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Game Introduction – Dolphin Play

Dolphin Play is an undersea habitat game developed by Recharge Studios for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Players will design their own underwater paradise and fill it with fish, dolphins, and more. Gamezebo’s Dolphin Play strategy guide and walkthrough will provide you with a quick start guide, tips and tricks, hints and cheats so that you can have the most spectacular tank around.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

Dolphin Play

  • To begin playing Dolphin Play, you will first need to install the game from the iTunes App Store by clicking the “Get It Now!” button above.
  • Now that you have downloaded the game, you should find the icon on your home screen with a picture of a cartoon dolphin on it. Tap it to start the game.
  • You’ll be taken through a quick tutorial which will help show you around the game.

Creating your Habitat

Dolphin Play

Dolphin Play

  • Now, a game called Dolphin Play without dolphins probably wouldn’t be that good at all, so let’s get you some dolphins in your habitat.
  • Tap the finger icon in the bottom right to bring up the main menu, then tap the store icon. From this menu, you can select from a few different categories such as Creatures, Plants, Accessories, Decorations and Backgrounds. Select Creatures to add some animals.
  • Creatures all have different features, and costs attached to them. They are also broken up into several categories themselves like Starter, Amateur, Professional, Exotic, Superexotic and Limited Time. Selecting a creature from the Starter category is what you should probably do for now (they will be easier to maintain), and move on to select your animal.
  • Several fish are available for the choosing, along with a single dolphin in this category. As you can see now, the cost of each animal varies greatly from one to the next. Each animal also has a growth time; that is how long it takes for an animal to grow up.
  • Now that you’ve selected which animal you want to have in your habitat, simply tap where you want them to start and they will begin swimming about the habitat. Additional fish will be added with each tap. Tap the fish icon in the bottom right corner to stop placing new fish into your tank.
  • Next, you should feed this new animal by selecting the finger menu, then the food option. Now tap all around the screen to drop food for the creature to eat. You will know when you’ve fed your animals enough when you can’t place any more food.

Dolphin Play

Dolphin Play

  • Things are probably looking barren and empty in your little habitat, so we should spruce it up a bit by buying some accessories and plants. Access the store and tap on the Plants, Decorations and Accessories categories and place them in your habitat. Each comes with a certain number of Happiness points, to make your creatures happy.

Maintaining Your Habitat

Dolphin Play

  • Having a clean place to frolic is essential for your animals, and luckily Dolphin Play has the tools to help you with the maintenance necessary.
  • You will know that your tank needs to be cleaned when a fog appears on the screen. This fog is algae, and you’ll need to clean it off.
  • Tap on the finger menu and select Clean. You’ll now be in control of a sponge. Tap on the dirty areas and you’ll clean them up. When the entire tank is clean, you’ll earn experience points.
  • Make sure to check on your tanks regularly, as neglected fish will perish if they are not fed over an extended period of time.

Entertaining Your Creatures

  • With a full belly and a clean home, your fish are probably now ready to have a little bit of fun. You can play with your fish by tapping on the finger menu and selecting Play.
  • Playing with your fish isn’t as exciting as it sounds, and is an instant process. Tapping on Play raises the happiness of all of your fish, and you’ll receive a small amount of coins and experience points as a reward.

Selling Your Creatures

Dolphin Play

  • Once your fish are mature, you can sell them for a profit (fully adult fish are worth the most). The more the fish cost to purchase, the more profit you will earn.
  • To sell a fish, tap on the finger menu and choose Sell Adult Fish. You’ll be taken back to your tank, where you can tap on an individual fish to see how many coins you will receive for selling it, so that you can confirm or cancel your choice before going through with it.

Redecorating Your Tanks

  • If you decide that you’d like to rearrange the decorative items in your tank, you can do so by simply tapping on the item you would like to move and then selecting Move from the menu that appears. You can sell items in your tank in the same way.
  • Items can float underwater, even if they should really be on the seafloor, and they can hang off of the screen, so have fun placing your decorations and plants.
  • Beware – while selling most items will net you some coins in return, there are some decorations that will sell for zero coins, so make sure to look at each item’s price and selling price before you purchase them from the store.
  • You are not allowed to move items from one tank to another, and there is no item storage feature.

Adding Additional Tanks

Dolphin Play

  • As you earn money from selling fish, and as you fill your starting tank with fish, you’ll likely want to add more tanks and more fish to your collection. You can purchase additional tanks by opening the store, tapping on accessories, and purchasing one from the list. Each additional tank costs more than the last.
  • You can switch your view from one tank to another by tapping on the tank’s name at the top of the screen. This opens a drop down menu where you can preview all of your tanks. Tap on the tank you would like to view in full screen to do so. You can rename tanks in the same way.
  • If you decide you don’t need additional tanks, you can sell tanks in two ways. Either open the finger menu and tap on Sell Tank, or you can tap on the tank’s name to sell particular tanks from the drop down menu.


Dolphin Play

  • You’ve completed the Quick Start Guide for Dolphin Play on the iPhone. Now you can become a master dolphin caretaker yourself. Also, be sure to keep checking back for more previews, reviews, guides and more from Gamezebo.

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