DinerTown Detective Agency Tips Walkthrough

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Dinertown Detective Agency is the latest hidden object game from Playfirst and Absolutist, bringing the lovable Dinertoons into an entirely new game genre.  

Check out our Dinertown Detective Agency walkthrough and strategy guide.


Bernie is known as the Bookworm of Dinertown and is always reading any book he can get his hands on. He especially loves mysteries and has always wanted to become a private investigator. He sees an ad in a magazine selling a Private Eye kit for $99.00 and has just enough money. Once his kit arrives he is ready raring to go and asks Flo to come along and help him solve the mysteries of Dinertown. Bernie and Flo find out all kinds of interesting things about the members of their town and also see that Mr. Big might be up to no good as well. What are the big secrets in Dinertown?


  • Solve cases by searching for evidence at the scene of the crime, eliminating suspects, and interviewing the residents of Dinertown to identify the culprit. The game can be played in "Story Mode" or "Free play Mode."  Story mode consists of finding items on the hidden object screens, and successfully completing puzzles and mini games which follow the story. Freestyle mode is strictly hidden object screens with no storyline, puzzles or mini-games.  Either mode can be played in a Timed or Relaxed mode. Timed mode gives you an allotted amount of time in which to find all objects on the list and if you are successful before time runs out you will earn bonus points and will be allowed to proceed to another level. In relaxed mode everything is the same except the timer is non-functional. There are several mysteries available and they are presented on a level map 5 locations at a time. Once you open a specific level map, you can choose to play the mysteries in any order you choose. You can save your game and it will give you the option to continue your game or start over.

  • Hints – Hints are available in all modes and there is a hint button located underneath the list of items to be found. The button must recharge before it can be used and gives off a chime when it is ready for additional use. If you can get through the entire level without using hints you will earn 500 bonus points for that level. You can use the hint button as many times as you wish in either mode but will lost points in
  • P.I. Badges – Each level in all modes offers the chance at extra time if you are in "Timed Mode" and extra points if you are in "Relaxed Mode" See image above with pink circle to see P.I Badge. Every time you play the game the badge will be hidden in different locations.
  • Case Journal – The book at the top of the object list is your "Case Journal" Here you will have all the information stored pertaining to your current case. This includes a list of suspects and items used in the case. Items will automatically document in the case journal as needed. You will never have to manually enter it yourself.
  • Search Screen- Every level begins with a search screen and a list of items on the left of the screen and 3 items which are to be located using a special forensic tool. There are 3 clues in every case that will lead you to potential suspects that you will eventually narrow down by solving various puzzles. Some items will trigger suspects to be added to the case journal and some will enter evidence into the case journal. Some levels have more than one search screen and you can move from one to the other by clicking on the yellow arrow on the screen.
  • Assembly Screen – Some display screens will require you find parts of broken up images that must be found in the scene. Once all parts are found the item will activate in the list and you will be able to click on it and drag it to various "Hot spots" located on the search screen. Once you drag the correct item to the hot spot it will trigger an action and release a clue and/or an additional piece of the broken up images.

  • Hot spots – Areas on a search screen that can be activated by dragging and dropping a completed image that was previously in several pieces hidden all over the scene. Once activated hot spots will release a clue or an additional piece of broken up image.
  • Special forensic Tools – Each mystery requires you find three items using a special forensic tool. These tools consist of "Magnifying Glass," "Fingerprint Duster", and the "Eye Dropper" The special tools are located underneath the list, (See image) and you must click on it to activate it. Once you have the glass activated, pass it over screen and you will only be able to view these items with a magnifying glass as they can’t be seen with the naked eye only. The fingerprint dusting kit requires you to click on it to activate and simply click on the areas you wish to dust. If you have been successful you will hear a bell and see the area highlight for a few brief moments. If you have the dropper click it on to activate and click on the areas you wish to test and if you are successful you will hear a chime and see the area highlight for a brief moment and it will disappear off of the master list.

Mini Games

  • Sequencing Puzzles – Drag and drop the cards into the correct sequence based upon the given clue and then click on the "Submit" button. If you do not get all of the cards in the right order, the ones that are correct will lock into place and you can try again until you get them all correct. Each card corresponds to a potential suspect and this game is used to eliminate half of them. Once you have the suspect list down to three you will question people in Dinertown to help you figure out who the culprit is.
  • Jigsaw Puzzles – Here you have three puzzles to complete that produce the alibi for various suspects and by completing the puzzles you will eliminate these people from your suspect list. Click on the puzzle piece and drag it to the are you wish to place it. Puzzle pieces will not lock into any area accept the correct area. You can scroll through the available pieces by clicking on the arrows on each side of the inventory.
  • Fingerprint Puzzle – There are three fingerprints that have been found at the scene of the crime. You are given the three fingerprints and six suspects prints. You will have to match the prints correctly to eliminate the other three suspects. Drag the magnifying glass over the print and study it. Click on the print and then click on the print that matches it and a line will form between the two prints. Once you have done this for all the prints you will hit submit. If you guess incorrectly you will be given another chance until you have the correct answer. This will eliminate three suspects and you will move on to interview towns people about the remaining three to solve the case.

  • Questioning/Interviewing the residents of Dinertown – Logic Puzzle.  Here you will be taken to a screen with you final three suspects and nine informants you will interview for facts. Click on an informant along the left side of the screen and at the top you will see a statement about one of the three suspects. The suspects have 3 questions that can only be answered "Yes" or "No." Once you have all three questions answered based on you informants information you will use logic and Bernie’s guidelines along the top of the screen to decide who is guilty and who is innocent. Click on the box to place a check in it and click again to remove it. At the bottom you will click on two "innocent" and one "guilty" based on your detective work and hit "Submit" if you are incorrect it will give you another chance to figure things out. Once you have guessed correctly the culprit will appear and explain why he or she committed the act.

  • Ordering/Sequencing Puzzles – Several puzzles will require you to place things in a logical order based on the clue at the top of the page. If you are incorrect in any of your guesses you can try again. Any correct answers will lock in place. Hit submit when you are finished ordering your items.


The following walk through has the answers for every puzzle and the location of the three major clues for each level. Each time you play the game you will be given a different list of items to search for so it is impossible to list the answers for the search screen. If I have found a particular item very hard to find I will list it for you. The levels can be played in any order you wish so this order does not give you any kind of advantage. Some levels have more than one search screen and all levels in Story Mode had puzzles and Mini games. The puzzle solutions for the Mini games  can vary from the solutions shown in the images here, but the solution will be very similar and the image should help you figure out any puzzle you are having trouble with.

General hints and tips

  • Try not to use the hints if you are going for a high score. If you do not use them during a level you will receive 500 bonus points. 
  • All errors are forgiven in the game. If you make a mistake the game will let you continue until you get all the correct answers.
  • If you fail to find all items in a timed mode screen you will be allowed to try again.
  • You can play the levels in any order you choose there is no advantage playing any one level before or after another.
  • Each time you play a level over again it is a new screen with new items on the list. The only constant is the three clues needed to solve the mystery, these are the same every time you play.
  • Click on the yellow arrow to toggle between scenes.

Level Map

"Natural History Museum, the case of King Butt"

1.  Mystery – Someone made a mess of the Museum drawing graffiti on the walls. Who would do this and why?

2.  Clues – Pink Marker, Wall graffiti, and Piece of fabric. (Found with magnifying glass only)

3.Sequencing Puzzle Solution.

4. Narrow down the suspect list.

5. Interview the informants and completed logic puzzle.

6. Hal the Hungry man is the culprit. Case Closed.

"Grocery Store, the Case of the Cereal Aisle Surprise."

1. Clues – Chocolate bars, Glue, and pamphlet. (Circled)

2. Solution to Fingerprint puzzle.

3. Narrow down the suspect list.

4. Interview the informants in town.

5. Leo is the culprit. He is cranky from being forced to turn vegetarian by his girlfriend Lulu. Case Closed.

Elementary School, the Case of Gerbil Jailbreak"

1. Mystery – Someone has freed all the animals from their cages in the elementary school. Who would do this and why?

2. Clues- Broken cage door, Article, and Gold Key. (Circled.)

3. Solution to sequencing puzzle.

* In this puzzle you will have a few cards in the correct place to start off with. Use this as a guide as you work. Note not all the puzzles will look exactly like this picture as they change each game but this will give you the correct sequence so check yours carefully if it is different than the image.
You will place items by color and by the following categories, technology, entertainment, sports, food, and animals.

4. Solved Jigsaw Puzzles.

5. Narrow down the suspect list.

6. Interview the informants and make your decision.

7. Tina is the culprit. She felt no animals should be kept in cages and freed them all. Case Closed.

"Gym, the case of Compromising Positions" 

Mystery- Someone is taking pictures of people why they work out in the gym and they aren’t the most flattering poses.

1.  SCENE 1: Everything is in pieces in the hidden object screen. Find all the pieces and when you have them all the item will activate. Drag completed item to the correct hot spot and you will see either a clue or additional piece of on object to click on.

Hot Spots Scene 1
A. Punching Bag – "We need something sharp to cut open this punching bag."
B. Fan – "The electric fan needs power"
C. Treadmill – " Hey the buttons are missing on the treadmill!"

Battery – Drag to electric fan and click on the photo that flies out of it.
Green Button – Drag this to the treadmill console. Treadmill will turn on and a picture will fly out. Click on this and any additional pieces.
Red Button – Click on picture and last piece of cloth for towel.
Scissors – Drag to the punching bag and click on the sunglasses that appear.

2.  SCENE 2 – You can toggle between Scene 1 and 2 to solve the level. Click on the yellow arrow to move from room to room. Drag the completed items to the appropriate hot spot.

Hot spots Scene 2
A. Mirror – "The mirror is broken, what bad luck, I should fix it."
B. Shower – " How do we get him out of the shower?"
C. Light – " We can’t see anything in here!"

Light Bulb – Drag to the light fixture and it will turn on and a picture will appear click on it to add to inventory.
Repair Mirror – Click on picture and additional items if any.
Shoe – Drag to other shoe and click on cell phone and additional items if any.
Towel – Give to the guy in the shower and click on the shovel that appears.

3. Narrow down the suspects and develop theories.

4. Interview informants and make final decisions.

5. Coco is the culprit! She wanted to study the positions of people while exercising to develop a new active wear line. CASE CLOSED.

"Zoo, the Case of the Party Animals." 

Mystery – Someone was partying with the lions in the Zoo and made a huge mess.

1. SCENE 1 – Find all of the random pieces until you have completed them. Then drag to the appropriate hot spot to activate it and click on any clues released from that area. Click on the yellow arrow to toggle between scenes 1 and 2.

Scene 1 Hot spots
A. Turtle Statue – "I think there used to be something else on this fountain."
B. Lion’s Den – " There’s another animal in there. How do we get it out?"

Steak – Give it to the Lion in the Den. It will go to sleep. Click on the bread piece and clue that appears.
Parrot Sculpture – Drag onto Turtle Fountain (A.) Click on trowel and Shark head that appears.
Ball – Drag ball to Lion’s Den on the right side the cub’s head will appear when you see it click on it and the cub will play with the ball. Shredded magazine pages which is a clue appears click on that as well as the screwdriver handle.

2. SCENE 2 – Drag all completed items in list to the appropriate hot spot.

Scene 2 Hot spots
A. Large Tank with Seaweed – "Ugh, How do we clear out all this seaweed?" and "We should get a better look at those fish but they swim away"
B. Smallest Tank with Catfish-"This tank is all wrong! This fish doesn’t like light."
C. Tank with Pearl – "That pearl looks suspicious, how are we going to get it out?"
D. Chain from Ceiling – "Looks like something very large hangs from here."

Screwdriver – Drag it to Tank (B) then click on picture that appears after fish glows.
Shark – Hang Shark on the chain at Ceiling (D) Click on brush in sharks mouth and the piece of the ball.
Rock – Place in Pearl Shell (C) and click on the pearl inside.
Bread – (If you have trouble finding the bread look in all corners of tanks and to the right fin of the goofy eyed big fish in big tank) Drag the bread to the top of large tank (A) and it will lure the fish. Click on the bird’s head and glitter from dressy shirt.

3. Completed Jigsaw Puzzles

4. Narrow Down the Suspect List.

5. Question the informants and make a decision.

6. Simon the Star is the Culprit! He was called a "Has Been" by Celebrity Magazine so he decided he wanted to Party with some real animals! CASE CLOSED!

Level Map 2

"Flo’s Diner, the Case of the Sticky Situation"

Mystery – "Someone is sticking gum all over the diner.. Who could it be?"

1. Clues – Denture Polish, Gum, and Dental Bill Invoice. (Circled)

2. Completed Mini Game Puzzle
Place the food items on the tray in order of succession. Note the image could vary a little bit from the puzzle you have but they are basically the same.

3. Completed Jigsaw Puzzles.

4. Narrow down the suspect list.

5. Interview the informants and make your final decision based on Bernie’s theories about the culprit.

6. The culprit is Seymour! Seymour’s new dentures make him want to chew all the time and he can’t stop himself! CASE CLOSED!

"Senior Center Activity Room, the Case of the Board Game Bandit!"

Mystery – Someone keeps taking the very best game pieces from the games in the activity room!

1. Clues- Mashed Potatoes, Jangly Keys, and Sippy Cup. (See Circled)

2. Completed Fingerprint Puzzle

3. Narrow Down Suspect List

4. Question informants and make a decision based on Bernie’s theories.

5. The culprit is Baby Bobbie! Bobby says "Game Pieces taste good!" CASE CLOSED.

"Laundromat, the Case of Pretty in Pink"

Mystery – Someone snuck mystery red laundry into every one’s machines and now all the clothes are pink! Who did this?

1. Clues – Checkered Cloth, Silver ladle, and Detergent. (See Circled)

2. Completed Mini Game
Keep in mind the items in the image may not be identical to your puzzle but you still should be able to solve yours off of it.

3. Completed Jigsaw Puzzles

4. Narrow down the Suspect list.

5. Question informants and make a decision based on Bernie’s theories.

6. The Culprit is Tony! He was going broke washing all his red tablecloths so he decided to toss his in with other people’s laundry. CASE CLOSED!

"Big Corp. Break Room, the case of the Jelly-Fingered Fugitive"

Mystery – Someone has poked their fingers into all the Jelly Donuts and left the ones they didn’t like in the box."

1. SCENE 1

Clues – Jelly Stained Napkin, Lipstick stained mug, and Poison control number.

Scene 1 Hot spots
A. Hard Drive – "Nice music collection"
B. Dart Board – "What do employees throw darts at?"
C. Keyboard – "Where’s the reboot Key?"
D. Half of Action Figure Doll -"Poor Guy"

Photo – Place on dart board.
Green Message Note – place on Bulletin board (B Sc. 2) when number appears click on it.
Action figure legs – Drag to the Action figure Body (D)
Cd’s – Place on CD player then click on Jelly stained napkin and part of key that appears.
Computer Key – Drag to Keyboard (C) Computer will turn on click on message that appears on the monitor screen.

2. SCENE 2

Scene 2 Hot spots
A. Vending Machine – "Shall we buy something from here?"
B. Bulletin Board – "A note is missing from the board."
C. Plant upper cabinet -"These plants look wilted."
D. Microwave -"Used to cook cold food."

Frozen Food – Place in Microwave (D) take out orange piece and click on extra item.
Watering Can – Drag to (C) plants and water them.
Coin- Drag to vending machine (A) click on key and part of picture.

3. Finger Print Puzzle Solutions

4. Narrow down the suspect list.

5. Interview the informants and make a decision based on Bernie’s theories about the case.

6. The Culprit is Barb! She loves donuts but is allergic to most ingredients so she took a peek so she wouldn’t blow up. CASE CLOSED.

"Theater Lobby, the Case of the Bulk Blowout!"

Mystery – Someone opened the bulk candy dispenser and spilled hard candies all over the lobby floor.

1. SCENE 1

Hot spots for Scene 1
A. Green Winged Dinosaur -"He can’t fly with a missing wing."
B. Light Fixture on Ceiling – "A light is missing."
C. Theater Door – "The door is locked."
D – Headless Dinosaur-"Hey, where’s your head?"

Dinosaur’s head – (D) Place on dinosaur’s body then click on book behind his head.
Lamp – (B) Place in in the light fixture near ceiling and click on piece of key.
Key – (C) Drag to locked door and door will open giving access to Scene 2. Click on monthly movie club membership.

2. SCENE 2

Hot spots for Scene 2
A. Wall Switch – "This wall is missing a switch."
B. Projector – "That’s the projection Room."
C. Row 3 Seats -"Someone stole this seat."

Switch – (A) Drag to wall switch plate and curtain will open. Click on the 2 items on the stage. Go back to scene 1 and click on projector piece on the round sofa seat. Also their is a wing piece above the snack bar.
Wing – (A Sc1) Go to scene 1 and drag wing to wingless dinosaur near ceiling. Click on item above talking couple’s picture and above snack bar.
Battery – (A Sc1) Bird’s chest opens up for a battery after wing is applied. Drag battery to it and now the wings move. A piece of theater seat drops from it click on it.
Seat – Go back to Scene 2 and drag seat to row of seats (C) a projector lens piece will appear click on it.
Projector – Drag projector to projector area (B Sc2) and the projector will begin to play. Click on clipboard.

3. Completed sequence puzzle

Solution – Water, Orange Juice, Grape Soda, Ice Cream, Popcorn and Hamburger.

4. Narrow the list of suspects down to three.

5. Interview the informants and make a decision based on Bernie’s theories about the case.

6. The culprit is Mr. Big! Mr. Big can’t stand the sound of people sucking on hard candies during a movie so he decided to let them out on the floor to stop it. CASE CLOSED!


"Big Corp. Break Room the case of the Slimmed – Down Bandit."

Mystery – Someone has been replacing Barb’s special ladies Light and Lean meals with high fat look a-likes. She’s put on 15 pounds in 1 month!

1. SCENE 1

Scene 1 Hot spots
A. Locked Drawer – "The drawer is locked."
B. Chair – "Who broke this nice armchair?"
C. Mouse pad – "The mouse is missing."
D. Phone – "Where is the receiver?"
E. Plant – "It’s lacking some color."

Arm Chair Handle – Click on yellow piece and money on floor.
Plant/Flower – Place on plant lacking color (E) click on glowing piece and piece of key below it.
Coffee Pot – Place on empty Coffee Maker click on fitness magazine and piece of the mouse.
Mouse – Place on mouse pad (C) click on batteries and calculator and click on piece of receiver on top of computer monitor.
Phone Receiver – Drag to phone and click on clock piece that appears as well as trashed lunch bags.
Key – Place key on locked drawer (A) and click on sandwich that appears.

2. SCENE 2

Scene 2 Hot spots
A. Spill on Floor – "Someone could slip on this water."
B. Round spot above Bulletin Board – "Something wrong fits on this wall."
C. Coffee Maker – "No one ever refills the coffee."

Caution Sign – Place on water spill (A) Click on flower that appears there.
Clock – Place in area about Bulletin Board (B) click on item at top left of Bulletin board and above clock.

3.Completed Puzzle

Clue – A basic meal begins with your ABC’s. Drag items into the correct order alphabetically as follows and hit "submit."
Apple, Banana, Cherry, Donut, Egg, and Fish.

4. Narrow down the suspect list.

5. Interview the informants and make a decision based on Bernie’s theories in the case.

6. The culprit is Colin! He wanted to lose a couple of pounds but was too embarrassed to buy the Ladies dinners so he started to take Barbs. CASE CLOSED!

"Front Yard, the case of the Mistaken Res-identity"

Mystery – Someone removed all the house numbers so our new mail person left the mail in a big pile out front. Bad time for a wind storm!

1. Clues – Zip Code Map, Shredded Mailbox Mailer, and Free Mailer.

2. Completed Puzzle
Clue – Now where’s my calculator! Arrange from lowest to highest.
*Solve each math problem and arrange each answer from lowest to highest.
Answer – 4,6,12,15,20,34, and 46.

3. Narrow down the suspect list.

4. Interview the informants and make a decision based on Bernie’s theories on the case.

5. The culprit is JO! She accidentally mailed out a gym membership that would have ruined her business and had to get them back at all cost!

"Library, the Case of the Whodunnit’s Whodunnit."

Mystery- Some one’s been tearing out the last few pages of all the mystery books in the library!

1.Clues- Rejection Letter, How to book, and Ink Stain.

2. Completed Puzzle
*Complete each row by putting the pictures together like a puzzle with all images connecting. (See graphic)

Completed Fingerprint Puzzle

3. Narrow the suspect list.

4. Interview the informants and make a decision based on Bernie’s theories about the case.

5. The culprit is Ernie! He has been having trouble coming up with endings for his books so he thought he would surround himself with the endings of other books to see if it would help. CASE CLOSED.

"Park, the case of the Off-Road Rampage."

Mystery – Someone left deep tire tracks all over the park.

1. Clues – Glow Stick, Parking Receipt, and Dance Flyer.

2. Jigsaw Puzzle Solutions.

3. Narrow the suspect list.

4. Interview the informants and make a decision using Bernie’s theories about the case.

5. The culprit is Karma! She was experimenting with vehicles in the park to see if it could handle a drive thru movie theater! CASE CLOSED.

"Clothing Store, the Case of the Dramatic Dummies."

Mystery – Someone has been sneaking in and dressing Bobbi’s mannequins like they belong in a Renaissance Fair.

1. Clues- Theater Poster, Girl’s Picture, and Self Help Book.

2. Solved Jigsaw puzzle.

3. Narrow down the suspect list.

4. Interview the informants and make a decision based on Bernie’s theories about the case.

5. The culprit is Tyler! Tyler was trying to get over a terrible case of stage fright by practising with the mannequins. CASE CLOSED!

"Zoo, the case of Polar Bear Bubble Bath."

Mystery – Someone filled up the polar bear pool with bubbles last night.

1. SCENE 1

Scene 1 Hot spots
A. Polar Bears – " The bears look mighty hungry after that Bubble Bath."
B. Balloons – "Up, up and away!"
C. Elephant Statue – "This statue doesn’t look right."
D. Trash Barrel – "A funny noise is coming from in there."

Trout – Give trout to hungry Polar bear (A). He will walk back and forth now. Click on teddy bear and baby shampoo.
Bag of Chips – Give to animal in trash can (D) and click on scissors and piece on raccoon.
Scissors – Click on balloons. (B) Click on raincoat clue.
Elephant head – Click on elephant statue (C) click on cane and coral.


Scene 2 Hot spots
A. Crazy Eyes fish – " This fish is blocking my view."
B. Red Coral – " This coral doesn’t look quite right."
C. Clam – " How can I get this open?"
D. Anemone – " This anemone looks ticklish."

Clam – Place crowbar on clam and click on fish lead and rubber ducky.
Coral – Click on red coral (B) then click on shoe and net piece.
Fish Scooper – Drag to weird looking fish (A) it will move then click on bracelet.
Feather- Drag to ticklish anemone (D) spits out passport click on it.

3. Completed Puzzle
Place items in order from largest to smallest.
Answer – Elephant, Giraffe, Lion, Monkey, Parrot, and Lizard.

4.  Narrow down the list of suspects.


5. Interview the informants and make a decision based on Bernie’s theories about the case.

6. The culprit is Baby Bobbie! He accidentally dropped his bottle of bubbles in the polar bear pool last night! CASE CLOSED!

"Big Corp. Cubicle, the case of the Summer Intern Blues."

Mystery – Someone pranked the interns and messed up his action figures.

1. Clues- Big’s photo, credit card application, and certificate. (Circled)

2. Finger Print Matching Puzzle Solution.

3. Narrow down the suspect list.

4. Interview the interns and make a decision based on Bernie’s theories about the case.

5. The culprit is Miss Mink! She was jealous of Tyler’s internship and didn’t want him to have more credit cards than her. CASE CLOSED.

"Front Yard, Case of the Unplanned Pizza Party."

Mystery – Someone ordered pizza to Grandma Flo’s house from all the worst Pizza places in Dinertown.

1. Clues – Phone number 1, Flo’s address, and Phone number 2.

2. Solution to Puzzle (See Image Below)

Clue – Count the Toppings
Count the Pizza toppings and line them up from smallest to largest.
Answer – 0,4,8,12,16, and 20. 

3.Narrow the list of suspects

4. Interview the informants and make a decision based upon Bernie’s theories about the case.

5. The culprit is Tony! He was hurt when Grandma compared his pizza to substandard Pizza in town and wanted to get even. CASE CLOSED!

 "Elementary School, the Case of the Gold Star Bonanza."

Mystery – Someone has been putting gold stars to all of the copper star students.

1. SCENE 1

Scene 1 Hot Spots
A. Chalkboard – "How can I clean the chalk board?"
B. Tree Drawing – " Where are the leaves?"
C. Broken Chair – "This chair is broken?"

Sponge – Drag to chalkboard and clean it. A new hot spot will for asking, "Where can I find chalk?"
Tree – Drag to Tree drawing.
Chair back – Drag to broken Chair and click on green shovel.
Pink Chalk – Drag to board and a message appears click on the message and it will go away.

2. SCENE 2

Scene 2 Hot Spots
A.Blinds – " I need something to open the blinds with."
B. Area on Wall – "This fish is blocking my view"
C. Bulletin Board – " Part of this Jellyfish is missing."
D. Cupcakes – " Who stole the cake?"

Blind Rod – Place on Blinds and click on red book and last sponge piece.
Speaker – Drag to area on wall above Chef picture. Click on piece that falls out.
Cake – Drag to cupcakes and click on green post it note
Jellyfish Legs, Drag to bulletin board and click on sock and black piece of chair that falls out.

3. Jigsaw Puzzle Solutions

4. Narrow down suspect list.

5. Interview the informants and make a decision based on Bernie’s theories of the case.

6. The culprit is Tyler! He was upset his baby brother had no Gold stars so he did some redistributing. CASE CLOSED.

"Senior Center Activity Room, the Case of Greased Lightning."

Mystery – Someone souped up all of the scooters to go twice their normal speed.

1. Clues – Fresh Peppers, Screwdriver, Powered Battery.

2. Puzzle Solution
Put the correct outfit in the correct case keeping all the correct items together.

3. Jigsaw Puzzle Solutions.

4. Narrow down the suspect list.

5. Interview the informants and make a decision based on Bernie’s theories about the case.

6. The culprit is Margarita! She was tired of the seniors holding up the line at her salad bar so she decided to speed them up a bit. CASE CLOSED

Level Map

"Gym, the Case of the One-Minute Workout."

Mystery – Someone is setting the machines to super high speed modes.

1. SCENE 1

Scene 1 Hot spots
A. Poster – "Wasn’t she holding something?"
B. Treadmill – "Another button went missing."
C. Ball – " The Ball is blocking something."

Yellow Button – Put on treadmill and it turns it on men’s magazine comes out and a piece of a key click on those items.
Trophy – Drag to poster on wall and click on pink nail polish that appears as well as piece of knife.

2. SCENE 2

Scene 2 Hot Spots
A. Sink – "The faucet is broken."
B. Shower Curtain – "Let’s find a way to get rid of this curtain."
C. Green Towel – "Ugh, this towel reeks! Let’s get rid of it!"
D. Locker – "It’s Locked!"
E. Scale – "This scale used to measure weight."

Clues – Men’s magazine, Barbell, and protein bar.

Key – Drag to the locked locker and click on barbell and piece of needle on the shelf nearby.
Needle – Drag to green ball and pop it. Click on the remaining protein bar and piece of salad tongs.
Knife – Drag to Shower curtain and cut it away. Click on weight piece and blue cloth.
Tongs – Drag to green towel and click on sticker and faucet handle piece above it.
Faucet Handle – Drag to faucet and it turns it on. Mirror steams up then you will see a phone number. Click on the number.
10 Pound Weight – Drag to scale and click on item next to it.

3. Puzzle Solution

Place the kids in order based on the order of the colors of the rainbow.
Use the mnemonic ROY.G.BIV for Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.
(See image for solution.)

4. Narrow down the suspect list.

5. Interview the informants and make a decision based on Bernie’s theories about the case.

6. The culprit is Duncan! He didn’t want to spend hours working out so he decided to speed up all the machines. CASE CLOSED.

"Clothing Store, the Case of the not-so-fun-house Mirrors."

1. Clues – Darla’s Menu, Mirror Shards, and Get Light Magazine.

2. Jigsaw Puzzle Solutions

3. Narrow down the suspect list.

4. Interview the informants and make a decision based on Bernie’s theories about the case.

5. The culprit is Darla! She wanted to make people think they were heavier so they will eat her diet lunch meals. CASE CLOSED.

"Laundromat, the Case of the Missing Mates."

1. Clues – Fresh Milk, Gone Spray, and Cow Bell.

2. Fingerprint Puzzle Solution

3. Narrow down the suspect list.

4. Interview the Informants and make a decision based on Bernie’s theories about the case.

6. Mrs. Smith is the Culprit! She was worried about keeping her livestock warm in the winter so she took a few extra socks from the laundromat. CASE CLOSED.

"Natural History Museum, the Case of Mummy’s Curse."

Mystery – Someone is wrapping themselves in Mummy tape and scaring the little kids! "

1. Clues – Mummy head piece, Cursed Tablet, and Crow Bar.

2. Fingerprint Puzzle Solutions.

3. Narrow down the suspect list.

4. Interview the informants and make a decision based on Bernie’s theories about the case.

5. The culprit is Grandma Flo! She wanted to hang around the mummies so she wasn’t the oldest person in the room. CASE CLOSED

Level Map

"Mr. Big’s Office, the Case of the Real Detective."

Mystery- Someone broke into Mr. Big’s office and tore the place apart looking for something and it is making Mr. Big very grumpy.

1. Clues – Rock Star Ad, Astronaut Ad, Car Driver Ad.

2. Completed Circuit Puzzle
Note that you may not have the exact pattern as shown in image but you must match all edges with the same color.

3. Completed Sequence Puzzle (See Image)

4. Narrow the suspect List.

5. Interview the informants and make a decision based on Bernie’s theories about the case.

6. The culprit is Bernie! He snuck into Mr. Big’s office to prove he was the one behind several mail order scams.

6. Ending Storyline – Bernie was able to prove that Mr. Big was behind the scams and won an award from the Mayor and the "Online Scams department" After such success, he decided to go into business as Dinertown’s very own Private eye.

Congratulations you have completed the game!

Fun Facts
If you would like to submit your high score for medals you can join http://www.playfirst.com and click on submit score using your log in information. You medals will appear on your Playfirst account profile page.


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