Disney City Girl Walkthrough

Disney City Girl is a fashion simulation game created by Playdom. Guide your hometown girl away from the rolling fields and into the rich successes New York City has to offer! Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

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Game Introduction – Disney City Girl

Disney City Girl is a fashion simulation game created by Playdom. Guide your hometown girl away from the rolling fields and into the rich successes New York City has to offer! Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

  • Disney City Girl is free to play. Click on the “Play Now” button at the top of this page to play!
  • It’s important to know what the various buttons and meters surrounding your screen do! As such, here is a short description of each.
  • Coins- This is the game’s main currency. Use Coins to purchase items such as décor and clothing.
  • Gold- This is the game’s second form of currency. Gold can be used to purchase special exclusive items, as well as to skip tasks.
  • Glam- This is an alternate form of currency you may earn. Use it to buy special items such as décor and clothing that cannot be purchased with Gold or Coins.
  • Experience- As you complete missions and tasks, you will be rewarded with Experience, or “XP” for short. When you fill this bar, you will gain a level. Gain levels to earn rewards and unlock new content.
  • Energy- In order to do just about anything, you will need Energy. Typically a task, unless otherwise noted, costs 1 Energy. By default you will have 15 Energy total. When you use Energy, a countdown will begin until your energy refills by +1. When you run out, you will have to wait for more or use an item to replenish it.
  • Needs- Your character has five basic Needs: Friendship, Fun, Health, Hygiene, and Rest. These are displayed at the top of the screen and you will need to be aware of these in order to take good care of your character.
  • Settings- Toggle settings such as sound, music, and screen size from here.
  • Coffee Shop- This will unlock upon completing Jenna’s missions. It is a prime hangout that offers many forms of entertainment.
  • Work- Select this to Go to Work. From here you can perform jobs to earn rewards such as Coins and promotions to greater positions.
  • Daily Look- From here you can participate in the Daily Look competition, or choose to vote for other entries.
  • For Rent- Select this button to see what apartments are available for rent.
  • Shops- This button allows you to access a list of shops from which clothing items may be purchased.
  • Clothes- All the clothes you own can be accessed from this menu. When you purchase an item and send it to your closet, you can view it again from here. Click this tab to change your outfit.
  • Decor- This tab allows you to view and purchase possible décor for your home. You may also edit your décor from this menu and access décor you already own, but would like to interact with in some way (such as placing, selling, etc.).
  • Items- All of your collected Items and Skill levels can be viewed from this menu.
  • Friends- Your friends are displayed at the bottom of your screen. You may choose to visit them by clicking on their respective icon(s), or invite more to join you.
  • Missions- Current missions you can participate in are shown on the left side of your screen. Move your cursor over a mission to view the current status and requirements. Completing missions will unlock new missions, as well as offer you various rewards.

How to Play

  • Upon playing the game for the first time, you will be asked to customize the appearance of your character. Select each of the tabs to view various options such as hairstyles, skin, eyes, makeup, etc, and select the features you prefer. Once you’ve chosen your physical appearance, choose the clothing you would like your character to wear. You can rotate your avatar for different views by pressing the arrow buttons on the preview picture. Once you’re satisfied with your appearance, click “Done”.
Disney City Girl
  • You will immediately be given your first mission upon entering your new apartment. Missions are displayed on the left side of the screen. Click on an icon to view the requirements of a mission before it can be completed. You can also quick-view these requirements by simply moving your cursor over the icon, whereby a small tab will pop out, where you can view mission specifics from there. Completing missions will give you rewards such as Coins, Experience, or various other Items and bonuses. They will also unlock new missions upon completion.
  • Your first mission upon moving into your new apartment is to purchase some new furniture- specifically, a couch. To purchase furniture, click on the “Decor” tab in the lower right corner of the screen. In the lower left portion of the screen once this button has been selected, you will see numerous other buttons appear with small icons on them. Toggle your cursor over these icons to see what specific area or category of décor the items within apply to. In the case of the couch, it’s the “living room” tab. From here you may browse items and choose which you’d like to purchase, then place it within your home.
Disney City Girl
  • The Decor tab has three sub-categories: Featured, Market, and Storage. Featured displays any featured items currently being sold. Market allows you to choose the category of décor you’d like, then purchase and browse from there. Storage allows you to access décor you already own, but do not currently have displayed, and use it from here.
  • Once you’ve placed an item in your home and are still in the Decor tab menu, three small round icons will appear below the décor: Rotate, Sell, and Store. Rotate lets you rotate the item into the position you’d like. Sell allows you to quickly sell the item if you’d like. Store allows you to place the item in Storage until you’d like to access it again. Moving an item is as simple as clicking on it, moving it to the location you’d like, and clicking again to set it.
  • When applying new wallpaper or carpeting, select the design you would like to use. Then, click on a far end or corner section of where you’d like to apply the wallpaper or carpeting. Move your cursor over the area you’d like it applied, then click again to apply it. The price of the placement will also be displayed.
Disney City Girl
  • Needs. These are one of the most important aspects of the game. Needs are displayed at the top of the screen and are divided into five categories: Friendship, Fun, Health, Hygiene, and Rest. You will need to attend to these in order to keep your character happy. If an icon is green, it means the status of this Need is currently good. When an icon reaches red, you will have to address it before you can continue with any other tasks. Objects around your apartment, when selected, will have small icons next to their options. Oftentimes these will match one of your Needs icons, which means that doing that task will go towards improving the status of that Need (i.e. Resting on the couch will improve your Rest status). Note that some Needs, when improved, will decrease the standing of others.
Disney City Girl
  • When all of your Needs are in the green, you will become Dazzling. Dazzling will allow you to perform special actions and will also double the rewards of any tasks or actions you complete while applied. You will receive a notification when this happens, and your Needs bar will glow.
Disney City Girl
  • Now, you just wouldn’t be a City Girl if you didn’t do your fair share of shopping for new clothes. To do this, select the Shops button in the lower right corner of the screen. From here, select the store you would like to visit, then click “Shop”. You will see a selection of clothing that can be purchased with Coins, Gold, or Glam. You may preview how an article of clothing looks on your character by clicking on it before you purchase.
Disney City Girl
  • You may have noticed while browsing clothing that there are five small icons that display along with it, at least one of which will be illuminated. These icons correspond to certain style categories, such as Casual, Sport, Nightlife, etc. Some jobs and missions will require a certain dress code, so keep this in mind while shopping.
  • Speaking of jobs, you will find a small briefcase icon in the lower right corner of your screen. Click on this to Go to Work. Before you start working for the first time, you will need to choose a career that interests you. For starters, you may choose between Fashion Designer and Chef. You will unlock more career options as you progress in the game, whereupon you may also change your career field later as well.
  • Now that you have a career chosen, clicking on the Go to Work button will take you to your work menu. From here you can view what types of work you can do, what the costs are (Energy, Metro Tickets, etc), what the rewards are, and what the cool down time is. (Cool down time refers to how long it takes to recharge until you can do this job again). You will need to work in order to bring in Coins and obtain promotions. Promotions result in higher rewards, but oftentimes the cool down periods are longer as a result.
Disney City Girl
  • There will come a point where you will need to address your Friendship or social need. Do this by visiting friends! Click on the icon of one of your friends displayed at the bottom of your screen to visit their apartment. You may receive bonuses daily for visiting your friends, such as free energy to spend at their apartment. Talk with your friend to boost your Friendship need status. You may also receive special rewards for interacting with your friends. Sometimes tasks and missions will require you to visit a friend in order to complete them. Interacting with your friend’s apartment is exactly like interacting with your own task-wise. You may Return Home at any time by pressing the button on the lower right.
Disney City Girl
  • Now it’s time to address Style Points. You may have noticed that certain articles of clothing you own have numbers within a blue icon next to them. These represent style points. In the case of some situations, such as a particular job, you will want to dress in a certain style to earn bonus rewards. The more you dress to the occasion, the higher your reward will be. Select clothing with the highest number values to assemble the best outfit. You can access your clothing style at any time by clicking the Change Clothes (dress) icon to the right of the Shops button.
Disney City Girl
  • Between the Go to Work and For Rent buttons in the lower right corner of your screen, you will find the Daily Look. This is a daily competition in which you may participate for free to create an outfit or look for your character that best matches a theme. Oftentimes you will need to fulfill a certain Style Point requirement before you can enter. Participating in this may offer rewards such as Glam. You may also choose to Vote on outfits to acquire bonuses.
Disney City Girl
  • You may be wondering what those Items you collect throughout the game are all about. There are a wide variety to find, and many come from specific tasks. These items will come into play later by often becoming a requirement to have a certain number of them in order to complete a mission. If you need more, you can Ask Friends for them, skip the task with Gold, or toggle over the Mission or Item to see what tasks need to be completed in order to find that item. In the case of décor that needs to be Built, items such as these will be a requirement. You may view your items at any time via the My Items (storage chest) button in the lower right corner of your screen.
  • Skills are something you will imminently develop. By completing certain tasks, your skill meter in a certain category may increase. For example, reheating food counts towards your Cooking skill. Skills may be viewed via the My Items button.
  • Finally, by completing Jenna’s missions, you will unlock the Coffee Shop. This is a hangout away from home that will satisfy many of your needs, and also has its own set of missions to go along with it!
Disney City Girl

Tips and Tricks

  • When rotating an item in your apartment, such as a bed, if you are unable to rotate it into the position or direction you want, try moving the item into a more open area where it will be able to make the full rotation, before placing it in the specific area you’d like. Note this does not always work on wall-hanging items, as the walls are not always displayed.
  • Keys are an important item when it comes to unlocking new content such as new stores to shop at. Keys can be earned as rewards for completing various tasks and actions. You will need a certain number of these in order for new content to be unlocked.
  • When a job is cooling down, you may choose to skip that cool down for Gold. However, oftentimes when a job is in its final minute of cooling down, you may choose to eliminate the remaining time for free by paying “0 Gold”. This can be a useful tactic in making the most of your time.
  • When you complete tasks and missions, various small icons will appear around you, representing rewards. Move your cursor over these to collect them.
  • Glam can be earned by participating in the Daily Look and interacting with a friend at their apartment.
  • Gold can be earned by leveling up. It is the rarest currency and therefore should be saved as much as possible.
  • Here’s a useful tip to save time: Click on the Change Clothes icon to the right of the Shops icon in the lower right corner of the screen. Your character, and all the clothes you own, will be pulled up. Below your character you will see “Style 1 of 6- My Style” and blue arrows on either side of it. Click on these arrows to move to the next style. Each of the styles correspond to a certain theme, such as Everyday, Nightlife, etc. You can pre-arrange outfits for these themes and save them from here, so you can quickly select them when the occasion arises and don’t have to worry about assembling them per event. Make sure to arrange these outfits with the highest number of points possible for the best bonuses.


You have completed Gamezebo’s quick start guide for Disney City Girl. Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forums comments and much more here at Gamezebo!