Disney Magic Kingdoms Tower Challenge Guide: Master This Halloween Event

Maleficent has never been one to be trifled with, and she’s back to cause more trouble in Disney Magic Kingdoms. She’s even putting aside any differences she might have with other Disney Villains to try to expand her curse and turn the magic into nightmares.

What’s a proud park owner like you to do? Not just sit back and let your park be overrun, that’s for sure. To fight back, you can tackle The Tower Challenge, working your way up the leaderboard and earning points that just might help you turn the tables on Maleficent once and for all while earning new characters and attractions.

As Halloween events go, this is a good one, so let our guide to the Tower Challenge answer any (or at least most) questions you might have. Let’s do this, and mind the villains.

Can Anyone Play The Tower Challenge?

Disney Magic Kingdoms

There’s no level requirement for the event per se, but you do have to have advanced far enough in Disney Magic Kingdoms to have unlocked the California Screamin’ roller coaster and completed the tutorial to earn Mickey’s Pirate costume. If you haven’t done those things, just keep playing and you’ll knock them out before too long.

Are Certain Characters Needed?

Sort of. The Tower Challenge has three chapters, with three collections of characters rotating between each one, as well as a featured collection and featured character. Even one character from any of the active collections will allow you to challenge the tower, but the more characters you have, the more times you’ll be able to complete the challenge and the more points you’ll earn.

On top of that, the event has limited time quests that focus on villains like the Evil Queen and Nightmare Before Christmas characters like Sally. So while those characters aren’t mandatory, they’re definitely helpful.

How Do You Challenge the Tower?

First, either find the Tower (you shouldn’t be able to miss Maleficent on it) or tap the purple button at the bottom of the main game screen. Next, tap the second tab from the top to bring up the Challenge menu.

Disney Magic Kingdoms

The first three buttons will allow you to pick a character from that collection to use, provided they aren’t tied up with another action. Once you’ve selected who you want, just tap the ‘Start the Challenge’ button. Your characters will be occupied dealing with Maleficent for two hours unless you pay some Gems to speed things up

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How Do You Earn Points and Maleficent Coins?

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Simply return to the Tower at the end of each challenge to collect both points and Maleficent Coins. Points earn you more Maleficent Coins too, both for hitting specific milestones and by increasing your standing on the leaderboard, which in turn earns you more rewards at the end of each chapter of The Tower Challenge.

Also, keep an eye out for any of your attractions that might have succumbed to the darkness. Tapping on them to remove the curse will score you some Maleficent Coins too.

What Are Refresh Items For?

Being a hero is hard work, and your characters will get tired every time they tackle the Tower. To pep them back up, you have hot chocolate, and every mug will allow one character to skip the timer that keeps them from going right back into the Tower Challenge.

The game also gives you one free daily refresh that refills every 24 hours. Use this to refresh all of your tired characters at once and continue to give Maleficent more than she bargained for.

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