must rank at least 100 or more to unlock this level.
  • Level 2 – Must rank at least 300 or more on level 1 to unlock this level.
  • Level 3 – Must rank at least 350 or more on level 2 to unlock this level
  • Level 4 – Must rank at least 400 or more on level 3 to unlock this level.
  • Level 5 – Must rank at least 440 or more on level 4 to unlock this level.
  • Level 6 – Must rank at least 475 or more on level 5 to unlock this level.
  • Level 7 – Must rank at least 500 or more on level 6 to unlock this level.
  • Level 8 – Must rank at least 525 or more at level 7 to unlock this level.
  • Level 9 – Must rank at least 550 or more at level 8 to unlock this level.
  • Level 10 – Must rank at least 575 or more at level 9 to unlock this level.
  • Random – Must be ranked in the hall of fame to race at this level.


Drag Racing
  • In this category you are simply racing one on one with your Facebook or Game Center friends.
  • Tap on their name and you will be taken to race against them.
  • You can wager for respect points or cash, or race just for fun.

Race Scoring

Drag Racing
  • Even if you lose a race you will still be eligible to win money in the following bonus categories except the last one of “Race Prize”
  • Race Bonus
  • Launch Bonus
  • Perfect Shift Bonus
  • Good Shift Bonus
  • Race Prize
  • If you win the race you will win the minimum race prize along with any bonus category you qualify for.
  • You will also win respect points if they are indicated as a prize in the race.

Racing Stats

Drag Racing
  • Tap on the “Race Stats” button from the main menu anytime you want to see your general stats or your stats on a particular car.
  • General Stats – You will see things such as:
  • How many races won and lost
  • Best times on the ¼ and ½ mile races
  • Total cash earned
  • Total respect earned
  • Perfect shifts
  • Mileage
  • Number of upgrades installed.
  • Car Stats – This will tell you the best time for each car you own as well as its maximum speed and weight.

Racing Tips

  • Tap the N20 button to use a shot of nitrous and increase the power of your car for a few seconds.
  • Use Nitrous wisely as you only get one shot per race and it only lasts a few seconds.
  • If there is too much wheel-spin, consider upgrading your tires to improve grip or shift earlier.
  • Upgrading your car can move it to a higher class with tougher opposition.
  • Don’t rush to spend all of your money on upgrades. Try to find a perfect balance of power and grip on each level.
  • You can always choose between ¼ and ½ mile races with different bosses associated with them.
  • Weight, tires, gearing and aerodynamics matter just as much as speed.


Drag Racing
  • You have completed the basic game play guide for Drag Racing. Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments and much more here at Gamezebo!