Disney Wonderful Worlds Strategy Guide – Finish Every Level With These Hints, Tips and Cheats

By Harry Slater |

Disney Wonderful Worlds is a match-stuff puzzler that sees you building your own version of a Disney resort. It’s not the most complex game in the world, but there are some tricky bits here and there that you might need some help with. 

And that’s exactly why we’ve written this guide – to help you out. We’ve put a lot of work into Disney Wonderful Worlds and discovered some strategies that we think are going to get you out of a number of different sticky situations.

Follow these suggestions and – whether you’re a newcomer or you’ve been playing the game for a while – you’re going to be finishing every level more often than not. After all, these are the best hints, tips and cheats for Disney Wonderful Worlds.

Know what you need to do

The first thing you should do on every level is check the panel on the left of the screen to make sure you know what you’re supposed to be doing. It’ll tell you what the goals of the level are. Try and make sure every move you make is getting you closer to those goals. 

Be smart with special tiles

Don’t just fire off your special tiles wily-nily. Try and think about how you can gain the most out of using them. Look at what’s going to clear when you use them and try and get yourself in a position where you’re going to earn the most when you set them off. Think about where they’ll appear when you create them as well.

Use your powers as a last resort

The special powers along the right of the screen should be saved as last resorts. If it looks like you’re going to fail and the powers might give you a chance to finish the level before it happens, that’s the time to use them. Don’t waste them at the start of a level, because you could be spaffing them off in a losing cause. 

Check before you retry

Before you spend anything on getting some extra moves when you’ve failed a level, look at what you still need to do to finish it. If you’ve got a chance to complete the challenge, then take it. If you don’t, it’s best to restart the whole thing completely. It’s a little frustrating, but its better than wasting your hard-earned in-game currency. 

Complete the extra challenges

The game will often have side challenges running, like setting off a specific number of special moves or clearing out the correct number of shapes. It’s a good idea to try and complete these whenever you can, since they’ll give you extra goodies. And getting goodies is basically the point of the game. 

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