DomiNations Tips, Cheats and Strategies

After two months of practice, I think I’m finally getting the hang of DomiNations. I’ve made mistakes, but I’ve learned from them too. If you’re just about to set out on your Clash-of-Clans-meets-Civilization adventure, take my wisdom with you — it’ll do us both some good.

Still on the fence about giving it a download? Be sure to read our DomiNations Review before you read our DomiNations Tips, Cheats and Strategies to learn why this is more than just a mere Clash-of-Clans-alike.

As in real life, food and money matter most


DomiNations does a great job of pulling your attention in a variety of directions, but almost all of those directions require the game’s primary currencies: food and money. Try to max out the upgrades on your farms, mills, merchants and markets before spending on anything else.

Build roads and connect them to as many buildings as you can – this generates gold, too. If you choose a wonder that boosts your resources, use it properly. The Hanging Garden, for instance, boosts collection from fruit trees and gold mines by 20% and cuts wait time for collection by half — but only if you place them close enough to the wonder.

Bring more than warriors to a war


When you first start attacking opposing nations, you’re going to be fairly limited in what you can take to the fight with you. As you progress through the game, though, things open up. Mercenary camps will allow you to enlist the help of specialty troops that barracks can’t produce. Joining an alliance will provide you with donated armies from your friends, including units unique to their choice of nation. Building the War Academy will let you use tactics like First Aid (heal troops) and Sabotage (disable buildings). The temple can provide blessings that will increase your attack, defense, and loot raided.

Use all of these.

It might sound like overkill, but with troops and tactics, you’ll only spend them if you use them. Blessings are the only things you’ll use up automatically. Go into battle with everything. Use what you need. The rest will be waiting there for your next fight.

Never not hunt


It might be easy to write off hunting as a little distraction or timewaster meant to keep you occupied while you wait for troops to be created, but if you hunt every animal you see, it’s a great way to boost your gold and food numbers. Bigger creatures take more manpower to hunt (the bear is your Holy Grail and requires a whopping 6 citizens), but even common one man targets like rabbits can earn you substantial amounts.

Worried you’ve “aged out” of hunting being worthwhile? You haven’t — animal payouts increase every time you upgrade to a new age. And since animals don’t always appear (and aren’t always plentiful when they do), make sure to “process” every last one.

Think hard before picking that wonder


Every so often, DomiNations will give players a chance to select one of four wonders. Each of these will provide you with a very unique perk — and once you’ve picked it, the other three wonders will disappear into the ether, never to be seen in your kingdom again. To quote everyone’s favorite Grail Knight, “you must choose… but choose wisely.”

Don’t pick your wonder based on what you think sounds cool now; pick it based on what makes sense given the civilization you’ve built so far. You’ll want a wonder that complements your other wonders, as well as your choice of nation. Are you trying to build an economic powerhouse? A titan of defense? Try to stick with one style of decision-making rather than being a Jack of All Trades.

As an example, choosing the Japanese will give you longer peace treaties and a town center with defensive abilities. Choosing a wonder like the Acropolis will further increase your defensive capabilities with stronger defending troops that spawn faster, making it a great complement to your nation choice (and hopefully giving you an impregnable fortress).

tl;dr – Be great at one thing, not mediocre at many.

Watch this video

As helpful as my advice might be, nobody knows more about a game than its developers. Lucky for you, they’ve put together a few tips and tricks of their own that might help.

We hope that they’ll be adding more as time goes on. Find out by subscribing to their YouTube channel here.

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