Diner Dash 2 Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

By Joel Brodie |

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OK, so you’ve mastered Diner Dash. But Diner Dash 2 is loaded with new customers, restaurants, and challenges. Check out our Diner Dash 2 Tips & Tricks!

  • Step up to the podium! Use the podium in between chains to make sure you don’t lose any customers tired of waiting for a table.

  • It’s all about timing! In later levels of the game, let customers line up so that you can seat them more strategically. Seat customers that are going to take the longest first and the impatient customers last — that way everyone will be ready to order at the same time.
  • Don’t forget everyone’s favorite part of the meal. Make sure you keep your customers happy so that they all order dessert when it’s available to sweeten your score!
  • Everyone enjoys a drink on the house! If you see a drink station in your restaurant, bring drinks to the tables and feel the love.
  • Test your multi-tasking skills and earn a bonus along the way. Chain your activities and try taking a bunch of orders in a row Instead of completing one task at a time.
  • Cell-phone Addicts may be annoying to most patrons but tolerated by others. Families don’t mind noise so it’s safe to seat them near those chatty cell phone guys.
  • Remember those color matching games from kindergarten? Now’s the time to bust out those skills to earn yourself some extra bonus points. Seat customers in chairs that match the color of their outfits and watch your score soar!
  • A crying baby needs your attention pronto! Mommy’s lap is fine for play but a high chair is the right chair for toddler dining.
  • Nothing ruins a lovely meal faster than the customer with his cell phone glued to his ear! Try to seat these loud-mouth gabbers away from other diners.
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