Disney Checkout Challenge: Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Disney Checkout Challenge by Disney Mobile is an action / time management game that challenges you to scan an endless barrage of food items in a grocery store. The more you play, the faster the action gets – and if you don’t move as nimbly as Jiminy Cricket on a hotplate, your game will be over in no time.

That’s not to say failure is inevitable. Here are five tips that will help you bag a high score.

1. Keep up your momentum to achieve Frenzy mode


There are two lines of colored lights on the sides of the conveyor belts in Disney Checkout Challenge. As you scan items, these lights gradually come to life. If you manage to keep up your scanning momentum, the lights will fill entirely and you enter Frenzy mode. During Frenzy mode, you only need to touch an item to scan it – no barcode-hunting required.

It’s vital to scan at a quick, steady pace in order to enter Frenzy mode, so stay keen.

2. Use Frenzy mode to save your bacon


Frenzy mode isn’t simply a good way to build up your score. It’s also the number-one way to get yourself out of trouble if unchecked items start to gather at the bottom of your conveyor belt. Simply tap on the items in the danger zone to give yourself some breathing room. Frenzy mode only lasts for a few seconds, so use it well.

3. If you were a cashier in a previous life (or are currently one), you have a distinct advantage


No, seriously. Ever been a register jockey in real life? You actually have a clear advantage in Disney Checkout Challenge. Almost all the game’s UPC codes are placed where you’d expect to find them on real items. And if you think you’ve forgotten where those codes are, you’ll soon realize that muscle memory is a heck of a thing.

4. Memorize fruit and vegetable codes


Fruits and vegetables don’t have UPC codes printed on them. Instead, once you touch them, you’re asked to enter a relevant pricing code. Try to memorize these codes. The game pulls up a small pricing guide whenever you touch a loose item, but hunting for the numbers takes precious time.

5. Take note of a UPC symbol’s location on an item while it’s still on the conveyor belt


Quite often, an item’s UPC symbol will be directly facing you. This makes scanning the item as easy as picking it up. Since these items can be scanned in less than a second, let them travel down the belt a bit while you pick up and scan items that require you to hunt more thoroughly for their codes.

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