How To Perform The Disney Speedstorm Backwards Skill

How do you perform a backwards skill on Disney Speedstorm? Well, we have the answer for all the playable consoles!

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Struggling with hitting those Disney Speedstorm Backwards Skills? Our guide will run you through the mechanics! Believe it or not, the game doesn’t make it very obvious how to perform certain tasks and movements within the game. But we have it all figured out and will send you into your next race well-prepared!

Disney Speedstorm is the ultimate hero-based combat racer. Drift into high-speed circuits alongside a roster of familiar faces across plenty of different Disney franchises! Each character includes a set of unique skills for you to learn and utilize in races, securing your speedy victory in this thrilling racing experience.

Speed into the game! Check out Disney Speedstorm on Steam. We have tons of fun guides here on GZ, so why not also check out My Hero Ultra Rumble Leaks, or Haze Piece Totem Guide?

Disney Speedstorm Backwards Skill

So, let’s get into the guide!

What Is A Backwards Skill?

A backward skill allows you to throw collected items behind you to target players catching up to your position. Items generate randomly around the map whilst you race, and will have a variety of different perks for you to utilize. Some create barriers from behind attacks if you attach them to your vehicle. Whilst others become projectiles to toss behind you if you need a getaway.

How To Perform A Backwards Skill

The backward skill of course gets used differently depending on the console of play. So, let’s get right into it.

PC Command

To throw your powerups backward on PC, hit the down key + S button.

Switch Command

To throw your powerups backward on the Switch, hit the down analog + X button.

PlayStation Command

On PlayStation, hit the down button + the triangle button to throw backward.

Xbox Command

Finally, on Xbox, hit the down button + the Y button to throw powerups behind you.

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