Diner Dash: Flo on the Go Tips & Tricks (provided by Hklim) Walkthrough

By Joel Brodie |

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Check out our Diner Dash: Flo on the Go Strategy Guide, provided by Hklim):

  • To play Diner Dash: Flo on the Go, the most important things to do are to make long chains, match the colors, and keep the customers happy.
  • The first thing you must do is see how many tables there are on the level. If there are 5 tables on the level, be sure to wait on all 5 groups of customers and seat them all quickly. This will help you create large chains and earn more money . Wait on the big row frequency.
  • Always use the podium. Some levels require the podium to keep the customers happy when they were waiting in long lines.
  • Sometimes, events will happen that will break your chain. As examples, the baby pours water on the floor, the baby needs a snack, or the tourists need to take a snapshot. Do these first before you are make a chain.
  • Give customers a drink to make them happy, but please do so before you start or after you finish a chain. If not, you will break your chain.
  • Color matching is important. You must always match the customer colors to the seat colors. Matching colors will earn you color combos until you reach the maximum multiple of 4.
  • Cell-phone Addicts always make noise so group them into one corner. Be sure that the customers you seat beside the cell-phone addicts do not mind noise, such as families, joggers,and lovebirds. Bookworms dislike noise the most so don’t seat them beside Cell-phone Addicts.
  • A father with a son, 2 mothers with twins babies, and a senior with a father, mother and baby can all form a family. Remember that the baby must sit in a high chair, so the mothers with 2 babies must sit at 4-tops tables and be given 2 high chairs.
  • Pay close attention to babies. They can make a spill and cry if they are unhappy. Make sure that babies do not make too much noise or gross out other customers.
  • For lovebirds, seat them only at 2-top tables. Make an empty 2-top table for them to be seated first.
  • Don’t leave the lovebirds alone for a long time or they will make noise by smooching and annoy other customers.
  • Some levels have very unique twists, such as the dark and the shaking levels.
  • For the shaking levels, the waters always spills out on the floor. You can create a big chain by just mopping all the water away.
  • For the dark levels (levels with no light), there is a spotlight provided. Be sure you know where you are and click the locations carefully.
  • By playing as “expert” for 10 levels in a row, you will unlock the secret levels. These are fun!
  • And dont forget: You can make your favorite Waitress, Flo, more beautiful, by changing her clothes. The more levels as you play, the more beautiful clothes you can earn. You also can click the “shuffle” button to change clothes randomly.
  • Stuck on a level or have a question? Submit a comment below. The Gamezebo community of casual gamers are the among the nicest people in the world and may have an answer for you.


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