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Game Introduction – Dojo Mojo

Dojo Mojo is a free-to-play action game from Zynga where you battle with friends for supremacy over your land. Deploy various troops to invade neighboring villages. Send out coastal attacks and a menagerie of ninjas to do your bidding. Gamezebo’s quick-start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Quick Start Guide

Dojo Mojo

Getting Started

  • Dojo Mojo is free to play, and can be started by clicking the “Play Now!” option at the top of this page.
  • When you first start up the game, you’ll be dropped right into the heat of battle, with your sensei asking for help recovering the kidnapped princess.
  • To complete the first level, simply click on the larger area highlighted by Sensei and deploy all available ninjas so that they may infiltrate the enemy castle. Once you’ve successfully looted and taken over enemy territory, the game begins proper.
  • Choose a treasure chest as a reward from the princess and the first introductory mission is complete. You will be deployed into your village.

Village User Interface

Dojo Mojo

  • Gold: The gold meter is at the top left of the village UI and shows how far away you are from full gold capacity.
  • Sushi: The sushi meter is right next to the gold meter and displays how much sushi you have.
  • Jade: Right next to the sushi counter. This is how much jade you have.
  • Quest Log: Right beneath the Gold meter is a button, with Sensei’s face on it. Click to view the details of your current quest.
  • On Fire Meter: At the top of the screen in the very middle, this On Fire gauge displays how many battles you need to conquer to get the On Fire bonus.
  • Shields: To the right of the shield gauge is your ship slot counter, showing how many ship slots are available/occupied.

Dojo Mojo

  • Architects: On the top right of the screen is your Architect meter, which shows how many architects you currently have. Upgrade the architect hut to get more.
  • Battle Log: Beneath the Architects icon, the battle log shows how many times your village has been raided.
  • Torii Gate Requests: Beneath the Battle Log icon, you can click on this one to request extra battle units from friends.
  • Attack Menu: The first icon at the bottom right of the screen takes you to your attack menu, and you can choose between PvE or PvP battles.
  • Leaderboards: The icon to the right of the attack menu takes you to see the game’s leaderboards.
  • Shop: Directly beneath the attack menu button is the shop icon. Purchase defenses, decorations, defenses, jade, and more at the shop.
  • Settings: The bottom right button takes you to the settings menu.


  • Gold: You use gold to create new buildings and more. Collect gold from missions, looting enemies, destroying goldsmiths, and collecting via goldsmith buildings.
  • Sushi: Sushi can be used to train new troops. It’s gathered from sushi chef buildings and from looting enemies. Destroy more buildings for more sushi.
  • Mojo: Mojo is earned from defeating other players in multiplayer matches.
  • Jade: Jade is earned through completing tasks/quests and playing multiplayer battles.
  • Shields: Shields may be purchased to protect your village from enemy raids. When you attack a player on your own, your shield will go down.

Game Modes

Dojo Mojo

  • Single Player: The game contains 10 PvE levels and they basically act as tutorial missions since the real fun and challenge lies within competing in PvP. You can complete single player mode, however, by looting all the gold and sushi from each castle.
  • Multiplayer: Once you complete single player mode you’ll want to tackle multiplayer for challenging PvP. Each time you brawl in this mode you will spend gold, and winning these battles earns you Mojo, as well as sushi and gold.
  • On Fire: Though not a game mode, On Fire Mode is a special augment you’ll want to utilize during multiplayer battles. When you win 3 times consecutively, you’ll trigger Fire Modem which grants +25% movement speed, damage per second, and health bonuses.  It will last until the timer expires or you tackle one battle.


Dojo Mojo

  • Enemy Loot: At the top left part of the screen during Battle Mode, there’s a counter showing how much gold and sushi you can potentially loot from the enemy player.
  • Battle Timer: At the top center of the screen, find the Battle Timer. There is no limit in PvE, but PvP battles allot only a certain amount of time for the battle to be waged.

Dojo Mojo

  • Damage: At the top right of the screen your damage meter is displayed, counting up the destruction you’ve caused. When you do 33% damage to an enemy village, you receive a Ninja Star. Collect 3 for a flawless victory.
  • Troops: The bar at the bottom of the screen lists all available troops you can deploy. Click on the troop icon at the bottom bar and then click on the battlefield to deploy, or click and hold to deploy all.
  • Enemy buildings: Make sure you pay close attention to where you’re sending your troops, as you cannot control them once they’re out on the battlefield.

The Village

Dojo Mojo

  • The Palace: The Palace is the heart of our village and the most important building in your possession.  You must upgrade the Palace in order to unlock new buildings. Your treasures are also displayed here when you destroy enemy castles.
  • Architect Hut: The Architect Hut allows you to build and upgrade buildings and structures. It’s upgradable, and each time you do so, you gain another architect. You must spend Jade to do this.
  • Ships: Ships will transport your troops and aid in support attacks. You may have up to 3 ships total, with a single ship working by default.
  • Clan Hall: The guilds feature can be used here.

Village Defense

Dojo Mojo

  • Defenses: Keeping your village safe should be first and foremost on your list. Purchase and unlock defense mechanisms from here.
  • The Princess: The Princess acts as a defense unit unlocked when you upgrade your castle to level 3. The Princess cannot be taken to the ship to attack other players, however.

Dojo Mojo

  • Oni: The Oni unit is the only unit type for defense that will stay active during an enemy raid. These can be summoned at the Altar Building.
  • Shields: Shields are the most effective protection against enemy raids. You will need to be vigilant about replacing them, especially as they appear when you decide to attack.

Tips and Tricks

Dojo Mojo

  • You can’t control troops once they’re deployed, so be careful when deciding where to place them.
  • Units you place on the battlefield will not return to your village. They are used up, even if they survive.


You have completed Gamezebo’s quick start guide for Dojo Mojo. Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forums comments, and much more here at Gamezebo!

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