Disney Magic Kingdoms Wreck-It Ralph Event: Which Quests Progress the Main Event?

The Wreck-It Ralph event has been on our screens for nearly an entire week now in Disney Magic Kingdoms. Now that time has passed, certain ambiguities have been cleared up and what you need to do can be outlined. Each week new characters will be available for unlocking, plus new costumes and attractions. However, you will need to complete all the main event quests to unlock everything. Just to clarify, these quests do not need to be completed in this exact order, it’s just more efficient to do so.

Main Event Quest line

There are many missions in this Disney Magic Kingdoms event that don’t directly contribute towards progressing through the main event quest line. These quests involve repetitive tasks where your characters gather event currency. I know that most items in the main event require us to stockpile event currency, but you could theoretically move through the main quest line doing none of these. To summarize, it doesn’t matter which side quests you pick, as long as they generate event currency. You can then use this event currency on progressing through the main quest line for this Wreck-It Ralph event.

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Week One

As I have previously mentioned, the Wreck-It Ralph event lasts for around four weeks, which means there is a load of main quests to do if you want to unlock every character. To unlock every character later on, you will want to have done all the missions before it and levelled up a few characters on the way. So, below is a list of all the missions you should aim to complete by week one. For some of us, it might be too late to have all these missions completed in time for week two, but that doesn’t matter. There is still around three weeks left to get as much out of the event as possible.

  • Welcome Ralph, 6m
  • Ralph Quest, 2h
  • Build Princess Dressing Room (500 Event Currency + 4h)
  • Ralph Quest, 4h
  • Welcome Spamley, 60m
  • Spamley Quest, 2h
  • Spamley Level 2 + Ralph Level 2, 6h
  • Welcome Cinderella (500 Event Currency) – skip this quest if you already have Cinderella
  • Comfy Cinderella Costume Unlocked
  • Ralph Level 3, 8h
  • Spamley Level 3, 4h
  • Build The Internet (5000 Event Currency + 8h)
  • Ralph Level 4, 8h
  • Welcome Yesss, Unlocks 29/11/18
  • Comfy Cinderella, 8h (Unlocks Vanellope and one of her welcome tokens, requires Comfy Cinderella Costume)

Disney Magic Kingdoms

What does this list mean?

Think of this list as a checklist of things to achieve in the first week of the event. It’s especially useful because keeping track of what to do next is especially difficult in the Wreck-It Ralph event. This is due to the number of side missions lying around, it’s hard to know if what you’re doing is what you should be doing. So you can look at this checklist and see what you’ve achieved and what you have left to do. Plus, you can align yourself to some point in the list, this way you will have a clear aim of what to do next, plus what you shouldn’t worry about yet.

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Disney Magic Kingdoms has a lot of side quests, main quests and quests that don’t really do much at all. If you want to get the most out of this Wreck-It Ralph event, you will want to complete every quest on this list. This will give you the best chance of completing all the quests in the next three weeks. Remember, once this event is over it will be nearly impossible to level up any of these characters, so get moving!

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