Dizzy Knight Tips, Cheats and Strategies


Dizzy Knight is yet another seemingly simple yet devilishly tricky title from Noodlecake Studios. It sees you play as a knight who must quest across 40 stages and reach the Spiral Throne.

The twist? The fact that the knight is actually constantly twisting. Hence the ‘dizzy’ in the title. So you have to control this whirling dervish of steel somehow, and here’s where our tips come in. Follow these strategies and you’ll end up ruling the realm in no time.

  • Keep away from the corners Dizzy Knight is a game where you’re constantly in attack mode, in some form or another. A good base strategy is to avoid getting into skirmishes in the corner of stages and getting ganged up by enemies. Things can turn bleak quickly if too many foes turn up around you at once.
  • Keep your finger close to your hero Keeping control of a knight who is constantly in a spin is tricky, to the surprise of no-one. We found that keeping your finger near your hero – rather than a few inches away from him – works best and you subsequently have more control of him.
  • Get rid of obstacles There are a lot of obstacles that turn up in each stage, many of them popping up in incredibly awkward locations. It’s often best to get rid of them before engaging enemies, especially as you’ll get coins and gems for your cleaning up efforts as well.

  • Consider risks Yes, coins and the like disappear after a certain amount of time – but if you’re sword deep in a battle it may be best to just ignore the shiny trinkets and focus on clearing away some enemies. Otherwise you might end up spending a lot more coins just to revive yourself.
  • Keep an eye out for the merchant The merchant often turns up during the action – so if you’re finding yourself short on potions he is well worth hitting up. Literally.
  • Don’t forget your special attack Tap the button in the bottom right to unleash a devastating special attack. If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed by enemies this is a good option to take – especially if (as mentioned above) you’ve found yourself surrounded in the corner of a stage.
  • Red arrows This is a tad obvious, but if you’re struggling to find a skirmish you can follow the red arrows on the edge of the screen that point you towards enemies. You’re welcome.

  • Enemy analysis If there’s a lot of enemies around you, judge which ones that can be taken out the easiest and pick them off first. Also if you can run away from a certain foe and isolate others in the process then that’s a very good strategy to take.
  • Complete quests Don’t ignore those quest objectives you see in-between stages whatever you do – completing them can help you unlock further weapons, which you may well find you’ll need to compete in latter parts of the game.
  • Experiment There are a range of different weapons to use in Dizzy Knight (once you’ve unlocked some anyway – see above), and it’s well worth experimenting with all of them. One tool that might frustrate someone might delight you. Keep things fresh but switching your kit up.
  • Try tilting If you’re finding the knight a bit difficult to handle – quite understandably too! – then you may want to check out the accelerometer control option. Tilting your device arguably makes things easier than by using the sometimes pernickety default touchscreen option.

Try these tips out for yourself by download Dizzy Knight for free now, via both the App Store and Google Play.

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