Divine Might Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Divine Might is a dungeon crawler for people who don’t want to have to rely on their reflexes to survive. As you take your adventurer on a long and winding quest to save the land of Laia, what matters the …

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Divine Might is a dungeon crawler for people who don’t want to have to rely on their reflexes to survive. As you take your adventurer on a long and winding quest to save the land of Laia, what matters the most is that your character is as powerful as it can possibly be ar all times.

That’s not necessarily as straightforward as it might sound, as this is a game with a lot of different ways to make your character’s stats better. In fact it can be downright confusing at times, but with the help of Gamezebo’s Divine Might Tips, Cheats and Strategies, you’ll be better prepared for all of the challenges in your path.

  • The Auto-Quest button in the top right-hand corner of the screen is your best friend. Even though the layout of this game is mostly linear, there can be times when you aren’t sure which zone to travel to or if you need to return to a quest-giver as your next step. Thanks to the Auto-Quest button, there’s no guesswork necessary. Simply tap it and you’re off to where you need to go. However …
  • You can have more than one quest active at a time. NPCs with an exclamation point over their heads may have side quests to hand out, and these can often yield more experience and rewards than your main quest. Since the Auto-Quest button steers you toward the story missions, you’ll want to open the Quest menu from the bottom of the screen and tap the “Auto-search” option for the desired quest to get headed in the right direction.
  • Enhancing your equipment is the easiest way to improve your basic stats, and since it only costs Silver, which you’ll generally have in abundance, you should be enhancing something all the time. Tapping the “Enhance” button at the bottom of the screen will take you directly to the menu and show you all six gear slots that can be enhanced, and tapping on any of them will show you the effect of the next enhancement. You can do five of them before you have to wait for the cooldown timer to expire, and if you have the dough, you should always do all five.
Divine Might Tips Cheats Strategies
  • Training your character and pet can enhance all of their basic attributes at once, but it’s also risky in the sense that it’ll sometimes increase two of them at the expense of the third. If you have Gold to spare, consider spending a few pieces of it to train, which will increase the likelihood that all of the attributes will get a boost.
  • There are a ton of Skills to learn in Divine Might, enough that they could easily fill up a guide of their own. Pets also have their own Skills, but the important thing to remember is that Honor is the resource you need to level up all of them. You generally want your Super Skill to be around the same level as your Basic Skill, as the former activates after several applications of the latter, so do your best to level them up equally.
  • Among the many rewards you can earn in Divine Might, one set of them is awarded simply for time spent online with the game running. So if you’ve got nothing better to do with your mobile device, you can earn some silver by just leaving the game open. You’ll also earn experience points for resting at the same time, potentially a much easier way to level up than grinding completed zones.
Divine Might Tips Cheats Strategies
  • You get 15 free Arena challenges per day, so even if you aren’t into PvP (and there’s really not much to it in this game anyway), you might as well use them. You can get there quickly by using the “Challenge” button at the bottom of the screen. Then it’s simply a matter of finding an opponent who looks weak enough to beat. The idea is to put together winning streaks, so picking the lowest level opponent from your five choices at any given time is always a good idea.
  • Once you unlock it, the Ability tree is one of the few ways to truly customize your character’s build. There are three “branches” to the tree — ATK, DEF and General — and better boosts can be enabled by concentrating your Ability points in one branch. If you’re unhappy with your build, the first reset of all Ability points is free, while later ones cost Gold.
  • The Mine is another way to make your gear better, as you can spend Silver to dig for Gems there that be inlaid into your weapons and armor. These work together with enhancement, as the higher the level of your gear, the more Games can be inlaid into each piece. You are always enhancing your gear at all times like we told you, right?
Divine Might Tips Cheats Strategies
  • If you feel the need to pay real money for Gold, here’s a double tip: do so during events that give you bonus Honor and loot, and remember to boost your VIP level. VIP status is cumulative based on how much gold you purchase and grants all kinds of extra bonuses, so if you’re going to spend real money playing this game, you definitely want to take full advantage of it.
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